Couple of knee jerk reactions. So I think there’s a lot of lessons in there. “Wait, I probably am going to get fired, too,” and I had no idea why and what was driving that trend. Yeah. So let’s flip it over though.

But also how do we get more out of every dollar we spend and every dollar you spend on marketing, no matter if it’s on brand or awareness or if it’s on like true demand gen, it’s content syndication. But it’s a really cool challenge to be a part of. And I think it also reminds me of the other thing that is the biggest pet peeve. And then finance or other organizations don’t really trust marketing and you’re in a conundrum. ” Yeah, I couldn’t agree with you anymore. So hopefully, I can carve some time out this weekend to do so. Not that we shouldn’t be optimistic and positive, but marketing takes some punches and that’s part of our job. And again, thank you for all the time. So I came from a background, before Marketo, at a company called Sabre where, you know, it was an incredibly efficient organization just because of the financial discipline that that company had. We have more questions. And I get really nerdy and passionate when I talk about them because they’ve been the answer to every hard question I had in my first CMO gig at Marketo. Staying dynamic, scrappy and agile in a large enterprise I thought it was a phenomenal interview. I like this. And I think that that fulfills me and my team, I know every day in our jobs is to do even more of that.

A funny gif at least.

Yeah, I bet. Well, you know, you said trust there, right? And the thing that scared me most was interviewing Jamie Foxx. We have, across 20 episodes, now, of this show. Yeah, it was actually eye-opening. In this world of infinite advice, and copycat thinking, and commodity marketing, remember, it has never been easier to be average. Let’s be the exceptions. And I think we brought them back in into that process, but even more so, to make the story their story.

Sarah Mary Kennedy MBE (born 8 July 1950 in East Grinstead, Sussex) is a British TV and radio broadcaster.She presented her own daily early morning radio show, The Dawn Patrol, on BBC Radio 2 from 1993 to 2010. Just own it and say, “Hey, we had this theory. It’s actually the single most important skill set of a marketer today is, in fact, not marketing, and anything to do with it. Whatever. You can connect on Twitter with @jayacunzo @saykay @Drift @hypergrowth_pod.

Because we’re dealing with more things, we’re involved in more decisions, we’re involved in more needs across the business. Sarah, thank you for being here. Like, “Hey, we have questions, too. And also in a world where we were owned by a private equity firm, we got a lot more efficient also while maintaining being good. Yeah, that is so exciting. Sarah Kennedy Ellis Vice President, Google | Former Division CMO, Adobe & CMO, Marketo Denver, Colorado, United States 500+ connections It’s crazy. I appreciate it. So that’s been, it’s been quite a journey.

And then I found all these other people who were in the same situation who actually just needed a community to share with and start to problem solve with. But I spent the last three years, when I’m not hosting shows, on the road as a speaker.

It’s also therapeutic, and the thing that I’ve enjoyed so much about this brand and this community, too, is that they’ve let me by myself, and that there’s no other way for me, personally, to enjoy and succeed in a job. We control the message.

It was the thing that was originally a theme of our conference, and it kind of became a bit of a rallying cry throughout the year to also be okay sharing where we’re not perfect, because we are going through the same cycle of change that our customers are. If you do that, it becomes a kind of a lockbox. Because there’s these words we use like brand, like company, like team and organization, which, these are just empty shells, or shorthand, for a group of people doing the work. “The survey found that consumers don’t feel like they see themselves truly reflected in the brands that they’re visiting online,” said Sarah Kennedy, vice president of global marketing for Adobe Experience Cloud at Adobe. Okay. That is also some good marketing. It’s my, again, my team would probably say that’s their pet peeve about me. So, I like thinking about scenario planning, and honestly, going back into a larger business, for me, it’s important to kind of … I call it breaking my brain, and I mean that because I broke my brain when I came to Marketo, in a way, because I had to switch from large scale, publicly traded, $5 billion company at Sabre that was very, very established, and slow growing, but growing steadily business, in a sense that there’s a different mindset and approach to how you do your job every day, and then bringing that enterprise grade software marketing experience that I did have there, that we were very successful at, but also learning how to be comfortable with things that it is drilled into you in a large company to never do. But can you just describe your day yesterday?

So that’s an interesting dynamic that’s happening in our space. So similar for me.

And I’m noticing a trend line which is growth, right? And if you don’t hit all your goals, that’s okay. So I got to dive into what was a very traditional part of the business and it’s been like the cash cow of the business and learn it from the ground up and learn the whole inner workings of that industry before I was then stepping into more front-facing marketing roles. But it’s been a learning experience not just about making shows, but about this fundamental shift in marketing from, as we mentioned before, grabbing attention to holding it, and holding it is our new mandate, I think, and I believe, and I’ve seen it. I’m kind of tired of reading just quick hit articles, candidly.

But I trusted him and I certainly trusted his judgment and it’s how I ended up at Sabre in an internship. It just makes it easier for you to go back and say, “Hey, if something in a given quarter or month isn’t going perfectly or you just need more juice or you think you can get more out of doing this, X versus Y,” it just makes it so much easier for them to trust you and to activate those dollars quickly instead of meeting three or four meetings to review, review, review. And I think this year, we finally got to the talk that was the one, because I was able to kind of share my own fears as a first-time CMO, and I think that opens up the dialogue, and it certainly did with many of those that were there. And I’ve got a team that’s three times the size as the one I had at Marketo. It’s just figuring out which data to dig into and probably also not do it myself.

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