how can a rider push to their best while the bike doesn’t want to.. a lesson to ex yamaha rider beware of KTM. A company that provides Software & SI Services, Fintech Mobile and Digital Content Aggregation, We want to be seen as giving emphasis to the under – privileged and the rural, We want to be party to national initiatives of economic growth through services that cater for domestic and regional market, Above all we want to be a knowledge-based company that is creative and innovative. Kasihan Hafiz. KTM motor sucks. * All product price is subject to 6% of SST.

We believe in Productivity Through Innovation that helps to accelerate your business. Experian Information Services (Malaysia) Sdn. Hafiz still have chance to attract other Yamaha satellite team. And another issue is, Asian riders must have solid backing from their home country to continue to ride in MotoGP (Takagami was backed by Honda). He should prove to himself he can climb back via merit and grit. But hafizh is not a rebel, he just follows everything and even ktm kicked him out, he still doesn’t say a bad thing about ktm. Applicable only for Malaysia Business Profile report. Last year’s MotoGP Rookie of the Year continued his hard work on Tuesday, concluding the test with further significant improvements, shaving off additional two tenths from his best lap time from the previous day. Mandating the local team to back him only does him a disservice. We strive to provide Digital Contents aggregation & platform while promoting local digital content development & publication. 's business includes OTHER INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICE ACTIVITIES N.E.C. And it’s quite a rare chance indeed. Bhd. Yes Hafizh is a very good rider, but end of the day, a racer will always be compared to his teammate. hs55 lack of discipline as a premiere class rider will not get him.anywhere… is not just skill and experience.. his mindset needs improvement too.. should be grateful if he could still be in moto2 race. tough luck for hafizh. Sign up for our newsletter. He came thru via merit and grit. BHD. I wish Malaysia had their own superbike. We strive to provide consumers with convenience of financial payment and remittance through mobile e-wallet. KTM machines are cruel to these ex-yamaha

Real, worthy, champions does that. There is everything wrong for Petronas to save him if he can no longer compete.

SIC motogp cant take hafizh since their two riders is already tied with 2 years contract. Transforming itself from a software developer into a software service provider, today, TFP has reached the next stage of its transformation as a software service company that truly global. While the game of musical chairs for the 2020 MotoGP season has yet to start, it is likely Hafizh will return to Moto2. Maybe he has to go back to Moto2 next year, but what happens next remains to be seen. Bhd. Perhaps , there could be a chance for Hafizh in 2021 to be back in MotoGP ,with SIC Petronas Yamaha.. It’s not only how powerful the engine is and sometimes a rider needs to think too. Hafisz was doing good on Yamaha despite the one he rode is not the latest machinery. Subject was incorporated on 12 March 2018 in Malaysia under the name TECH 3 SDN. He needs to show he is still worthy of a seat and literally rubbing shoulders with the top riders. even Zarco is struggling this year.

Contains owner's personal information. So they tried to upgrade into MotoGP which they have no experience before. Also lists other companies under the same business group or linked via family ties, An overview of your company's capital structure, Personal details of board members and shareholders, Interests obtained via property of the company as security for repayment, A 5-year look into assets, liabilities, equity & other financial items, Profits and dividends over the past 5 years, A ratio-based analysis of a company's financial performance, All Rights Reserved MV Agusta is not Malaysian …only bought over by Malaysian company …and is not competitive enough to compete in any races…. He is the only KTM rider in the top 15 of the Moto2 riders’ standings following the Austrian brand’s tough start to 2019. You clearly don’t know anything about bikes nor motor racing. (532271-T), This site is best viewed with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 11 and higher. 1st year great job from him. So expecting Petronas MotoGP team to ‘save’ him and give him a seat. Tech Wire Asia is an independent tech news website that covers enterprise and technology in Asia Motor tak bagus. At the top game, there is no room for ‘assistance’ as the results will be stark obvious. In some cases, help from home is sometime needed becoz like I said at this moment Hafizh is Malaysia’s best chance in MotoGP.

