“By sprinkling Synergy Pro over the active area, we get control, not just suppression. The dual active combination (hydramethylnon and pyriproxyfen) delivers complete colony control, which can be difficult to achieve with non-bait treatments. NoPests® Ant Bait™ is a premium ant bait that has no odor, is non-staining and easy to apply. The highly palatable bait matrix in NoPests® Ant Bait™ encourages ants to consume as much bait as possible and return it to the nest. Bifenthrin does provide some residual protection but colony control is limited and being repellent, it requires complete coverage to ensure the whole area or lawn remains ant free. Synergy®Pro Ant Bait contains two active ingredients with two different modes of action. With two different food granules, each containing two different actives, you can achieve broad spectrum control throughout the … Z�m�$[��҇�5 NoPests® Ant Bait™ controls all major pest species of ants found in NZ, such as Blackhouse ant, Argentine ant, White-footed house ant, and Darwin’s Ant. TERMITE APPETITE – AN INDICATION OF COLONY SIZE. The non-repellent nature of fipronil is more forgiving and unlike fipronil sprays, fipronil granules are labelled for broadcast treatment across larger areas. Being outdoors, typically there is less control of the treatment area, so considering access by children and pets, as well as the environmental impact becomes an important part of the decision in choosing an appropriate treatment. Highly palatable bait encourages ants to consume as much bait as possible and return it to the nest. Inspect ant bait placements periodically and apply ant bait until all foraging ants are feeding. (verified owner) – April 29, 2020, Vincent Veale (verified owner) – April 20, 2020. 0000003985 00000 n Charles McClintock, Professional Products Business Manager, Sumitomo Chemical Australia, Copyright © 2020 BD Publications Pty Ltd ATF BDP Trust ABN. %PDF-1.4 %���� However, from a performance point of view, most spray products will only kill the ants they contact; they are unlikely to provide any colony control (unless the nest is injected directly) or provide lasting protection. Although a big believer in non-repellent sprays for perimeter ant control, Mr Priest was finding that treating larger areas with non-repellents became expensive and tended to only to suppress the population. Pack Sizing; 500g This is significantly cheaper than a number of the leading fipronil sprays, granules and other granular baits on offer. In contrast, granular baits allow for a quick and easy application. Zoom 100%. Synergy Pro Ant Bait SECTION 1: IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE / PREPARATION AND COMPANY INFORMATION Product Name Synergy Pro Ant Bait Other Names: 0.5 HP Ant Bait Company Sumitomo Chemical Australia Pty Ltd. A.B.N. Haven’t tried product yet but we are sure it will work. Ant workers pick up the bait granules and take them back to the colony or imbibe oil (containing the active ingredient) from the granules. Two different food granules for broad spectrum control throughout the year Two different actives to target worker and reproductive ants for complete colony control Why two di Actives: 3.65g/Kg Hydramethylnon / 2.5g/Kg Pyripoxyfen. The dual active combination (hydramethylnon and pyriproxyfen) delivers complete colony control, which can be difficult to achieve with non-bait treatments. Granules are collected by foraging ants and returned to the nest, killing the queen and the entire colony. h�b```�j��� ��ea�h`c`x��� �|��>� �۵�*]�AhIX�0Tt@�xG;��a&��@����"�@�x����/a8�x�UT�$�9"L�@ڜ�A�˗�)�%�f�� �A$� 0000000556 00000 n Synergy Pro utilizes a unique dual active system, each granule contains a mixture of hydramethylnon and pyriproxyfen (IGR). Recap the tube after treatment is completed. Synergy Pro ant bait is designed to make ant control simple. Cool containers exposed to flames with water until well after the fire is out. 21 081 096 255 Address 51 Rawson Street, Epping NSW 2121 Website www.sumitomo-chem.com.au

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