It may also be practical to set the tree near electrical outlets to avoid unsightly extension cords. Discover the latest holiday products and decorating styles. Perfect for public places or rooms with high ceilings.

Before purchasing a new Christmas tree, measure the selected space to ensure the tree will fit properly. With this technology, all the lighting wires are built directly into the center pole or "tree trunk", which eliminates the need for multiple sockets. For a touch of elegance, opt for ornaments with jewel tone colors, such as ruby red, emerald green, and sapphire blue.

Wireless, battery-operated LED lights with convenient timer.

Ideal accents for mantels, doorways, and banisters. Then remove the storage bag, lock the wheels, and plug in the lights to ensure they are all working. Fluff and shape the branches, making sure to lift and separate the inner branches to hide the trunk and make the tree look full.

For 60 years National Tree Company has been a leading importer and wholesaler of artificial Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands as well as holiday decorations and fiber optics products. Ensure that the tree is bare of any ornaments before stringing the lights. Insert the bottom section of the tree into the base then tighten the eyebolt completely. Place one foot on the horizontal bar on the stand to steady the tree while flipping. With the hinged branches folded up and tied with a ribbon, take the bottom section of the tree and place the pole into the tree stand.

Ideal for entryways, small spaces, and narrow doors.

Perfect for public places or rooms with high ceilings. Beautiful, pre-decorated foliage that adds sophisticated elegance to your home. Don't insert the next section until you've properly fluffed the one before it. Medium sized wreaths for standard single doors. Perfect to showcase in homes with high ceilings for a grand display. For pre-lit trees, it's best to shape the tree with its lights switched on to see if they're evenly distributed. You can place towels or a blanket under the tree when handling delicate or fragile items. Use the size chart below as a guide: Whatever the height of the tree, it is advisable to allow at least 5 inches gap between the tip of the topper and the ceiling. Our energy-efficient Candlelight™ LED lights with a warm glow reminiscent of a candle's flame. Begin at the bottom of the tree. Check each bulb in the unlit section and replace any missing or broken bulbs. Use your own special lights on these unlit trees. 2.

When you're done with the first layer of branches, untie the next one and repeat steps 1 to 4. Does anybody have assembly instruction for a Puleo Tree Co. 7.5 foot grenada tree from Lowes? If there are cracked or missing bulbs, replace them by following the tree manufacturer's instructions for that particular make and model.

I seethe feel. As the Oldest Name for Christmas Trees in America, Puleo International, Inc. takes great pride in the quality of its products and service.

Realistic, affordable trees using a mix of True Needle™ foliage & Classic PVC needles. Another great feature of Balsam Hill's Instant Evergreen trees is its unique memory wire branches.

Balsam Hill’s pre-lit trees are available in 2 light assembly types: Easy Plug™ trees (including Flip™ and Instant Evergreen™) and traditionally-lit trees. Add your own lights or leave your foliage unlit and elegant.

Insert the bottom section into the stand. Locate the fuse compartment for the light string.

Larger wreaths for mantels and larger doors. Most stands of these types come fully assembled.

Realistic, affordable trees using a mix of True Needle™ foliage & Classic PVC needles.

The flange is the circular piece of metal that goes between the eye bolt and the hole of the base. If a stand becomes wobbly or damaged from normal use, check the tree's warranty to see if the stand can be replaced. Warm your home with the festive glow of multicolored lights.

Like the standard tree, it's recommended to fluff and shape the branches first before placing the next section.

Contact Puleo International Your customer service needs are important to us at Puleo International.

Designed for homes with low to average ceiling heights.

Locate the flip path indicator arrow on the top of the flip pole to figure out which direction the tree flips, and clear the flip path by pushing the branches left or right of the tree trunk for the entire length of the tree base. Repeat all the previous steps for all the remaining sections, stopping every now and then to check the tree from a distance.

The latest models now mimic the candlelit radiance similar to incandescent bulbs. 6. To make sure that there are no gaps, start from the inner branches that are closest to the trunk.

If you have a pre-lit tree, plug in the lights to make sure all the bulbs are working and evenly spaced.

