How many times have we seen him trailing MV, sometimes with another driver in between, this season already? But if Red Bull turn Sainz down in favour of Gasly, they will find themselves needing another new driver at Toro Rosso. There were rumours of Vergne getting the other Lotus seat alongside Raikkonen but that was quickly taken by Grosjean.

Horner indicated this is the plan again, saying they intend to “invest in youth” rather than seek a more experienced hand to join Verstappen next year. Great point. So just one and maybe, just maybe, two.

Marko stated that a driver "with a Mercedes contract" will "probably not" be considered. Allegedly included on said list alongside Ticktum are former STR drivers Jean-Eric Vergne and Daniil Kvyat (the latter according to Autosport), Williams reserve driver Robert Kubica, displaced McLaren man Stoffel Vandoorne, Ferrari junior Antonio Giovinazzi, STR expat Sebastien Buemi, and even Ticktum's direct Formula 3 championship rival Mick Schumacher, according to Soy Motor. It means that the team potentially has two open seats for next season. Marko is known to favour Dan Ticktum for a seat, but the Briton doesn't have enough superlicence points to make him eligible for Formula 1 next season even if he was to win the European Formula 3 title. But the compromised decision Red Bull faces now has its roots in the decisions it took when Verstappen arrived on the scene.

Wow talk about drama and overstating of reality. Robbie (@robbie) 11th August 2018, 13:00. Maybe I can draw a picture? JohnH (@johnrkh) 10th August 2018, 23:50. People keep thinking he was close to Ricciardo but he had the worse qualifying record of all team-mates on the grid and the biggest gap against Ricciardo. He also finished 2nd in his first season of GP3 and after a copule of podiums in his first F2 season he is sat 3rd in the standings in his second (with 3 wins). Hate is a very powerful word and is used way to often mostly by younger people. What happened in those two months? Renault already had Hulkenberg signed for next year and had no rights to Sainz only the possibility to sign him once he becomes a free agent. Yet he was only 0.15 slower than Max in quali (btw Max also had a FP during another weekend in which he had car problems, but that was a FP in which they were working on their race-setup). Toro Rosso Honda F1 Team. Esploratore (@esploratore) 10th August 2018, 23:58. Sebastien Bourdais Sebastien Buemi Jaime Alguersuari. That alone speaks for how many paydrivers F1 currently are fielding. And to call what Horner said a public attacking?

He will need to shine tho, as the clock is ticking. I don’t really get the point in this paragraph. Captain Pie (@captainpie) 10th August 2018, 19:30. Vandoorne is suffering the same way KMag was. Fair and square outpacing a teammate has his preference, and adds more value to himself as a driver. 2018 is far from easy… Ricciardo slower nearly every race…sure he picks up some pace with a different strategy sometimes, but never overtakes Verstappen. In dry race points over their two seasons together JEV got smashed. "There needs to be a significant increase [from Hartley in the last races this season," Marko said, suggesting the Kiwi is a long shot and best and remains in 'last chance saloon' with regard to staying in F1. Senna's Monaco Toleman to go under the hammer! Well the team didn’t have the contract on Sainz – a fact that keeps getting overlooked. So if he wants to step up to the maim team he will do it on their terms. That’s only in the race and only the race ending ones and of a technological nature. Only one of those three drivers – Jake Dennis – would have finished high enough up in a championship that counted towards the old Super Licence criteria, assuming that the FIA treated the European F3 series as a continuation of the International F3 series, but because his 3rd place finish was more than two years ago, it would have been too long ago to count towards a Super Licence application anyway. For the second year running Red Bull needed another new driver. But little is really offered as to solid reasons why. F1’s latest audience drop is ‘down to pay-TV move’, McLaren right to seek new talent – Alonso, Become a RaceFans Supporter and go ad-free, Debris cost Bottas up to eight tenths of a second per lap, Safety Car pit stop for Perez was ‘safest and most logical’ decision at the time, “Very, very dangerous”: Vettel warned race control over near-miss with marshals, Vettel has gone a full year without a podium finish, Hamilton’s seventh title awaits after debris derails Bottas’s victory bid, Renault apologises to Ocon after fourth technical failure, Hamilton: Senna diamond trophy for Imola win is a “definitely a keeper”, Magnussen’s headache-inducing gearbox fault started in qualifying, Latifi: Imola an improvement after “worst race of the year” in Portugal, team principal Christian Horner admitted the development caught him by surprise, indicates Red Bull is giving serious thought to alternatives, He’s increasingly been a match for his highly-rated team mate, Red Bull choose not to pair Sainz with Verstappen again, Kvyat: Hockenheim podium last year was “my biggest achievement” so far, How the FIA’s new encrypted fuel flow meter targets Ferrari’s suspected ‘aliasing’ trick, “He smashed my office door”: 23 must-see moments from ‘Drive to Survive’ season two, ‘I should have done a better job. June 6, 2019. Vitantonio Liuzzi and Scott Speed were the 2006 race drivers of the STR1, with Neel Jani filling the test/third driver role.

So I’m just looking at what actually happened and I conclude that this season DR has outperformed MV, and quite decisively too.

And I remember Max taking out DR who was running in front of him in Hungary in the opening lap, so MV, who went on to take ‘best of the rest’, took some good points off DR. 2018 – I’ve already commented on this one. And that was nothing to be ashamed of for Max, he was settling in and at the end of the season he was a lot closer to DR quali-wise. Aleš Norský (@gpfacts) 10th August 2018, 17:23.

Jos Verstappen and Helmet Marko were both very good in their day. Qualifying is usually a good parameter of how drivers compare, usually less influence by other driver and just pure raceperformance. Buemi still got by by being RBR’a reserve driver but Ricciardo ended up taking Webber’s spot when he retired.

2018 makes Verstappen look quite a inconsistant driver, though his races where overall quite good.

How easily we forget Kvyat beating Ricciardo on points and consistantly remain repeating Ricciardo scored more points than Verstappen. Weighing up Red Bull's 2021 options, Hulkenberg calm on 2021 amid Red Bull speculation, Hamilton showcased all his GOAT credentials in his 92nd win, Hamilton moves past Schumacher with 92nd win. And I don’t even have to be down under :-)), David Not Coulthard (@davidnotcoulthard) 12th August 2018, 9:57. Kvyat was nowhere in 2015, what are you ralking about? That battle is over. For the second year running Red Bull needed another new driver. But ya if you want to equate that to DR beating Max 3 years in a row, knock yourself out. But that does free up Stoffel Vandoorne as a possibility. @F1

Ferrari drivers clash into retirement in Styrian GP! He took the WDC while being a team player in Monaco at his own expense and settling for second in the last four races, bc that would suffice to take the crown.

Those still in the picture are Kubica, Vergne, Ticktum, and Kvyat. One time RIC decided not to go all out and save tyres bc he had a 20-place grid penalty (though he had a car failure later on in the race anyway).

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