We’re a collaborative community website about WHFS archival recordings that anyone, including you, can edit. “Information is not knowledge. available on the web. A message from Robbie White: "I am a collector of WHFS 102.3 radio programs.

Bob Their and Brillio de Camerillo.

Throughout the 80's I recorded WHFS to cassette, mostly of 99.1 & some 102.3. “Information is not knowledge. Cool Video From CNN About Austin City Limits, WRNR: CRAIG, THE MIDNIGHT SHIFT 11-05-1997, Bruck Cockburn live 1981 - Rumours Of Glory Audio Rip, WRNR: Craig, "The Midnight Shift" 08-19-1997. they are on a few of these tapes. Left to Right: Damian, Weasel, David, Bob, Diane, Thom, What a concept- a radio tuned only to 99.1. I since found out but Naplesgc.blogspot.com is here to stay. Floppy Boot Stomp has great boots and boobs! Love is not music. Romantics and Friends. worked for me. David Crosby: The Beacon Theatre, NYC March 24, 19... WRNR 103.1 FM: DJ Craig, The Midnight Shift 06-14-... WHFS 102.3 FM Damian and David 04-28-1983, Wall Of Voodoo, The Ugly Americans LP Vinyl Rip, Asleep At The Wheel: Keepin' Me Up Nights, Asleep At The Wheel, Western Standard Time, Asleep At The Wheel: Greatest Hits- Live & Kickin', Danny Gatton & Robert Gordon: Humbler- Live, Rock 103 Hall's Bar and Grill June 25 1994. Feast Your Ears: The Story of WHFS 102.3 is a feature length documentary film that will take you on a trip back to the '60s, '70s and '80s when "free form" progressive FM radio was in its heyday in America. Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation Live On Sou... WRNR 103.1 FM ANNAPOLIS, MD FROM 1997 PT1, WRNR 103.1 FM ANNAPOLIS, MD FROM 1997 PT2, WRNR 103.1 FM ANNAPOLIS, MD FROM 1998 PT2, Don Dixon, Romeo at Julliard Out Of Print CD, Joan Osborne Austin City Limits Audio Rip, https://twangsvillerevisited.blogspot.com/, http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/, http://voodoowagon.blogspot.com/?zx=bf91629c3389d13c, http://sidesteppingthemainstream.blogspot.com/. This is worth a download for the Friday song medley and also for some Christmas Eve shows that are priceless.Thx again, VanFan, Megaupload is claiming that the second link is not available. with Record Store Day approaching I replayed the 2013 Joe's Record Paradise reunion of HFS DJ's, and then went into nostalgia overdrive and found your blog.

Truth is not beauty. I always had top of the line stereo equipment and cassette and open reel recorders for those on air broadcasts. The remnants of a mix tape (now on CD) made in 1992 from WHFS in Washington DC, when it used to play interesting music, before it was taken over first by grunge, and then later by Mexicans. Please contact me at robbinewhite@gmail.com if you have ANY WHFS tapes. Zinhof has Blues, Blues, Blues and other stuff. I started this blog to upload some 1980's cassette tapes I have of WHFS, 99.1 on the radio dial, Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington.

HFS rocks! Now I know why I didn't upload the tape after recording it to the computer. Welcome to the wiki. Radio shows, TV broadcasts, radio show pre-FM CD's and vinyl LP's and some trades. JOHNNY & THE HEADHUNTERS SELF TITLED LP AND JOHNN... Michelle Shocked Live VHS Audio Rip and CD Singles.

Zinhof has Blues, Blues, Blues and other stuff.

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