This is the time to highlight and show the user what is happening. View.props.onResponderTerminationRequest: (event) => {}, where event is a PressEvent. The default style of the React Native TextInput on Android is quite ugly. View.props.onResponderTerminate: (event) => {}, where event is a PressEvent. View.props.onMoveShouldSetResponder: (event) => [true | false], where event is a PressEvent. You can provide one state, no state, or multiple states. includeFontPadding. Determines the types of data converted to clickable URLs in the text element. 1. In this Example of React Native Strikethrough Text, we will see how can you strick through the Text using the Stylesheet property textDecorationLine. Lets the user select text, to use the native copy and paste functionality. In the following example, the nested title and body text will inherit the fontFamily from styles.baseText, but the title provides its own additional styles. Default is true. See the Accessibility guide for more information. Specifying the height (I’d say height: 40) on the component’s style should be the first thing to do here: Ok, that’s better, but for some reasons the Email placeholder is slightly misaligned.

Disclaimer: The default style of the React Native TextInput has been tested on a few flagship devices on recent versions of Android… but you already know that the result may vary depending on the device used. By default, the label is constructed by traversing all the children and accumulating all the Text nodes separated by space. When the scroll view is disabled, this defines how far your touch may move off of the button, before deactivating the button. Specifies text alignment. Image button has the same functionality as if the trait was set to both 'image' and 'button'. View.props.onResponderMove: (event) => {}, where event is a PressEvent. Set to false to remove extra font padding intended to make space for certain ascenders / descenders. This is called for every touch move on the View when it is not the responder. When true, no visual change is made when text is pressed down. By default no data types are detected. React Native Strikethrough Text. The default is true. We do not need to have a fontFamily field on every single element, and we do not need to potentially traverse the tree up to the root every time we display a text node. In this case, the second part will be both bold and red. For React Native, we decided to use web paradigm for this where you can nest text to achieve the same effect. This is how a React Native TextInput looks like on Android if you don’t apply any custom style on it: Can we safely say that nobody will ever ship a production app with such a TextInput? In practice, this is very tedious. Specifies whether fonts should scale to respect Text Size accessibility settings. Assuming that MyAppText is a component that only renders out its children into a Text component with styling, then MyAppHeaderText can be defined as follows: Composing MyAppText in this way ensures that we get the styles from a top-level component, but leaves us the ability to add / override them in specific use cases. Specifies whether fonts should be scaled down automatically to fit given style constraints.

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