The other thing that’s a trend, and an issue, is not just confidence in providers but confidence of health care providers, we have a very wobbly health professional frontline that is starting to question vaccines and the safety of vaccines. Vaccine skepticism is growing at a fast pace among people of all professions, and people aren’t stupid.

When something is not 100 percent clear, freedom of choice in all places should always remain, in my opinion. UC will not take adverse action against any employee or student who comes to campus who has not had a flu shot. This is a touchy subject that dives into medical ethics and the connections that big pharmaceutical companies have with our federal health regulatory agencies and health associations. HIV, for instance, is found in the saliva but is not transmitted in the saliva. American Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Society. You can read a bit of their reasoning here. How Did XMRV Get Introduced To The Public? pain and bedridden state, that something else was at play, a knowing that Mikovits was on to as well. Initial reports erroneously linked the virus to prostate cancer and later to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), leading to considerable interest in the scientific and patient communities, investigation of XMRV as a potential cause of multiple medical conditions, and public-health concerns about the safety of the donat… Her email contained proof of the existence of gammaretroviruses and their connection with ME/CFS that no one could deny, so Mikovits felt it was her ethical duty to withhold her private emails and would never sign such a confession. Once there, they were able to infect human cultures. Moreover, Pawlowski et al. I do have an ME specialist here, he put me on meds to treat it (beta blockers andflorinef) but they didnt help at all, so i need something stronger. Pain is not a required symptom for diagnosis, but it is common in people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

He published a paper in The BMJ titled “Influenza: Marketing Vaccines By Marketing Disease.”  In it,  he points out that the CDC pledges “to base all public health decisions on the highest quality of scientific data, openly and objectively derived,” and how this isn’t the case when it comes to the flu vaccine and its marketing. Cardiovascular and Respiratory Symptoms. Each person has his or her own mix of symptoms, so it's rare to find two cases that are just alike. For anyone interested in learning more about the role of retroviruses and chronic disease, be sure to check out Dr. Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively’s book, Plague.

Fatigue, however, is a very non-specific symptom, meaning that it can potentially result from many underlying causes. You can read more about that and find links to the conference here. Because it’s clear that this virus is not spread through the air which means it needs to be transmitted from human to human either via the saliva,  blood, semen or mother’s milk  or some other way. 14 of 17 autistic children were positive for XMRV (82%). Concerns Some People Have With The Flu Shot: One concern many people seem to have is the worry of a severe adverse reaction. The age range of the infected children was 2 to 18 years. Retroviruses are stealthy creatures, and their presence in the body does not always cause disease. It meant that the millions of people diagnosed with the “psychological” disease CFS were in fact suffering from a disease similar to HIV/AIDS. Dr. Judy Mikovits faced persecution from the science community after her discovery that millions of people around the world are infected with a retrovirus causing havoc on our health. Viruses don’t just jump up and attack people – they need to be transmitted. For example, this study published in April of 2020, reported a negative correlation between influenza vaccination rates (IVRs) and COVID-19 related mortality and morbidity.

Sore throat 4. Symptoms of brain fog can range from mild to severe and vary from day to day.

Difficulty multitasking not previously experienced, Pain from light touch, brushing against the skin, and/or temperature (allodynia), Numbness, tingling and/or burning sensations in the face or extremities (, Low-grade fever or low body temperature, including chills, night sweats, or, Visual disturbances (blurring, light sensitivity, eye pain, worsening vision, dry eyes), Frequent, hard to treat respiratory infections. The University of California is currently being sued for mandating the flu shot for all staff, faculty and students. “Apparently it was rude to refuse to misappropriate federal funds,” Mikovits said. Due to the latter, the study found no association with chronic disease, but the Lipkin center did confirm that 6% of the U.S. population is carrying retrovirus infections. But are there studies that have shown an increased chance of death or contracting other respiratory viruses as a result of getting the flu shot? According to Greg Glaser., general counsel at the Physicians For Informed Consent (PIC), “In this lawsuit against the UC Board of Regents over their new flu vaccine mandate, some of the world’s top experts have provided declarations opposing the flu shot mandate…Their declarations will have a s significant impact on decisions made regarding public health.”, Dr. Shira Miller, founder and president of PIC says “there’s data showing that the flu shot increases one’s chances of non-flu illness by 65% – meaning that not only does this mandate lack scientific justification, but it puts UC students, faculty and staff at a greater risk of other respiratory illnesses…The studies referenced in the UC Regents’ flu vaccine mandate suggest positive effects of the flu vaccine on the incidence of illness caused by flu viruses; however, that benefit may be outweighed by an increase in non-flu respiratory illnesses.

