This team is quite expensive, because both require constant equipment upgrades; moreover, their equipment is different: Olvan equips axes, armor and shields; Lejes equips swords, robes and headgear. A solo Valsu will be long, but not particularly difficult. "Super Express: Live From Hell City - Elnard (Gameplan 21/Enix)", "Eye of the Monitor: Rule the world in The 7th Saga - "Life is short, live it up" — Nikita Khrushchev", "Review Crew - Major Mike's Game Roundup - The 7th Saga", "Test de The 7th Saga sur SNES par", "Rom Check: Siebenschläfer - The Seventh Saga",, Super Nintendo Entertainment System games, Super Nintendo Entertainment System-only games, Video games featuring female protagonists, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Wikipedia introduction cleanup from June 2015, Articles covered by WikiProject Wikify from June 2015, All articles covered by WikiProject Wikify, Articles using Infobox video game using locally defined parameters, Articles using Wikidata infoboxes with locally defined images, Articles using Video game reviews template in single platform mode, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Wilme Pelin: An alien with a fiery, lava-like spiked body. This is the most interesting aspect of the game, since you want to have a second character with you, and will at times want to find a specific one to help exploit a specific enemy’s weaknesses or to cover your own, but you also run the risk of removing that character from the game entirely. Notable unique innovations include the use of a crystal ball "radar" that allows the player to see enemies approaching their character in dungeons and in the overworld. Lejes with either Olvan or Kamil). And then, sometimes, you'll be incredibly UN-lucky, and the duo will get their ass kicked time and time again. Battles will go quickly, but you'll drain lots of Mp and most likely die every once in a while. In fact, part of why Kamil is so mediocre in 7th Saga is because he was the king of Elnard, and the american devs thought he was too powerful and over-corrected.

Her healing powers come in very handy, although for those few levels where most people would have Heal 2, Esuna will be in big trouble. ATTRIBUTES: The opposite of a fighter, all equip is of light type, best spells available At the beginning of the game, you have to choose one of seven characters. The following sections describe a set of balanced teams that allow to use all characters in the minimum possible number of games. Be extremely careful with this team and try your hardest to finish fights quickly; the quicker Lux and Lejes can get the job done, the better position you'll be in. The 7th Saga was a difficult game for its time with its variety of clues to find and relentless enemies to overcome, but for the US release, the game was made even more difficult. His magic may end up actually being useful from time to time, but for the most part, just let him rip through enemies. You'd think two powerhouses who don't need equipment would work well, right? The seven characters state their goal at the beginning of the game: Characters in most role-playing video games, including Elnard/7th Saga, can be classified according to three attributes, therefore using a Triangle Diagram. Works better than Lejes and Kamil because Olvan can rip through the enemies faster. The 7th Saga was a difficult game for its time with its variety of clues to find and relentless enemies to overcome, but for the US release, the game was made even more difficult. The two will take tremendous damage; neither has good defensive capabilities. All characters follow the same experience–level curve. All materials are copyrighted by their respective authors. While not very good as a solo character, he is excellent support for pretty much everyone. Lejes never learns any healing magic. Something unique to The 7th Saga‘s soundtrack at the time is that it actually has several different songs for different types of towns as well as for different parts of the game’s world map.

Never trust an instruction booklet!). Esuna does fairly decent solo, although her real strength comes in with an ally. This is a really damn tough party, but it can be done. [3] As the player progresses through the game from one town to the next, they encounter the other six characters on multiple occasions. This is a more interesting team. A good team includes a healer and a physical fighter, but not two characters in the same column. You'll have an easy time with this team. Wilme and Lejes look slightly different in the game because the sprites used here come from the original Japanese version. He is strong and has the highest, LUX TIZER: A 5000-year-old robot created by a long extinct. Protagonist (Main Character) – There’s no character creation in 7th Saga but you do get a varied selection of Protagonists to choose from. Many of these games suffered a bit from the lack of identity, often trying to merge concepts and world design of more complex computer RPGs like Wizardry with the streamlined combat and more unique characters found in Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Always heir on the side of caution. Its combat and difficulty is wildly off balance. Characters. ATTRIBUTES: The healer of the group, no strong equipment, and the only attack magic It is known for one thing, and that is difficulty.

