The effect of winter season diminishes by the first week of March. Monsoon season provides most of the rainfall for the region. Almost all the remaining areas receive rainfall in the range of 500 mm. The mean night and day temperature fall to 5oC and 12oC respectively. Post-monsoon season (Sep to Nov end). Punjab state experiences minimum temperature during December to February months. No Sweaters, No Shoes In Winter, Court Orders Aid For Punjab School ChildrenDec 23, 2015.

This monsoon current enters Punjab state through the south-east direction in the first week of Jul. To begin with, a project is underway to utilize paddy straw for making briquettes which can be used to replace coal in brick kilns.

They are the summer months that spans from mid April to the end of June. Rainfall experienced by various parts of the state indicates a varying trend. This type of weather is associated with the passage of western disturbances through the region. They even come in bicolor. India News | Press Trust of India | Wednesday December 23, 2015. The Punjab Climate is determined by the extreme hot and extreme cold conditions. This is the period of transition between monsoon and winter season. The transitional Seasons in Punjab are the post monsoon season and the post winter … DMPQ- What are provisions of Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007? Punjab state experiences three main seasons. Monsoon begins to reduce by the second week of September. Explore the Amritsar countryside and monuments in this two-day tour from Delhi. Cold weather conditions prevailed today in Haryana and Punjab with temperatures hovering below normal levels at most places. 'Punjab Winter' - 1 Video Result(s) 3:25 Amritsar in Punjab turned out to be the coldest place in the plains as ongoing cold wave conditions continued unabated in the state and neighbouring Haryana today. The winter season in Punjab is experienced during the months of early December to the end of February. Pre-summer season (Mar to mid of April): This is the period of transition between winter and summer season. This period is marked by occasional showers with hail storm and squalls which causes extensive damage to crops. According to senior meteorologists at Skymet. In the post winter transitional season, hail storms and brief showers occur which causes damage to the crops. There are various deciding factors for climatic changes like precipitation, temperature, clouds, wind and sunshine.

The transitional Seasons in Punjab are the post monsoon season and the post winter season. However, the wealthy people thoroughly enjoy winter climate. During the winter season, weather in Punjab is normally cool and dry. In the post winter transitional season, hail storms and brief showers occur which causes damage to the crops. Punjab region receives rainfall through the monsoon current of the Bay of Bengal. The winter season in Punjab is mostly experienced in the month of January, when the temperature falls to 5 degree in the night and it is around 12 degree in the morning. School authorities in Punjab have been asked by the Punjab and Haryana High Court to provide warm clothes to students of class 1 and 2 on priority basis. Winter season in northern part are blight for the poor who cannot arrange for protection against cold climate. They are: Apart from these three main seasons, the state also experiences transitional seasons like: The area starts experiencing mild hot temperature from February month. Even though only limited region experience temperature below 0o C, ground frost is commonly found in majority of the areas in winter season. DMPQ- Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana, PPSC Mains Paper II-INDIAN CONSTITUTION & POLITY, PPSC Mains Paper IV-Science and Technology, PPSC Mains Paper IV-Situations in Civil Service -Problem Solving and Decision Making, Hot Season (mid-April to the end of June), Rainy Season ( early July to the end of September), Cold Season (early December to the end of February). The minimum temperature of the region remains below 5oC for almost two months during the winter season. There was slight respite from cold in Punjab and Haryana as the minimum temperatures today increased at several places even as some parts of the two states were lashed by light rains. Climate governs the various factors like economic development, clothing, food habits, cultural and social living of the region. The area experiences pressure variations during summer months.

Southwest Monsoon occurs in summer from the month of June till September in almost whole Pakistan excluding western Balochistan, FATA, Chitral and Gilgit–Baltistan. The agriculture of the state highly depends on the rains. Climate  of Punjab is  tropical , semi arid,   hot and subtropical monsoon type with cold winter and hot summer. The extreme west region of the state receives rainfall below 250 mm. The geographical and sub-tropical latitudinal location of Punjab makes large variation in temperature from month to month. Punjab has begun experiencing impacts of climate change and urgent steps are needed to help farming communities adapt to this. Cold wave to abate Northwest India owing to approaching Western Disturbance, rain likely on Jan 13 and 14. Cold wave conditions today prevailed across Punjab and Haryana, with Amritsar registering a low of 2.6 degrees Celsius. Ludhiana recorded the highest maximum temperature at 46.1oC with Patiala and Amritsar recording 45.5o C. The maximum temperature during the summer months in Ludhiana remains above 41o C for a duration of one and a half months.

