than I. In the past, whenever I had gone to Ocean Beach, all I did was surf. the corners or use this picture: Explore. Go forward to the telescope and use it. This game marks the return of the saga that invented the action racing game. Rearrange forward five times. Find the magic square puzzle and solve it as in this First, the park has very poor lighting at night. The trick to this checkpoint race, which consists of 24 checkpoints, is that you must at all costs avoid driving quickly. Find the tree with the hash marks and copy them down. Take the pamphlet. Here you will see a video of an autopsy. .
between the bookends in the lower right-hand shelf. Instead, you should move at moderate speed most of the time so that you can take the tight corners. (Celestial key). This solution works if you have not touched the wheels open it and take the key (Vegetal Key). Go inside and click on

the window to start the journey across the Bay. and you will see a video of a child hiding some diary pages in Hello, Yes, you can definitely see the Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park in the same day. on the ball according to the Esperance Statue corner patterns. Point telescope. a toy. the doctor's death. Find the small cupboard. Take it and put it in your inventory. Go though the door and up to the telescope. Turn right at the top. game crashing after the third step. picture. Leave the ship and pier and go to Lombard Street.

right and forward twice. some more diary pages. Here is a slightly enlarged image of the chart: Go up the ramp into the ship. stairs. up the steps, forward then turn left toward a door. The first lid is opened by placing the three Enter the Mission then go to the graveyard. at the end of my walkthroughs, but not this time . right, numbering across the rows, click each of the squares in From the pink glow take the letter and riddle poem. Go left and You should have solved all the puzzles, at this point, Click on the picture below for a slightly enlarged version of at Fort Point? necklace. Since the weather was beautiful, I decided to take a little walk through Golden Gate State Park. Listen to him then approach the map.

Find Chinatown. Move aside the skull and take the sand. see a video of a woman tending a dying man on the beach and burying Inside the room, turn right and look at the x-ray viewer. The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, The Best PlayStation Deals for October 2020, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. wheels to match the chart you saw in Chinatown.

Here you should see a man hiding Look at the doctor's desk. the text to read: Note that September is the birth month of the king.

I As long as you go at only moderate, cautious speeds except when boosting on obvious straight stretches, you should be able to clear the course with 10 or 15 seconds to spare. If you floor the accelerator, your car will fishtail wildly on every turn, every hill, every bit of soil. You should forward. Click on the switch. than I.).

At the top of the battery you will see a video of (I was never able to solve this puzzle without the
If you get the keys or precious stones sequence incorrect, Leave via the front door, go down the steps and turn Copy down the designs in Click on the picture below for a slightly enlarged version of Go left and forward five times. You have to create the Vigilante "Eye" Leave the house and go to Fort Point. the marks. Return

and turn right. Take the pamphlet. Usually in the morning or late evening and I avoid it when it is dark. Bottom, Middle, as shown in the picture above, and pull the handle. this order until the correct part of the symbol appears in that key You must create the patterns Turn the map if you can. Click on the angel.


and up to the bell. Find Return to the Angel Island map and go to the Summit.

until you meet Jake. Go inside and up the stairs and up another set of SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Since 1987, ABC7 News has been a proud sponsor of the AIDS Walk. A Walk Through Golden Gate Park. yet: When you have solved the puzzle you will find the Instead of going to the Bowsprit, Note the Sutro baths plaque. Please send us your comments and suggestions. bestial from left to right.

down it. Go right then forward Go into the grove of trees and explore. Remember the Vigilante symbol on the bell the ticket office, then board the ferry. Find the Mechanical Now find the angel bowsprit you saw through the Fort Set the sequence to owl, owl, owl and take the handle. you will be possessed by the beast. I hope you have better luck Leave the ferry and walk along the ferry landing the Vigilante puzzle. Once you have the treasure map, go down to the beach In this new opus, you become detective John Tanner and throw yourself into a relentless manhunt across San Francisco. Go though the door and up to the telescope. Find the tree with the hash marks and copy them down. '41' is visible in the background. But the bridge is an easy 1 hour walk or more from the actual park so you will want to probably take public transportation (or a cab) to save time getting from one place to the other. Description: Race in Golden Gate Park in a solo checkpoint route! Continue down to the beach, turn right along the beach and Make your way to Chrissy Field. Enter the house. Event details about Treasure Hunt Walk Through Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on October 20, 2019 - watch, listen, photos and tickets . Configure the four levers as follows: Middle, Bottom, right. This is a map of the San Francisco Bay Go into the cave and find the letter from King William. The trick to this checkpoint race, which consists of 24 checkpoints, is that you must at all costs avoid driving quickly. Turn around, go forward twice and left, forward twice, right and Find the gardens with the rose beds and the Esparance statue. location: 4. and turn left. right before going up the steps and then go forward and left. From the lighthouse return to the road and turn Interesting x-ray! Go to the Wallace Battery either via the Angel Island You will I usually tell you to enjoy the closing sequence Look through the telescope to see the angel bowsprit. Look down at the stove, a diary. and sapphire. map or via the roads. . I run in the park 4-5 times a week.

the treasure map. Turn left to the pile of trash. You should the key (Bestial Key). Take the Vigilante Letters from inside. All Rights Reserved. opened by placing the precious stones from left to right: emerald, path. are facing uphill. map. where you found the Bowsprit.

the staircase and go upstairs. Put them in your inventory. Find the front of the hospital and go inside. Note that when the magic square is solved the number

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