We will keep on addressing the science. Why are they ridiculed? These are some of the specific problems you may have: Orthostatic intolerance means that you have a worsening of your symptoms when you are standing or sitting upright. Six weeks later, Mikovits was falsely arrested and jailed for five days following her refusal to give up her private email notes to the WPI or sign a confession stating that her data on gammaretroviruses was false.
Each person has his or her own mix of symptoms, so it's rare to find two cases that are just alike. *See Dr. Mikovits’s personal powerpoint presentation on retroviruses and chronic disease HERE.*. You might describe it as how it feels to have mono or recover from a severe bout of influenza. A recently published paper has found a positive association between COVID-19 deaths and influenza vaccination rates in elderly people worldwide. The number of South Koreans who have died after getting flu shots has risen to 48, but health authorities in South Korea have found no link between the vaccine and the deaths. During the Fall of 2011, when it was realized that these MLV related retroviruses aerosolized and easily spread through laboratories, the head of the WPI institute that housed Mikovits’s research asked her to approve fraudulent expenditures of federal research monies from her grant to the diagnostic company RED Labs/VIDx, co-owned by the Whittemores and Vincent Lombardi. In addition, either cognitive impairment (brain fog) or a worsening of symptoms while you are upright (orthostatic intolerance) must be noted.. You develop fatigue that was not present beforehand. ME/CFS is diagnosed by symptoms and excluding other conditions.

For study sources and references, please refer to the book for more detailed information. The Complexity of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, How to Tell If You Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

The retrovirus XMRV (xenotropic Moloney murine leukemia virus-related virus) was recently identified in the tumor tissue of individuals with prostate cancer. XMRV was detected in 55% of the people in the study. Some of these facilities also seconded as vaccine manufacturing labs, using genetically engineered mice as their study subjects.

It seems like he’s trying to get it right, and that is certainly extremely encouraging, since in my view, the more anyone reasonable thinks about it, the worse the mandate looks because of the lack of proper procedure in its issuance, and the lack of proof that the vaccine won’t cause much more harm than good. In: Committee on the Diagnostic Criteria for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Board on the Health of Select Populations; Institute of Medicine.

Many people with chronic fatigue syndrome have symptoms that come and go and vary greatly in severity from day to day, week to week, or month to month.

Cutting Edge Conscious Media. Professor Heidi Larson, a Professor of Anthropology and the Risk and Decision Scientist Director at the Vaccine Confidence Project stated at a World Health Organization (WHO) conference that more doctors are starting to be hesitant when it comes to recommending vaccines.

We post important content to Telegram daily so we don't have to rely on Facebook. Post-exertional malaise (PEM) occurs after physical or mental activity that would not have resulted in feelings of tiredness or illness before you became sick.. The University of California is one of many in the United States that have made the flu shot mandatory for all students, staff and faculty. You can't do the activities you used to do your job, at school, at home, or in your social life.

The fatigue is not due to strenuous physical labor. He wanted more time to consider all the papers and write an opinion that will have enormous implications. For thirty years, Mikovits had built a name for herself in cancer and chronic disease research — she had extensive knowledge of immunology, natural products chemistry, epigenetics, virology, and drug development, she was a long-time member of the National Cancer Institute, collaborating with one of the founding fathers of human retrovirology, Dr. Frank Ruscetti, and she was Research Director at the Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI), a chronic fatigue syndrome research organization and clinic in Reno, Nevada.

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