He looks beyond the status quo and believes there's always a new, unique way to accomplish something. Die Produzenten der Serie sagten jedoch, die Serie solle absichtlich „verspielt und leicht verkitscht“ wirken. Stephanie (Julianna Rose Mauriello) visits LazyTown to stay with her uncle, the mayor. Sie ist in Meinhard, den Bürgermeister von Lazy Town, verliebt. Doch gegen diesen hat er letztendlich keine Chance. LazyTown has encouraged me to forget about health and spend hours upon hours making memes with it when I should be outside playing. While hanging out at the park, Stephanie finds him and asks who he is; after almost saying that his name is Sportacus he quickly calls himself ... Spob. https://lazytown.fandom.com/wiki/Sportacus?oldid=2297, Matthias Matthiasson: singing voice, seasons 1-2, Dyri Kristjansson: live appearances from 2014-16, In the original plays and the Icelandic dub, Sportacus is an elf rather than a human. Last appearance Freddie Faulig wohnt im Untergrund von Lazy Town und liebt das Faulenzen.

Sportacus distracts Robbie by tossing him the egg and flips up onto the disguise machine platform, prompting Robbie to ask how he learned to do that; Sportacus proudly states that he practiced. His arch rival Robbie Rotten often tries to get in his way however, albeit without much success. Officer Obtuse is LazyTown's bumbling policeman.

Range: Standard melee range.

The cockatoo egg in this episode looks like a chicken egg, which is how cockatoo eggs actually look, except this egg is bigger than cockatoo eggs in real life.

Follow/Fav Age of Age. Sportacus (Icelandic: Íþróttaálfurinn, meaning “The Athletic Elf”) is a fictional character from the English-language and Icelandic-produced children's television show LazyTown, created and portrayed by Magnús Scheving. The machine then proceeds to blow up, launching Robbie out of his home and landing on the Mayor’s bush. Sportacus is a superhero from the kid's show LazyTown. Sportacus thinks for a moment before he says that he loved to play dodgeball as a kid. Sportacus receives a letter from a kid named Tommy, asking what he liked to do when he was ten. I'm using this story of the series as an answer to a challenge on my new website. Magnús Scheving Senta Senfdazu redet gerne und ist ein wenig hektisch. See inside for details. Ziggy says that he learned that you’re never too little to learn and that if a bush comes after you with a fishing pole and an umbrella: run! Sportacus quietly says that it is "Mr. Fluffy Bunny Pants" to which Ziggy acts completely shocked; he asks what happened but Sportacus says he doesn't know. Stephanie follows the trail to its end, a billboard; she dejectedly leans against it and causes a hidden door to open and her to fall back. Just the slightest bit makes him instantly lethargic, and he crumples to the ground in a heap.

She discovers more leaves and a tube leading underground. He's determined to teach the citizens of the town about being active and staying healthy.

He was the Icelandic Men's Individual Champion in aerobic gymnastics in 1992, then the Scandinavian champion in 1994 and the European champion in 1994 and 1995. in 1996, Sportacus was an elf called Íþróttaálfurinn (The Athletic Elf) who possessed magical powers and wore a navy-blue tunic, baggy green trousers, and a large burnt umber hat. When the original pilot episode was produced.

Schon bald ist in Lazy Town von Faulheit nichts mehr zu spüren. [5], In 2006 Magnús Scheving, the Sportacus actor and creator, hired Dýri Kristjánsson as the stuntman for the Sportacus role. He loves to use everyday items in outrageous ways and never does anything ordinary when he can do it with flair.

Stephanie greets her uncle when she sees Ziggy riding past on his bike, prompting her to ask him where his training wheels are when he proudly says that he took them off; after announcing that he can go really fast he says that he hasn't learned how to use his brakes yet. Sportacus repeats himself and says he doesn’t know, and wishes there were someone watching so they could figure it out. Characters. It is inflated via a foot pump. He decides to try it out on his cockatoo and ends up turning it into an egg; after tuning it a bit, he heads topside to find Sportacus and use it on him. Pixel accesses the film from earlier that day and while looking over it, they see a bush holding an umbrella on a fishing pole turning Sportacus into a kid. About. He is the creator, director, and star of the children's television show LazyTown, in which he portrayed the character Sportacus.

In der Serie werden Realfilm, Trickfilm und Computeranimationen miteinander kombiniert. While playing and singing the song "Time to Play" Stephanie notices that "Spob" is doing some moves that are very familiar and as the two of them play, Robbie sneaks up, steals Sportacus’ old clothes that were sitting on a bench, and runs off.

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