He will keep on racing, thats what rider do and will always do. I agree that a good rider will improve the machine but only up to certain extent.

BHD. If you follow MotorGP closely, you will know that KTM is new to MotoGP. He should start early negotiating with Go Jek to sponsor a new team. In Bikes, International Bike News, KTM / By Mohan K Ramanujam / 11 July 2019 11:44 am / 43 comments. A lot of Italian & Spanish based MotoGP teams have Italian & Spanish riders respectively. Subject was incorporated on 12 March 2018 in Malaysia under the name TECH 3 SDN. Second year I honestly think it’s more the material then the Ride. I think this is a good thing though. There are few occasion hafizh has to retire from race due to ‘mechanical problems’ by KTM.

BHD. Money back guarantee.

Keep up to date with the Malaysia Tech News, Stories, and Community Insights from Asia's Tech Ecosystem This site is best viewed with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 11 and higher, TECH 3 SDN. with registration number of 201801009805 (1271819-K). If they manage to set the bike to the riders or the rider manage to suit himself then they will start to get result….consistent result which we can see on the middle pack of moto gp. But mark my words, his time of victory n glory is yet to come…and whn it does, its as if seeing a Phoenix rise from the ashes…. Otherwise, Hafizh can be proud to use a local Malaysian bike. He deserved to be back in MotoGP. Sometimes these character are not suited for the machine so bad result will take place. How many Asian riders had made it into the top GP class (500cc/MotoGP) other than Japanese riders? Survival is not the game for the strongest nor the fittest anymore, its for the most adaptable. TECH 3 SDN. go back to moto2 can be a very risky decision but if petronas SRT willing to offer him a seat then why not since PAWI and the other rider who is replacing him are not performing, i believe in you. For guy who was challenging for rookie of the year last season he has been let down by a shit machine.

He is consistent on that bike but cant go further as others esp on factory bike got extra magic with their latest machine. He is a fighter of course and has shown promising pace onboard the Yamaha.

's business includes OTHER INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICE ACTIVITIES N.E.C. performance wise..he’s ok..not the best.. just average.. his fighting spirit and lack of communication input to the team.. by keep on saying he dont know what is wrong shows that he is not truly ready for the premier class. We strive to provide consumers with convenience of financial payment and remittance. Get the Latest Malaysia News from Tech In Asia. BHD. There’s nothing wrong if Petronas saving him. Hafizh did not moved from Yamaha to KTM, but his team decided to switch manufacturer from Yamaha to KTM. tough luck for hafizh. A very Good Rider with back luck bike.. Pity we sold Mv Agusta for Euro $1. still Malaysia’s best rider to date. And they are hoping to sign up top riders to crash the Big Boys party with their new and unrefined bikes.
We strive to provide business customers with solutions to improve their productivity and efficiency. Enterprise Resource Planning accounting software (SAP), Human Resource Management System (JINJI, SMART HR), University / Campus Management System (SmartCAMPUS)​, OneCENT - Smart Digital Community and Digital Entrepreneur​. Hafiz is just a victim of circumstances. If he start to relied on help, he will definitely regress. If you have an account, please login before commenting.

Binder, who hails from South Africa, recently tookback-to-back second places at Assen and Sachsenring and is currently eighth in the Moto2 world championship. Shame for Hafiz but good riddance to bad rubbish. If ktm didn’t kicked him, he would be more seasons with that crappy bike, He always finish the race….and not the last position…better laa…. Rider bagus. Find the largest selection of Logitech Products. A prick of a CEO that criticizes his riders in the press. After moving to KTM from Yamaha, Tech3 has shown mixed fortunes in racing, despite Hafizh competing strongly for MotoGP Rookie of the Year in 2018, won by Franco Morbidelli. Each rider have different style,approach, preference, etc. TECH 3 SDN.

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