Absolutely gutted and feel the pain of our ancestors right now pic.twitter.com/sWt3k36jb3. You have Amy Remeikis with you – as always, drop me a line if you have a question and I’ll try and get back to you as soon as I can – and the entire Guardian brains trust are on deck, watching, reading and researching. A further death took the state’s death toll to 817 and the national figure to 905. It is not taxpayer-funded but it’s only shareholder is the Australian government – ultimately, taxpayers. His mining company sent out a text message to Queensland voters yesterday, which you might have seen, warning against a made-up “20% Labor death tax”. Contact the Procedure Office to confirm any information published on this pageph (03) 9651 8563assembly@parliament.vic.gov.au, Statements on parliamentary committee reports, The next sitting day is Tuesday 10 November 2020, starting at 12.00 noon. These cuts have forced the ANAO to slash staff by around 10%, reduce the number of audits it carries out each year, and increasingly deplete its resources as it tries to keep on top of the Morrison Government’s rorts.

Victoria recorded four new coronavirus cases on Monday, bringing the city’s 14-day rolling average down to 7.2. First published on Mon 19 Oct 2020 21.35 BST.

Only five people were awarded the honours Abbott introduced: the former governors general Quentin Bryce and Peter Cosgrove, the former New South Wales governor Marie Bashir, the former defence force chief Angus Houston and Prince Philip.

Meanwhile, the NSW government has announced the easing of several COVID-19 restrictions, including an increase in the limit on outdoor gatherings from 20 to 30 on Friday. for (var i = 0; i < metas.length; i++) { Premier expected to announce more details of … Australian politics live with Amy Remeikis, 'Best the RBA can tell' Australia recorded positive growth in September quarter, Scott Morrison says people "can expect" some part of the unemployment Covid supplement to continue beyond the end of the year, Josh Frydenberg slams Victorian government, Aged care minister says he does not feel personally responsible for aged care deaths, Second day of no cases and no deaths in Victoria, Sign up for Guardian Australia’s coronavirus email, the sacred Djab Wurrung directions tree was cut down to make way for Victoria’s western highway, with the Australian today reporting that Australia Post paid more than $34,000 for Holgate’s stays at the Grand Hyatt. As I said, I understand what the Queensland government did, and if I was there, I probably would have done the same thing.

This completely blows out of the water the claim by the Prime Minister and Treasurer that the ANAO has suffered only minor cuts under the Liberals, showing there has been a deliberate policy by the Coalition to silence the independent watchdog exposing the Government’s rorts and waste. if (metas[i].getAttribute("http-equiv") == "last-modified") { There have now been six COVID-19 outbreaks on ships arriving into WA, including four in the last month.

Meanwhile, people living in Melbourne can now travel 25km from home and have greater freedom when it comes to social activities and exercise. Well, we will, as soon as I have my third coffee. The official record of proceedings for the Legislative Assembly is the Votes and Proceedings.

Christian Porter said they will be done “swiftly”. An independent senator has slammed the department that controls the day-to-day running of Parliament House for a blow-out in the cost of a security upgrade, calling it a "gravy train'. All rights reserved. Available for everyone, funded by readers. Australia Post is run as a government business enterprise. It is updated regularly on sitting days - refreshing this page will provide you with the latest update. On Monday evening the auditor general, Grant Hehir, told Senate estimates how and why he referred the $30m Leppington Triangle purchase to the Australian federal police. * Outdoor contact sport resumes for those 18 and under and outdoor non-contact sport for adults can recommence, * Personal training, fitness and dance classes can be held outdoors with up to 10 people, * Outdoor pools can have up to 50 people subject to density limits, * Religious gatherings are allowed up to 10 people plus a faith leader for indoor events, 20 outdoors, * Graduations for Grade 6 and Year 12 cohorts can resume for students and staff only. At this point, what is left of the Covid supplement of the unemployment payment is due to expire on 31 December.

