Substrate - (1) The composition of a streambed, including either mineral or organic materials. Loading - The influx of pollutants to a selected water body. Bar - an accumulation of alluvium (usually gravel or sand) caused by a decrease in sediment transport capacity on the inside of meander bends or in the center of an overwide channel. Once your bow is grabbed by the current, allow it to turn your kayak downstream. (3) The middle, chief, or deepest part of a navigable channel or waterway. Catchment - (1) the catching or collecting of water, especially rainfall.

Groundwater flow - Water that moves through the subsurface soil and rocks.

Dissolved gas concentrations - The amount of chemicals normally occurring as gases, such as nitrogen and oxygen, that are held in solution in water, expressed in units such as milligrams of the gas per liter of liquid. Top of bank - The break in slope between the bank and the surrounding terrain. If you can’t swim upstream against the flow, then you will be unable to swim out of the way of objects downstream (e.g. Instream use - Use of water that does not require diversion from its natural watercourse. See also salinity. COMPLEX SYSTEMS THINKING IN HEALTH PROMOTION AND PREVENTION. Mean annual discharge generally fills a channel to about one-third of its bank-full depth. Facilitating complex systems thinking in health promotion & prevention, Principal Consultant ~ Lori Baugh Littlejohns, BSW, MSc, PhD. Ditch - A long narrow trench or furrow dug in the ground, as for irrigation, drainage, or a boundary line. (2) Any complex of organisms in an environment considered as a unit for the purpose of study. Backwater pool - A pool that formed as a result of an obstruction like a large tree, weir, dam, or boulder. Evapotranspiration (ET) - The quantity of water transpired (given off), retained in plant tissues, and evaporated from plant tissues and surrounding plant surfaces. Dry wash - A streambed that carries water only during and immediately following rainstorms. Read full online at

Drainage basin - The total area of land from which water drains into a specific river. Groundwater table - The upper surface of the zone of saturation, except where the surface is formed by an impermeable body. Watershed restoration - Improving current conditions of watersheds to restore degraded habitat and provide long-term protection to aquatic and riparian resources. Stream gradient - A general slope or rate of change in vertical elevation per unit of horizontal distance of the bed, water surface, or energy grade of a stream. Weephole - Opening left in a revetment, bulkhead, or wall to allow groundwater drainage. Dissolved oxygen (DO) - The amount of free (not chemically combined) oxygen dissolved in water, wastewater, or other liquid, usually expressed in milligrams per liter, parts per million, or percent of saturation.

Water right - A legally protected right to take possession of water occurring in a natural waterway and to divert that water for beneficial use.

health promotion and prevention research, policy and practice. Fill - (1) (Geology) Any sediment deposited by any agent such as water so as to fill or partly fill a channel, valley, sink, or other depression. Overbank flow - Water flow over the top of the bankfull channel onto the floodplain. Weir - A structure to control water levels in a stream. Closed basin - A basin whose topography prevents surface outflow of water. Filter fabric - A polypropylene textile used to keep soil separate from water. Eutrophication - The process of enrichment of water bodies by nutrients and the subsequent depletion of dissolved oxygen it produces.. (2) A flow or flow regime needed to maintain ecological health in a river/stream.

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