The Town of Whitby's Risk Management and Education Division is responsible for the permit application to discharge outdoor fireworks and indoor pyrotechnics and the Town of Whitby's By-law Department is responsible for the sale of fireworks. A by-law establishing standards for the creation of fire routes within the Town.
See what services are available and how you connect with us. It will take all of us working together to stop the virus from spreading. Please allow 5 to 10 business days to process your business licensing application. Failure to comply with the requirements listed as part of the Agricultural Fire Permit will negate approval or cancel the fire permit. A by-law regulating the crossing of curbs, boulevards, and sidewalks by construction vehicles. Avoid locations near bathrooms, heating appliances, windows or close to ceiling fans or corners.
A by-law to provide rules for governing the order and procedures of the Council of the Town of Whitby. This year, alternatives to door-to-door trick-or-treating is highly recommended – try celebrating by: On October 2, 2020, the Ontario government began advising all Ontarians only be in close contact with people living in their own household and maintain two metres physical distancing from everyone else. A by-law to regulate the use of motorized snow vehicles on highways, sidewalks, and Town property. 14) (PDF, 18 kB), Bridge Weight Limit (Bridge no. Never re-enter a burning building. or other approval agency and listed by ULC or CSA. A study has found that homeowners prefer new homes to be protected with residential fire sprinklers. A by-law to set maximum vehicle weights on bridges within the Town. You may have only seconds to safely escape your home. Racing of Motorized Vehicles (PDF, 231 kB). Effective September 19, 2020, the new limit on the number of people allowed to attend an unmonitored private social gathering across the province is: Safe physical distancing is still required when interacting with individuals outside of your own household. Call 911 from outside of the home, from a cell phone or neighbour's home. The discharge of fireworks and/or pyrotechnics are required to meet one of the following three (3) categories. Animals - Prohibited and Regulated Animals (PDF, 588 kB). Parking - Municipal Parking Lots (PDF, 322 kB), Parking - Municipal Parking Lots Amendment 1 (PDF, 74 kB), Parking - Municipal Parking Lots Amendment 2 (PDF, 220 kB), Parking - Municipal Parking Lots Amendment 3 (PDF, 21 kB). A by-law to designate the Town of Whitby as a site plan control area.

Approved Rural Residential Fire Permits expire four (4) months after their approval date. Permit Application to Discharge Indoor Pyrotechnics/Fireworks. Please note that by-law enforcement is principally undertaken in response to complaints from persons who are directly impacted by a contravention. In severe cases, CO poisoning can cause brain damage and death. A by-law regulating certain types of businesses within the Town including pawn brokers, second-hand shops, food premises, salvage yards, body-rub parlours, auctioneers, and lodging houses. Permit Application to Discharge Display Fireworks. A by-law requiring that lands and yards, including the boulevard, be maintained free of long grass and weeds, garbage and debris, and that sidewalks be cleared of ice and snow.

In the unfortunate event of a fire, a properly designed and operational sprinkler system will control the fire to one room. Parking - Enforcement on Private Property (PDF, 317 kB). There are many ways to connect with the Town – whether it’s online, by email or phone, or in-person by appointment. Do not re-enter the home until you are told it is safe to do so. Test your smoke alarms every month using the test button. A by-law regulating the fortification of land within the Town. Exposure to CO can cause flu-like symptoms such as headaches, nausea and dizziness. A by-law regulating Group Homes within the Town. The face covering must cover the nose, mouth and chin. For more information about any of these permits, please use the links below: For reasons of public health, safety and fairness in business practices, the Town licences certain types of businesses. If caught in smoke, get low and go... crawling under the smoke to the nearest safe exit.

For complaints regarding vehicle parking, please contact Parking Services at 905.430.4322, send an email or complete the form below: Accessory Apartments (6322-10) (PDF, 21 kB). Business licensing procedures and regulations differ from one municipality to another, so it is imperative to check with By-law Services before opening a business in Whitby. Town of Whitby By-law # 7419-18 Public Parks and Park Buildings Being a By-law to regulate and control the use of public parks and park buildings. Animals - Responsible Pet Ownership (PDF, 254 kB).

A by-law regulating traffic and vehicle parking within the Town. A by-law to control and abate nuisance behaviour within the Town. A by-law is a municipal law passed under the authority of a Provincial Act.

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