[1] Players also do not directly control all of their characters' actions, but instead chose battle strategies beforehand for all but one of their characters who then move and attack their closest enemy automatically.

On December 5, 2019, a remake (Star Ocean First Departure R) was released for the Nintendo Switch. Super Famicom It features a diverse cast of characters that will make you want to play this twenty-to-thirty hour romp a couple times over, and gameplay that, while at times can feel dated, is still highly engaging. Active Combat System Star Ocean: First Departure utilizes the modified version of the game engine used to run Star Ocean: The Second Story for the PS1. [24], The game was released on July 19, 1996.

SWIT. [23] In order to tell a "bigger" story, space was chosen as the setting.

This game is a remaster of the PSP game Star Ocean: First Departure on the PSP with … Star Ocean First Departure R is the best Star Ocean game in a long time. [15][16] The game also featured special technology called a "Flexible Voice Driver" that allowed for the compression of sound, allowing for voice clips for characters when in battles, another trait that was both very rare for a Super Famicom game, and shared with Tales of Phantasia.
With that, I actually prefer the older character art to the newer; it shows a higher level of detail, especially in clothing and armor, but the older stills instill a great deal of nostalgia. [39] An album containing music from the PSP version was released on January 30, 2008 by Sony Music and Square Enix which contained 68 tracks across two discs.

Fortunately, a lot of its longevity comes from replaying it and interacting with the characters. [10] There, a few of the local Fellpool (cat-like people) youth, Roddick, Millie, and Dorne, are part of the village's local "Defense Force", who defend the village from minor threats such as thieves and robbers. Add Stuff / Ask Questions.

[14] Item creation can allow for characters to be able to create weapons and equipment that are stronger than those available to be bought in stores and towns.

It was never released on the NES in other territories. While developers are using filters that utterly destroy the quality of older titles, a lot of which feels like putting Vaseline over your eyes, Star Ocean First Departure R is a nice change of pace as it retains the beautiful artwork the PSP remake displayed. Nintendo Switch While we’re still waiting on Square Enix to localize the PlayStation 4 version of Second Story, one of the best JRPGs released during the PlayStation era, we’re instead treated to a throwback that set the series in the right direction. Here are some general tips for Star Ocean: First Departure R. 1. Platform(s) An enhanced version titled Star Ocean: First Departure R is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 set for a worldwide release in December 2019. 02 [10][29] A limited edition called the Star Ocean: First Departure Eternal Edition was released exclusively in Japan alongside the standard version. [50][51] In a 2009 retro review, NintendoLife praised the game's technical aspects calling it "one of the best-looking Super Nintendo games ever created" and that the soundtrack "never ceases to amaze". User Average.

It was never released on the NES in other territories. It features a diverse cast of characters that will make you want to play … [18] A character's affinity towards one another can have effects on the rest of the game.

Using advanced technologies and time travel, the group attempts to uncover the cause of the war and to find a cure for their planet. Game Forum; Game Reviews - add yours. [37][38] Music from the game was included on the album Star Ocean Perfect Sound Collection, released November 1, 1996 by Sony Records, which included arranged medleys of themes from the Super Famicom version by Sakuraba, Yoshiharu Gotanda, and Kazushi Satoh as well as voice tracks. SOFD’s battle system is active, which means you’ll control one of the characters while your other team mates act on their own. The scaling to HD has gone exceptionally; you obviously can tell this was an older game originally developed for a handheld device as the 3D models are low res, and the pre-rendered backgrounds are pretty much just upscaled, but sprite-based character models are of the highest quality. [16] However, the game was unofficially translated into English by DeJap Translations, who created a patch that made the game fully playable in English via emulation. Square Enix has had to revert to remaking and remastering the first two games, first on the PlayStation Portable, and now on the newer set of consoles.

Let’s start off harshly: without including remakes, there hasn’t been a groundbreaking Star Ocean game in over two decades. Upon coming in contact with Lezonians, they reveal that they were being forced into war by a shadowy, powerful third party with a disgust for the Federation. [15] Planning for a sequel began as soon as development was completed on Star Ocean. 1 FAQ/Guide/Map; No cheats - Be the first to submit one! PEGI 05 This is the PSP remake of the SNES original, showcasing a newly-rendered world, beautifully-crafted sprites and high-res character art. [14] They inform them that the disease was sent to the planet by a foreign race called the Lezonians, whom the Earth Federation has been at war with. [12] Andrew Fitch of 1UP.com, however, called First Departure an "overlooked classic" with "ridiculously engrossing crafting minutiae" and numerous character party combinations that increase its replay value.

[8] GameSpot also stated that the title had "limited appeal" in addition to providing little challenge.

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