The show has had quite a lot of great episodes over the years. 3 1 . The series focuses on building friendships and the importance of friends. Sometimes imaginary friends get lost or kids outgrow them and that’s why Madame Foster started Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. It's very depressing and discouraging, and sometimes the most you can do is have a good cry and muster up enough courage and strength to continue on. Of course he deserved "it", but adding that to the mental torture of having Herriman, of all things, praise and thank him for his misdeeds was too much for poor Bloo.

: Which Fosters character got it the worst? She was subject not only to aggravation, but such intense humiliation, in that episode, and was denied a well-deserved and rare night off to do something she'd been looking forward to for so long, all because of you-know-who.

No one understood the emotional turmoil she was going through, so she felt misunderstood and horribly taken advantage of and used (which she was). Discussions about the characters in *general*, or groups of characters, belong here. No other resident, Imaginary or otherwise, can get by with what that little dipstick from Canada did, or get such preferential treatment and behave with such insolence, so I don't understand why HE was designated such "royalty". There's no way she should have had to put up with that. Out of the options given, I voted for Imposters, since it was the worst out there. She deserved that night off, and not only did Herriman take it away, she was mocked and made to work harder that night. But Mac made it through just fine. She was made to look like a fool, which we all know she's not, and to make matters worse, two of the people she can usually count on the most to "have her back"-Mac and Wilt-totally ditched HER to go to the concert she so badly wanted to attend, with the individual responsible for her not being able to go in the first place!

I think Mac had it the worst, though Frankie was pretty close. I personally think that Frankie had it worse in The Big Cheese, but I realise you were restricted to one episode per character, even though Frankie seems to get a raw deal most often. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is an American animated television series created by … Number 4. Dream maker, wherever you're going I'm going your way, Location: The Emerald City, in the Evergreen State, where everything is GREEN. The show follows Mac, a shy and creative 8 year old boy, whose imaginary friend Bloo is thrown out of his home by his mother and forced to come live at Foster's. It just goes to show that Mac, too, can misconceive things. ... Top 10 Worst Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends Episodes. Follow the adventures of Mac and Bloo in a world where imaginary friends actually come to life. A home for imaginary friends whose kids have outgrown them, Foster's is a place where friends can live together until they are adopted by a child who needs them. I guess I've also kind of been there. Fine, let him(IF he can, that is), and that way she can collect unemployment benefits. You already know my first choice. And, having finished off Frankie's antagonist once and for all early this morning, I'm done with him. We all have our least and most favorite episodes on Fosters and one thing I've been noticing is most of the least favorite episodes are episodes that have certain characters getting the crap either verbally, emotionally, or physically kicked out of them. Top 10 Worst Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends Episodes. Click UP or DOWN to vote on entries!

Dustin: indeed first let's talk about this subject which is of course Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends ever since it's debut on August of 2004 Foster's Home for Imaginary friends has made it's staple as one of the best Cartoon Network shows made for the channel Blake: Indeed so. Love gives you courage that's stronger than anything!

I feel Frankie had it worst in "Imposter's". I really felt for her. And the last straw was when everyone went to the very concert SHE had been so looking forward to without her. Everything he tried doing backfired, and he was forced to eat his own weight of "It." To make things more interesting, I'm gonna say Bloo in "Crime after Crime". When kids dream up pals, they come to life and the house is filled with diverse characters waiting to be reunited or adopted to new kids. What's he gonna do, fire her? 40% pretention, 60% insecurity, 0% brains, Location: The only place more isolated than Iceland. We all have our least and most favorite episodes on Fosters and one thing I've been noticing is most of the least favorite episodes are episodes that have certain characters getting the crap either verbally, emotionally, or physically kicked out of them. Nothing is ever mundane when you hang out at "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends"! New Zealand. As much as I myself depend on a job and live literally from paycheck to paycheck, if I'd been in Frankie's position, when Herriman told her she had to stay home and clean while the others went to the concert, I'd have had to tell him to kiss my you-know-what, and went anyway! Please place discussions about *single* specific characters in their appropriate category. (I Only Have Surprise for You) is my most hated and all time least-favorite Foster's episode and it made me stop watching Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, which is sad, because even though I'm more of an Ed, Edd n Eddy fan, I like the series for good reasons and I remember I enjoy watching it, but this episode (along with Imposter's, Europe, etc.) Which Fosters character had it the "worst?" I think that Frankie had it the worst in "IHFMEMP's", by far. Due to the onslaught of spambots regular registration is closed. So I was wondering in your guys opinion, who got it the worst? If you wish to join us, please email me at and I will ask you for some information so I can register you manually.

Never Forgotten: a Foster's Home Community, Never Forgotten - a Foster's Home Fansite, Wilt in "Where there's a Wilt, there's a way", Frankie in "Imposter's home for Make'em up pals".

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