Monsoon in the state begins in first week of July and it is the monsoon currents generated in Bay of Bengal which brings rain in the region. The winter season in Punjab is experienced during the months of early December to the end of February. The summer months are followed by the rainy seasons. This website follows the DNPA Code of Ethics, Make sure all words are spelled correctly. Ludhiana was the coldest place in the state today with a low of 2.7 degrees Celsius as biting cold waves swept most places in Punjab and neighbouring Haryana. The three seasons are so distinctly distributed that you can enjoy each of them individually. The atmospheric pressure of the region remains at 987 mili bars during February month and it touches 970 mili bars in June. The lowest temperature was recorded at Amritsar (0.2o C) and Ludhiana stood second with 0.5oC. Severe cold wave gripped Amritsar today with the night temperature touching minus 0.2 degrees Celsius, even as cold conditions continued in other parts of Punjab. Punjab is situated in the North-Eastern part of India. The winter season in Punjab is mostly experienced in the month of January, when the temperature falls to 5 degree in the night and it is around 12 degree in the morning. winter in Punjab. Cold Wave Intensifies In Haryana, Punjab; Narnaul Coldest At 1.8 Degree Celsius, India News | Press Trust of India | Wednesday December 16, 2015. No Sweaters, No Shoes In Winter, Court Orders Aid For Punjab School Children, India News | Written by Anand Kumar Patel | Wednesday December 23, 2015. Miniature carnations look great in table centerpieces. Weather during this period is generally fair and dry. PPSC Prelims and Mains Notes-PPSC Test Series. Cold conditions today prevailed in Punjab and Haryana even as minimum temperatures hovered a few notches above normal level in most parts of both states. It ranges from 250mm to 1000mm. State experience four seasons Cold Season from November to March, hot season from April to June, Monsoon season from last week of June to the first week of September and post monsoon or transition season from Sept till beginning of November.

Hot season i.e April to June weather is relatively dry and uncomfortable. India News | Press Trust of India | Wednesday January 23, 2013.

The sun rays are oblique during these months and the cold winds control the rise temperature at day time. The regions near the Shivalik Hills experience the maximum and deserts in the west receive the minimum rainfall. This brings in a gradual change in climate and temperature. Another adaptation projects relate to management of indigenous livestock facing heat stress. Generally, the rainy season in Punjab begins in the first weeks of July. Winter season also brings in some western disturbances. Weather tends to be humid during July –September due to increased moisture contents in the air, However these months are comfortable due reduced day temperature. The period between October and November is the transitional period between monsoon and winter seasons.

The hilly regions receive rainfall more than 1000 mm. Summer in Punjab actually commences from mid April.

Ludhiana Coldest at 2.7 Degree Celsius As Biting Cold Wave Sweeps Punjab and Haryana, India News | Press Trust of India | Wednesday December 10, 2014. See instructions, PPSC  Prelims Exam 2020- Test Series and Notes Program, PPSC  Prelims and Mains Tests Series and Notes Program, Syllabus and Pattern of PPSC Prelims Exam.

Punjab Climate comprises of three seasons. Monsoon brings joy to the agriculture field as it is the time when farmers become very busy. Ludhiana experiences minimum temperature above 27o C for more than two months.

However, the rise in temperature is steep when sky is clear and moisture content is very less in air.
The post monsoonal transitional season remains quite fair and dry. The region lying near the foot hills of Himalayas receive heavy rainfall whereas the region lying at a distant from the hills, the rainfall is scanty and the temperature is high. Amritsar Shivers As Mercury Dips To Minus 0.2 Degree Celsius At Night, Amritsar News | Press Trust of India | Thursday December 24, 2015. The Punjab Climate has been a great factor in contributing to the economy of the state. The annual average temperature in the entire state is approximately 21oC. DMPQ- What are the Pillars and effective implementation of digital India.

These flowers in winter seasons come in a multitude of colors including yellow, red, pink, white, orange and purple. Cold Waves Persist With Thick Fog in Punjab, Haryana, India News | Press Trust of India | Wednesday January 7, 2015. A brief winter session of Punjab Assembly will be held in Chandigarh from December 17 to 21. Cold Conditions Grip Punjab, Haryana: Amritsar Shivers At 1.9 Degree Celsius, India News | Press Trust of India | Monday January 18, 2016. The remaining occasional rainfall is received during winter months. Every season has its intrinsic worth. Slight Respite From Cold As Minimum Temperature Rises Across Punjab, Haryana, India News | Press Trust of India | Friday January 2, 2015. Punjab is a state with a balanced amalgamation of heat in summer, rain in monsoon and cold in winter.

Hope we have satisfied your need for PPSC Prelims and Mains Preparation, 24 Quality mock tests and GS Prelims Notes, [jetpack_subscription_form title=”Subscribe to PPSC Notes” subscribe_text=”Never Miss any PPSC important update!” subscribe_button=”Sign Me Up” show_subscribers_total=”1″], Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! Ten persons have died of swine flu and 35 others, found to be affected by the disease, are undergoing treatment in Punjab this winter, officials said. Owing to its north-east location, Punjab experiences both summer and winter to … The rainy season in Punjab is from the months of early July to end of September. The importance of winter rainfall in Punjab is immense primarily because of its time and effectiveness. The temperature remains above 40oC in the entire region during this period. Cold Conditions Prevail In Punjab, Haryana, India News | Press Trust of India | Wednesday January 27, 2016. The mid May and June months records the maximum temperature. As per the meteorological statistics, the sub-Shivalik area receives more than hundred mm rainfall in the winter months. The post monsoonal transitional season remains quite fair and dry.

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