12. You know when I'm afraid, and you hold me together while I face my fears. “Why do you love me?” he asks, and you put on your best monkey face and say, “Who said I love you?”. (She forgot to add that sending yourself flowers is totally acceptable as well.) Aug 10, 2012 - If your partner feels insecure, (perhaps you are incredibly attractive, witty and have others throwing themselves at you) they may feel a little threatened. That was the bewildering question posed to Jennifer Lopez on the Billboard Music Awards red carpet last weekend by Giuliana Rancic. What to say when someone asks do you love me? Saying ‘I love you so much’ is not enough and you’ll probably be asked with ‘how much is so much?’ I guess the proper answer would be ‘so much that I can’t even begin to express’. As the famously tight-lipped actress told the New York Times in 2013, not everyone's personal life details need be subject to scrutiny by others, much less a voracious public. In response to a Q100 Radio question a few years ago about who she would call on Valentine's Day, Clarkson responded candidly. She was happy with or without a relationship; and, as she told Vanity Fair in 2013, the relentless focus on her love life and her lyrics "is frankly a little sexist."Â. 102. It sounds as though the person asking is going to try to manipulate the other person into doing something—quite possibly that the person being asked might not want to do. during an iHeartRadio interview by redirecting it to the important stuff. If the person feels comfortable enough to ask you what you like about them, chances are you already know them pretty well. They don’t try to change us, or fix us. she said, "I'm not looking for a man. Which ever one of y'all suck up to me the most win the awesome best answer award! I love you more than the Cookie Monster loves cookies. What is the best answer to ‘ how much do you love me ’? Maybe your partner needs a little extra reassurance and likes to ask you, “Do you love me?” all of the time.

The love that I have for you is limitless. Because of this, you don’t have to force a fake answer. Which you can't do with a computer but you can do with a human, if you really ask calmly and neutrally so the human knows its safe to answer. I feel like you are a part of me now, because I love you. There's no need for her — or any of us — to.Â, Grande responded to Mario Lopez's question "Are you single or are you in a relationship?" 103. Read more, Comebacks when people make fun of the way you look, Funny relationships, dating and hook up comebacks, Funny replies to everyday sayings and nosy questions, Funny replies to rude parenting questions, Snappy Comebacks for All Situations Bundle, How to answer stupid breastfeeding and pregnancy questions, Vote for the best comeback when someone asks if you love them.

When the two faced a slew of reporters at an Entertainment Weekly roundtable in 2009, she said she had no new responses to the speculation — because no matter what she said, people will assume whatever they wanted.Â, In a 2014 interview with E! Millions of people get divorced, and yet Aniston's split from Brad Pitt — and her subsequent unmarried status — has prompted years of questioning and judgment over her "sad" life. News, Swift responded to personal questions about her dating life by saying she had all sorts of love in her life, but that wasn't the point. “Why do you love me?” he heard her whisper in the night. Filed Under: Relationships & Dating Funny Comebacks Tagged With: best answer do you love me, clever comebacks, do you love me, do you love me comebacks, do you love me funny answers, do you love me good answer, do you love me how to answer, do you love me how to respond, how to answer do you love me, how to respond to do you love me, responding to do you love me, sarcastic comebacks, snappy comeback, snappy do you love me comebacks, What to say when someone asks do you love me, witty do you love me comeback, witty do you love me comebacks, Hi, I’m Bryn and I created this site to help people with comebacks for verbal bullies and to find the right words in difficult situations. “Why Do You Love Me?” Is The Most Difficult Question To ... What To Say When Asked Why Do You Love Me? Log in or Sign up.

11. Lorde's response, mature and direct, called out the notion that anyone has a say in her personal business. You’re tongue-tied. - Quora, “Do You Still Love Me? Hey, sometimes in response to an inappropriate question, the best way is to shock them right back. A Real Man's Reply. No, Really?” | Psychology Today. 8. You watch my favorite shows with me -- you really do.

All of us like to feel secure and know that we are the person our boyfriend/girlfriend really wants to be with. When's the wedding date?Â, Just as there's no reason to give into society's pressure to follow that roadmap, there's no reason to answer the questions. Answering to society's expectations, especially in the form of Hallmark holidays, is no woman's obligation.Â. I want to know what you people say when your boyfriend or girlfriend ask you this question: How much do you love me? Hi, I’m Bryn and I created this site to help people with, Funny replies when someone asks if you love them, I Love you More than a Stripper Loves a Pole mug, Funny answers when someone says I love you. me!" Of course, you should also know that the “Do you love me” question can come when the other person is the one contemplating the relationship. What makes a question like “Why do you love me” that much harder to answer is that even if you rattle off several lines of the most beautiful prose, or if you quote Shakespearean poetry or verse of your own creation, your answer will still not satisfy if the listener construes it as insincere. If I am upset, I do the same to you. Funny replies when someone asks if you love them.

7. It can be annoying if someone lacks self-confidence and is continually clingy. 106. I love you because my heart beats your name, my mind drowns in your eyes, my soul feels yours ... For example, you might say that you love to give presentations and that this has helped you to generate lots of leads at sales dinners for prospective clients. When they were eating breakfast in a cafe in 2014 and saw paparazzi outside, they harnessed the attention for good, walking out with signs that highlighted their favorite charities. When Andy Cohen rudely asked her "Who has the biggest dick in the music industry?" - One Place. 14 answers 14. Because of the little things they do for you that make you feel special.

:) Follow . Social Buttons. If your partner feels insecure, (perhaps you are incredibly attractive, witty and have others throwing themselves at you) they may feel a … They just love us for who we are today.

She's not choosing to be single, she's choosing to be happy — and he and everyone else will have to accept that.

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