Again doing everything he can to get in his head. 1. He can’t get anything going. Duran vs. Sugar Ray Leonard I (1980) 4 of 5 The first meeting between the pair of all-time greats took place in Montreal, the same city where Sugar Ray Leonard …

He over lunges late in the round and is teed off on by a Leonard left hook against the ropes which rocks his head back. The bout took place on June 20, 1980 at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Canada. The fight was held in an outdoor arena. Ray starts to mix in some of the taunting and trickery that caused Duran to unravel nine years earlier. The fight itself was exactly how Duran wanted it to be; an all-out war where both men planted their feet and traded.

Ray Leonard 146 lbs beat Roberto Duran 146 lbs by TKO at 2:44 in round 8 of 15. I keel your husband!'”. For one last time Sugar Ray Leonard gave the world Sugar Ray Leonard. The $630 million hotel and casino opened on November 22, 1989, and was the first new resort on the Las Vegas Strip in fifteen years. Cholo’s invective was directed towards Roger Leonard.”. It has been debated for years whether Duran actually said, “No Mas.” Duran has said he never said the words and blamed commentator Howard Cosell for coming up with it. He still looks really sharp, timing Duran and landing clean, crisp counters. Sugar Ray Leonard reflects on his rivalry with Roberto Duran and says that he never heard his opponent utter those infamous words that have gone on to become a part of boxing lore. The fight was shown live on closed circuit television at approximately 1,200 locations and on pay-per-view, which was available to an estimated 13 million homes in the United States. When they get in close now, he’s happy to take the fight to Duran there too, slinging away with hooks to the body and head on the inside. He knows that he can’t catch Leonard and all he can do is keep punching, but in punching, he’s missing so much. Duran is coming off a fantastic performance against Iran Barkley and I think that’s something people tend to forget when the look at this fight. Leonard addressed his first meeting with Duran and how surprised he was by Duran’s power. WBC welterweight champion Leonard was expected to meet Mexican champion Jose Isidro Ceuvas after defending his title in England against Davey ‘Boy’ Green in 1980. Leonard, Duran: They'll Fight but When?

"LEONARD-DURAN BOUT MAY BE BOXING'S RICHEST" By Lee Benson, "Leonard Wins With Unanimous 12-Round Decision" By Ed Schuyler Jr., Associated Press, December 8, 1989, "No mess for Leonard this time around" By Tim Dahlberg, Associated Press, December 8, 1989, "Leonard Sarisfied With Performance" By Ed Schuyler Jr., Associated Press, December 9, 1989, The ring looks huge. He hit me so hard so many times in so many places that I looked at him and said, ‘You know what?

But the crowd ate it up as the momentum continued to build for Leonard. Everything he’s done so far has worked. The bout, which was to take place a little over a month after its official announcement on June 20, would take place at Montreal's Olympic Stadium, the site where Leonard had captured the Olympic gold medal four years prior. But perhaps no rivalry has ever been as fascinating or as controversial as the three fights shared between Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard. Both men though are fighting within the Middleweight limit which should have also meant that Roberto’s WBC belt was in play too, but it hadn’t been factored into contract negotiations so a late change was made stipulating that it was only on the line for Duran and Leonard couldn’t win it.

“There was so much confusion in the ring that not a lot of people even saw it happen.”. [5], ^Note 1 For WBC, The Ring and lineal Welterweight titles, Remembering Sugar Ray Leonard-Roberto Duran I,án&oldid=985275830, Boxing matches involving Sugar Ray Leonard, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Durán defeats Leonard by unanimous decision, This page was last edited on 25 October 2020, at 01:06. It was my brother Roger that kept saying ‘Ray, he’s quitting!’ But I never thought that would happen. “He never said ‘No mas’ to me, but he told the referee ‘no more.’”. In that sense, maybe it was needed for that closure. DAZN uses cookies to help us deliver our services and improve your user experience. Duan: Ray is so confident going into the 11th. Using constant movement and counter-punching, Leonard dominated Duran, completely neutralizing Duran's offensive attack. (20:00)Find GG on Twitter at: John on Twitter at: channel: Facebook group: www.fightgamemedia.comWebsite Facebook page:…,, Content ©2008 - 2020 Fight Game Media All Rights Reserved. Duan: Ray was taking no chances in the final round with his eye as bad as it was. It was a way for him to lay the ghosts of No Mas to rest. [2] Five days later, the then-yet-to-be-opened Mirage was announced as the venue for the fight. Maybe that confidence turned into overconfidence though as he gets smashed with a huge right hook by Duran in one last show of defiance. His movement is frigid, his shots look slow and forced. He spent the entire round circling away, flicking out punches more as a deterrent than a weapon. Leonard and Durán agreed to a catch-weight of 162 pounds, between the middleweight limit of 160 pounds and the super middleweight limit of 168 pounds. Hearn: Joshua certain to fight Usyk if Fury deal falls through, Okolie vs Glowacki fight set for Joshua-Pulev undercard, Kambosos: I'm coming for the unified lightweight world title, Warren: Kabayel sent contract to fight Fury, Usyk outpoints Chisora; Kambosos Jr. beats Selby. “I knew that he hung out and partied quite a bit, like I did, but he gained so much weight, so I wanted the rematch ASAP,” Leonard said.

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