En 1990, au plus fort de la domination des McLaren-Honda, Ron Dennis fonde McLaren Cars (devenu McLaren Automotive), une marque destinée à créer des voitures de route de très haut de gamme. In September 1980 Marlboro engineered the merger of McLaren and Project Four to form McLaren International. And there were several historic moments in that early Formula One program that were specific. I was very lucky. Le 30 juin 2017, McLaren Technology Group annonce que Ron Dennis a revendu l'intégralité de ses parts aux deux autres actionnaires, sans toutefois en préciser la répartition[4]. His head broke through the windshield and he suffered major lacerations on his face and skull. Probably my biggest weakness is, “You break my trust, it’s over, it’s irreparable.” But that’s just the way I am. I didn’t say, as they are showing me their reception — I said, “Look, don’t worry about this. Dennis regrouped, forming a Marlboro-backed F2 team for two talented and well-sponsored drivers from Ecuador. Following a two-year power struggle within the company, in November 2016 the majority shareholders of McLaren attempted to force Dennis into taking gardening leave until his contract was due to expire in January 2017. But nevertheless, I did.

The 23rd of June, I have to have the money, and I need to know categorically that I’m going to get the money.”  And we discussed the mechanism. And he too was lying very still. Ron Dennis (né le 1 er juin 1947 à Woking en Angleterre) est un homme d'affaires britannique, qui a notamment dirigé McLaren Group et McLaren Racing, son écurie de Formule 1, entre le début des années 1980 et le milieu des années 2010.Il fut l'un des principaux actionnaires du groupe, qu'il a fondé en 1985 avec son ancien partenaire, l'homme d'affaires franco-saoudien Mansour Ojjeh. So I tried to build my career on perfection. En 1974, Ron Dennis envisage de courir en F1 avec Pryce, et commande une étude à l'ingénieur aéronautique Ray Jessop. I said, “Where are they from?” He said, “Ecuador.” I thought, here I am — world champions — and then these two individuals come out of the woodwork.
Ayrton Senna left McLaren for rival Williams Racing in 1994, only to suffer a fatal accident in that year’s San Marino Grand Prix. Après un passage à vide au milieu des années 1990, McLaren retrouve le chemin du succès grâce à son partenariat avec le constructeur allemand Mercedes-Benz qui motorise les monoplaces britanniques depuis 1995 et qui est actionnaire de McLaren à hauteur de 40 % depuis 2000.

Le 16 janvier 2014, McLaren Group annonce que Ron Dennis redevient directeur exécutif, remplaçant ainsi Martin Whitmarsh[3].

But I was fascinated by how things work. In 2001 Jaguar boss Bobby Rahal attempted to lure Newey from McLaren. He had left before I had my own bandages removed. The coin flew into the air, it hit a brown shag pile carpet in which we stood and shot under the curtain and didn’t have the rattle that conveyed to me that it was going to be flat. ○   Boggle.

In 2016, when I effectively took the final decision and entered into what was unpleasant negotiations with my shareholders on exit price, we were 3,500. They are all doing their own thing. And I needed to find someone to design it. And I am difficult. And he was saying, “With all the forces that we’re developing aerodynamically, we need a really stiff primary structure that is called the motorcar.” He said, “I think we could make one out of this material.” So I said okay. And in parallel to that, we had had a brief foray into building what was called the F-1, which is now an iconic car. Ojjeh sold a significant stake in the business to Dennis, and both business partners sold the watchmaker in 1999 to LVMH.[21][22]. I want him on my project because I am buying into some of the qualities and standards and aesthetics of the Getty Museum.” And he said, “Yeah, no problem.” So I said, “Okay.” And I met with several other architects. I never gave names to the companies; I just gave them designations in order to give the accolade of success to the sponsors. Look at this as our advertising budget. Ambitieux, Ron Dennis tente une nouvelle fois d'accéder à la Formule 1, et engage pour cela l'ingénieur britannique John Barnard, chargé de concevoir la première F1 de l'histoire en matériaux composites. You are constrained; you can’t multiply the number of teams. What is the greatest quality of any driver? Most people saw McLaren as just a Grand Prix team, but you saw this opportunity to create a diversified technology company. And the lead architect, in fact, on my project, has subsequently become the lead architect in the practice. In the course of the season Jessop was commissioned to design a Rondel F1 car but this was never run by the team because it closed down as a result of Motul cutting back on its racing activities after the 1973 Oil Crisis. That success continued in 1999 when Dennis sold 10% of his 40% share in the team to DaimlerChrysler AG. "Ronspeak" is the term coined for the style of speech used by Dennis, and has become a well-used phrase in the F1 paddock to describe sentences of unneeded complexity. In 1988 McLaren was supremely dominant, even when compared to the superiority it had experienced in 1984, taking 15 of the 16 races and taking 15 of the 16 pole positions, and both the drivers' and constructors titles with no real opposition. After Brabham retired from driving at the end of 1971 Dennis and a fellow Brabham mechanic Neil Trundle decided to start their own team.

And he was very religious — had strong beliefs. I never had anything to spend money on, but one thing I did always — I had great cars. And when they unwrapped the bandages of this person next to me, the operation had been unsuccessful.

One night, returning home late, he fell asleep at the wheel and collided with a lamppost. Affecté à la voiture du jeune espoir Jochen Rindt, il quitte Cooper pour Brabham en même temps que le pilote autrichien en 1968. Consulting with an American defense contractor, Dennis and Barnard proposed to build a car with a unified chassis and body made of carbon fiber.
I was dodging and ducking and, let’s say, the crosshairs didn’t fall that frequently. The new hire quickly drew the attention of the team’s owner and principal driver, Jack Brabham, and in 1968 Dennis became Jack Brabham’s chief mechanic. So, I think the biggest impact we had was on their cyclists and analyzing their cyclists. But he was concerned that I was taking too much risk all the time. It was for the first three years; he had forgotten a multiple of three.

Lisez le TOP 10 des citations de Ron Dennis pour mieux comprendre sa vie, ses actes et sa philosophie. On 1-6-1947 Ron Dennis (nickname: Ron ) was born in Woking, Surrey, England.

They just called me up, and they said, “The spot price has just gone through the floor…” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

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