Ideal accents for mantels, doorways, and banisters. For lighted trees, make sure that the lights are evenly distributed. Balsam Hill's line of Instant Evergreen™trees, including the Balsam Hill Centennial Fir Instant Evergreen, features a recent innovation called Easy Plug™. 6. 3. I am Switching ordered White area. If your tree has a remote, remove the plastic insert from the battery compartment of the remote control and choose "Clear," "Multi," or "Both" to light the tree. Open up the hinged branches on the bottom section and start to shape the branches. Learn how to properly assemble your tree and turn it into the ultimate Christmas showpiece. Puleo Christmas trees are hand-crafted using only the highest quality materials to achieve an incredibly realistic appearance.

From the top of the tree, wrap the light strands around the branches near the trunk.

Puleo asia limited christmas tree instructions Get file - Puleo asia limited christmas tree instructions Every budget I have ever made for uses Visualexclusively. Gently nudge each bulb very slightly to identify if a bulb wire is slightly misaligned in the socket. For one-piece tree stands, such as Balsam Hill's, pull apart the legs until they are X-shaped.

Each bulb must be properly in its socket to ensure a good connection.

Having a color theme helps give a Christmas tree a well-planned and harmonious look. Lights on our EASY PLUG™ models are automatically connected inside the trunk, whereas traditional pre-lit trees have light strings that are manually connected from end-to-end outside the tree. Focus on one solid color in varying tones. The tips farthest from the center poles should be angled diagonally away from the branch. An elegant solution to small spaces, studios & small apartments. Replace blown fuses with the type recommended by the tree's manufacturer. If your tree has a remote, remove the plastic insert from the battery compartment of the remote control and choose "Clear," "Multi," or "Both" to light the tree.

Unless a Christmas tree is fitted with a rolling stand, it's always advisable to assemble a tree at the exact spot where it will be displayed. Ideal for entryways, small spaces, and narrow doors. Ribbon tree toppers are light and easy to attach as it has a wire that wraps easily around the top branch.

The only plug to be touched is the one to be plugged into the wall. Consider the possibility of rearranging furniture to accommodate the tree. They represent life, hope, and family traditions. Organic silhouettes ideal for showcasing your ornaments. Identify the color-coded plugs and sockets on each tree section.

4. Organic silhouettes ideal for showcasing your ornaments. Once the pole is fully inserted, tighten the eye bolt to secure and center it. The fastest and easiest way to fulfill your customer service needs is to use the replacement parts section of this website. In older trees, the master bulb cannot be replaced, making it necessary to replace the entire strand. * Shipping outside the contiguous US will incur additional shipping fees. Our trees come in a wide range of shapes, styles and sizes – both lit and unlit – many with available matching wreaths, garlands and assorted greenery. Perfect for tabletops and secondary rooms.

I just bought the last one it was a floor sample with no box or instructions… The bulbs will automatically light up as the poles connect to each other. Please refer to our detailed shaping instructions HERE to attain the fullest and most realistic look.

Next, align the holes in the base and the flange, then screw the eye bolt through the flange.

Our premium energy–saving multicolored LED lights that never burn out. 2. It's recommended to start decorating from the top of the tree and working towards the bottom. Our most slender trees for tight spaces, corners & foyers. Plug the cord leading from the receiver box near the tree base into an electrical wall outlet.
Don't hesitate to reshape branches to make room for the balls.

Puleo is The Oldest Family Name for Christmas Trees in America and our trees will bring joy and holiday spirit year after year. 4.

Separate the individual tips from the main branch and spread them out and away from the center of the tree.When properly fluffed, these inner tips should resemble a peacock's fanned tail and will hide the trunk. Find a spot where the tree can be seen from multiple vantage points and not just from one position.

Ornaments, Skirts, Collars, Toppers, Picks... Tabletop Trees, Candles, Lanterns, Scents... Tree stand with eyebolt (for non-Flip™ trees), Numbered tree sections (Section 1 is the tree base), Replacement bulbs/fuses for pre-lit trees, Control box & remote control (for Color + Clear™ and select Flip™ trees). With lighted trees, you only need to connect the plugs into their respective sockets. Incredibly realistic trees using primarily our True Needle™ award–winning foliage. Heirloom or inherited ornaments are perfect for this theme.
If the section has three layers, fold up the two layers and tie a ribbon around them.

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