Donna says that their deception will ultimately benefit Jericho by separating him from his murderous father. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. When we meet Slade, he’s been captured. There is, however, one mysterious absence in Titans season 2, episode 8; Rose, Deathstroke's daughter. This kind of strategy should really have been a last resort, but it instead appears to have been their first idea. Only Hawk seems to have had any sustained objection, but that's inconsistent with his portrayal in Titans season 2, episode 5, where he was the one who wanted to hand Rose over to Deathstroke. We also find out that Jericho himself has inherited some abilities from his father when a jerk of a businessman gives him a hard time at the record shop.

Dove encouraged Robin to "be Batman" in order to hunt Deathstroke, but then breaks up with him because she doesn't like the person he's becoming. Probably the highest compliment that can be paid to "Jericho" is that it adds a crucial new wrinkle to Dick's entire character arc. Spoilers follow for Titans season 2, episode 8, “Jericho”. Meanwhile, it's not even clear why the Titans targeted Jericho in the first place. It ends in a brutal conflict between Deathstroke and Dick Grayson's Robin - one that comes to a tragic conclusion. It’s bloody, exciting, and brutal. From here, it looks like Deathstroke wanted all of this; he wanted a reason to kill Dick and the other Titans, to separate himself from his son and his old life. But then he gets Donna’s distress call and goes to rescue her. Finally, Deathstroke may be an assassin-for-hire, but he doesn't seem to be particularly efficient. It's been a rocky road for Titans in Season 2. But with "Jericho," Season 2 finally clicks and lives up to its full potential. It's hard not to argue that Titans season 2, episode 8 feels like something of a misstep.

air date: 11/8/19. The other big takeaway from "Jericho" is that the series is doing right by Slade Wilson.

Fortunately for Slade Wilson, he doesn't. We see Jericho younger, still able to speak. Unfocused or not, this season's structure has at least managed to build on the mystery of Jericho's fate and create a sense of tension. "Jericho" succeeds in addressing that issue with the overcrowded cast by travelling back to a simpler time in the team's history when there weren't quite so many moving parts to juggle. While this is going on, Jericho is talking to Dick about the note from his father, and Dick tries to do the right thing by encouraging Jericho to talk to his dad with the promise that he’ll stay out. At one point, he declares that he knows Robin is there because he can hear his heartbeat. The latest episode of DC Universe's Titans series finally reveals what happened to Jericho - and raises a lot of questions about the future. 'Titans' Season 2 Episode 8: Slade Wilson was a good dad and a war hero before his descent into villainy. Previously, he's written entertainment news and articles for Movie Pilot.

This is more about shedding light on Slade Wilson the husband and father, a man who clearly loves his wife and son, even as he treats them as liabilities to be abandoned.

Thanks to this lengthy flashback, we have a much better sense of what motivates Slade in the present, why he was in hiding for so long and why his grudge against the Titans is so intensely personal. And yet, for some reason, he doesn't hear Jericho coming. The elder Titans have developed a friendship with the young man, whose name is Jericho and have invited him to hang out by a campfire. The fact that he does so in a mostly non-vocal role makes his performance that much more impressive. The second season of DC Universe's flagship TV series began with a retcon, revealing that the original Titans disbanded five years ago after a mysterious tragedy. Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 8 Review.

The loose cliffhanger ending of Titans season 2, episode 7 appeared to promise another flashback episode, and that's exactly what was delivered. A one-stop shop for all things video games. It’s more that Donna supported it right up until the end, and that the show hasn’t capitalized on that in any way that I can tell.

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