[5] In the United States, the film was distributed by The Weinstein Company in 221 theatres and grossed $215,177, with an average of $973 per screen[5] and ranking No. I wonder who will play the next Alex Rider now?? Sayle chases him out onto the roof and pushes both Alex & Sabina off the roof, leaving them hanging by a dislodged cable. He was picked out of 500 hopefuls who auditioned for the role. He plans to give the new computer systems to every school in the country, but Mr. Blunt has other ideas and Alex must find out what it is. They all make Stormbreaker better. Alex Rider (8 episodes, 2020) Ronke Adekoluejo.

I'm not saying it was horrible, it was just disappointing.

If Alex is able to uncover Darrius' plot, he will find that the lives of millions of Britons are in danger, and that if killed will be done at the hands of Darrius' old friend, the British Prime Minister. The main suspect is creator of the Stormbreaker, Darrius Sayle. Overall, the plot in Stormbreaker is not the strongest in the series, so I am sure many will criticise this, but the studio have done an excellent job of transferring what there is to the screen. I watched this again after enjoying the series.

I thought the SAS training camp and the relationship with Wolf could have been handled better - the reasons for Wolf handing over the cap badge were a bit weak in the film, but are much stronger in the book.

This series was released on Amazon Prime Video and TVNZ On Demand in early June 2020. As a stand alone film Stormbreaker is good but fans of the books will know there was so much more we could have seen in later films had they been made. I have to admit that my hopes were high before seeing this movie.

I was at the World premiere in London and I was apprehensive about watching a film adaptation of a book as some of them work and others don't.

It was done well as an English Production! "Stormbreaker" ist kein totaler Kiddie-Film. Unexpectedly, Yassen arrives in a helicopter and shoots Sayle (in the same manner he did Ian) before rescuing Alex. This one definitely does. This Film Contains A Few Fairly Decent Action Scenes, and Typically they are all fairly similar.

Intended to be the first entry in a film franchise, Stormbreaker grossed between $20.7 and $23.9 million worldwide upon its theatrical release, failing to recoup its $40 million budget and making the film a box office bomb. Bright and breezy, but too predictable in terms of story. Alex initially refuses to cooperate but agrees when they threaten to not renew the visa and deport Jack as a result of her visa running out seven years before. The "bad guy" has no gain from his "evil plan" and the "girl" appeared like 10 minutes before the totally unbelievable ending. Stormbreaker was intended by the novel's author, Anthony Horowitz, to be the first entry in a film franchise based on his Alex Rider series. All actors and actresses were good like Ewan Mcgregor, Sarah Bolger, Alicia Silverstone, Steven Fry and many more!! The next day, Alex finds himself in trouble when his cover is blown. At first, his fellow trainees look down on him because of his age, but he soon gains their respect for his capabilities. I absolutely love the books, and although the trailer of the movie implied a few silly changes had been made, I still thought it would be true to the heart of the book. this film deserves an award also this film isn't just for kids the adults will love it to this film has every-think that you want in a film what a cracker! I've Read The Book And Seen The Film..... A fabulous, exciting and adventurous film! I realised just how fantastic this movie is!

Everyone was a broad caricature.

Sabina Pleasure?? "[7] The film also has a score of 42 out of 100 on Metacritic based on 20 reviews, indicating "mixed or average reviews. Being one of the first action movies with a kid being the centre of it.

To sum up, I would give this film 2 out of ten in quality and 0 out of ten in how well it kept to the book. Looking forward to Point Blanc!

This film portrays excitement, sadness of when his uncle Ian dies (ewan McGregor), amusement!

Alex Pettyfer is definitely NOT just a pretty face; there is a deep intelligence in his eyes, and he is able to portray a range of emotions with expert realism.

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