Most importantly, The 7th Saga‘s translation is less than ideal, getting the basic plot of the game’s story across and not much else. Play at your own risk. You'd think they would, with both sides having powerful healing and fire magic, but they're both lacking a huge amount of support abilities and good magical strength. His lower magic score holds him back from dishing out as much magical damage as Esuna. Trust me, it's better to skip on this team, even if you really think it'll work. [Go to top]← Controls | Characters | Equipment →, From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki, It's harder, yes; Kamil is the only one with Healing Magic. If you can blitz through the enemies fast enough, then you may enjoy this team quite a bit. stronger magic? Without a good means of defense, the two will take a lot of damage.

He can take a hit alright, and his physical attacks are good, but eventually, he's just gonna end up taking a beating. Esuna can deal more damage then Lejes, but have her focus on healing while Lejes attempts to kill the enemies. Characters in most role-playing video games, including Elnard/7th Saga, can be classified according to three attributes, therefore using a Triangle Diagram.

Kamil would be the only one with healing magic, including revive, leaving you screwed if he gets knocked out. If you do attempt this, get ready for a tough game.

He can give and take damage, and use basic healing and damaging magic. They just work together poorly. If the player loses to one of the other main characters, their rune(s) will be taken by that character. He has the strength to give hits, as well as the strength to take 'em. Make sure to stock up on B-Prtct though; he'll take a lot of damage in those boss fights. The player may partner with one of the other playable characters to fight as a team, and he/she may also fight against other playable characters for the runes. LEJES is a spellcaster with a lot of black/attack spells. Solo, Lux suffers, no doubt. He'll be able to keep himself alive while dealing decent damage. He attacks enemies by setting his arm on fire and punching them. They give your character very useful abilities like being able to instantly travel to any city you’ve previously visited, doubling your attack power in combat, replenishing your magic energy, and so on. His best quality, without a doubt, is his last ability: Elixer. The 7th Saga, called Elnard (エルナード?) He has a wide range of damage spells he can use though and Esuna can back-up whenever she gets a free turn. Sometimes you'll get lucky, and this duo will dominate. No. This game, known to those of us of the U.S. as The 7th Saga, is at the same time both your typical RPG, and not.It is typical in the fact that you, of course, end up fighting over the fate of the world… It isn’t in the sense that the people you call companions one minute, can be battled and defeated the next. Her biggest advantage is that her magic points are so high that she’s the only character where you could realistically throw out powerful magic spells every turn.

Its a nice touch that you can play as an “alien”, demon or robot as well as the standard fantasy fair like elves, warriors and dwarves. If you play as the three inhuman characters (Lux, Lejes and Wilme) as an example, you won’t be able to buy passage on a ship to get to another part of the game, so you have to go through an underground cavern and other parts of the game in a different order from everyone else. Personally, I think his balance makes him good for new players; in fact, I played him my first time through.

As an example, at one point another character has stolen one of the Runes from its resting place. Each rune possesses a great power that can be used by the person who wields it. The only major difference between the two is that Olvan has more emphasis placed on fighting than magic. Olvan is there with some good healing magic to help back the team up. He has very high defense and strength, plus he gains levels and abilities much faster than most other characters. Unless he is killed in one hit, Valsu can use Elixer to fully heal himself(including the MP required to cast Elixer) and then keep using it an infinite amount of times. The duo will also get two support spells, F.Shield and Protect, to help your chances. The game also uses Mode 7 graphic effects to create the transition between exploration screen and battle screen. Battles should go fairly quickly and painlessly with this team. Notable unique innovations include the use of a crystal ball "radar" in the game's HUD that allows players to see enemies approaching their character in dungeons and in the overworld. If they both attack using magic, the monsters would hardly resist. Just keep Valsu on healing duty as Kamil dishes out the hurt, and you've got a clean path to the finish. Trained by the wise King Lemele, you must venture out into the oddly desolate world in search of seven Runes. Bring lots of HP and MP restoring items, because Lejes will be needing ton of them, and, as always recommended when playing solo, overlevel like crazy to make sure Lejes will survive. Final Fantasy had already been around for a few years, but you still had many other developers doing their own thing as many of the genre’s current cliches and design standards hadn’t been fully embraced yet. When the player character is in battle, the perspective shows the character and ally, if any, from behind looking at one to three enemies. Now 100 years old, Lemele has become the benevolent and powerful ruler of the world. While solo, she'll be able to dish out plenty of pain with her spells, although she'll be taking lots of damage. He also has a low Hp but decent Mp growth.

As the player progresses through the game from one town to the next, they encounter the other six characters on multiple occasions.

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