Meanwhile, we will bring you updates of what is happening in Victoria, with Daniel Andrews hinting more restrictions could be lifted soon. That paints a very painful picture of what has occurred. The premier hit back at federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, accusing him of politicking after suggesting the state government had “callous indifference” to small businesses. I know that changing a digit at the end won’t actually do anything – and really, 2021 sounds a fake year to me, and I won’t actually be surprised if the date refuses to clock over and we end up in 2020 2.0. New South Wales closed its border to Victoria for the first time in 100 years in July. var t = a[1].split(":"); That’s the value of write-downs the governor general has made to insignia associated with knights and dames because they are deemed worthless after the awards were scrapped by Abbott’s successor, Malcolm Turnbull.

Anyone who visited those suburbs, especially cafes, should monitor for symptoms like a runny nose or scratchy throat, cough, fever and immediately isolate and get tested. Paul Singer, the governor general’s secretary, told the finance and public administration estimates committee the cost of the write-downs was “in the vicinity of $135,000”. Daniel Andrews gives Covid update as Victoria records zero coronavirus cases and Melbourne lockdown lifted – live. And the Christine Holgate saga continues, with the Australian today reporting that Australia Post paid more than $34,000 for Holgate’s stays at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne. Authorities wait for test results in north Melbourne outbreak before easing restrictions, as federal parliament resumes with the head of Treasury to face questions at Senate estimates. Health and Treasury are once again the main committees to watch. There’s booms in the regions.

The reality is that the method adopted by the New South Wales government, and I couldn’t care about the political persuasion – that contact tracing works. As part of his “Victoria needs to reopen” push, Josh Frydenberg laid out the latest Victorian economic data in question time yesterday (before the announcement by Daniel Andrews). Forget about Liberal, Labor, Greens or whatever else there is out there.

It consists of the Queen, represented by the Governor of Victoria, the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council. Now is the time ... Whoever wins the Queensland election, whether it is Annastacia Palaszczuk or Deb Frecklington, whoever wins, they’re going to be faced with an economic tsunami.

A Djab Wurrung woman, Sissy Austin, wrote about site this last year and you should revisit her words.

That decision will be made towards the end of the month and is so far tracking to a yes. Assembly Live lists the business currently before the House. “This is particularly important in southeastern, southwestern, and western Sydney as well as in southwestern Sydney and western Sydney where there have been recent locally transmitted cases.”. There is no death tax. The chair of the royal commission, Ronald Sackville, asked for the amendments to be made. There have been some signs of recovery in the rest of the nation – but a reminder the painkillers are slowly being taken away from everyone. This compares to 300,000 jobs created for women across all other states. month: "short",

But bringing about the end of this year, while changing nothing but a date, will also mean we have made it through an absolute slog of a decade, and that’s something. var dateStr = metas[i].getAttribute("content"); Assembly Live is an unofficial guide only and is subject to revision. “The Speaker and I have decided that we must put Parliament’s commercial size kitchens to good use in response to the Coronavirus emergency,” Legislative Council President Shaun Leane said. Mr Andrews wants that restriction and others eased before Christmas, but the premier has yet to commit to a date. No one is pretending the government and opposition are on the same side of bipartisanship any more, so there will be more fun and games today.

And everyone can receive New Zealand travellers, who will have to obey the entry requirements of whatever jurisdiction they want to go to – because the travel bubble is all of Australia, despite how it was originally described, because that is how Australia works. * Home visits cap announcement slated for Tuesday. But it is run as a private company, and it is headed by people sourced from the private sector where these sorts of things are considered normal. Three-quarters of the fall in employment over the last year for those aged 15 to 24 is in Victoria. There was one community infection in New South Wales, which has been traced. It is party room day at parliament, which means all the parties will have their regular gatherings this morning. Just in case you needed a list of what you can do in Melbourne as of midnight, AAP has handily compiled one: * Four reasons to leave home scrapped.

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