Eel and Woozy set up a detective agency in New York City and go on to have various misadventures together. DCeased: Dead Planet takes place five years after a viral version of the Anti-Life Equation is released on Earth and infects humans and superheroes alike. Ultimately, Eel was the driving force behind the other transformed Leaguers banding together to re-join with their superheroic selves, noting that Bruce Wayne in particular was approaching a mental breakdown as he struggled with his rage over his parents' murder – having lacked the ability to do anything about it, as Batman was the identity that had 'inherited' his skills. This article suffers from a lack of quality writing. Size Alteration: He can shrink himself down to a few inches tall (posed as one of Batman's utility belt pockets) or become taller and larger than a skyscraper. During the gang's escape, Eel was shot in the shoulder and doused with a large drum of unidentified chemical liquid. Whatever shape he took, the colors remained the same, so there would be a red-and-yellow chandelier over a table full of plotting gangsters, or a red-and-yellow abstract painting hanging on the wall, but the villains never caught on until it was too late. Orphaned at age 10 and forced to live on the streets, he fell into a life of crime.
[22] During Blackest Night his heart is ripped out by a resurrected Vibe when the Black Lantern Corps rises. He was only capable of returning to his usual form after the rest of the League were able to gather enough of his molecules and restore approximately 80% of his body mass, after which he began to regenerate the remaining 20% on his own. The April 19, 1999, issue of The New Yorker features Plastic Man on the cover gawking at a Picasso painting. This act of faith and kindness—combined with the realization that his gang had left him to be captured without a moment's hesitation—fanned Eel's longstanding dissatisfaction with his criminal life and his desire to reform. [17] Huntress attempts to stop them, but they succeed in stealing the Heart of Darkness. [4] Later, Plastic Man approaches Batman for help when he learns that Eel's estranged ten-year-old son Luke has fallen in with a gang of criminals, and has inherited his father's shape-shifting abilities, possibly to an even greater degree than Plastic Man's own. Superhuman Agility: These stretching powers grant Plastic Man agility, flexibility, and coordination far beyond the natural limits of the human body. Eel and Woozy decided to work together and capitalize on Eel's new powers to make their fortunes (Eel wanting to get rich quick, Woozy just wanting his "old room" back), but couldn't decide whether there was more money in crime or crime-fighting, and resorted to flipping a coin to choose serving the law (though Woozy had his doubts early on). Although he began his life as a criminal, Plastic Man's origin is a classic story of redemption, and he is one of the first heroes who began life as a villain. At the request of President Franklin Roosevelt, Plastic Man helped bring together the All-Star Squadron, aided them in stopping Per Degaton's plan to force America to fight the war on a third front, and on one occasion impersonated Roosevelt himself to foil a Nazi assassination plot. [15] He is gathered with her other converts Dove and the Creeper around the corpse of Alex Montez for a ceremony. 3, #34 written by R.J. Carter. This issue ran a biography of Jack Cole by Art Spiegelman, which two years later would comprise much of the text in his and Chip Kidd's book Jack Cole and Plastic Man: Forms Stretched to Their Limits. After defeating the rogue Martian Manhunter, was over, O'Brian started a new life balancing his hero life and his family life. Patrick O'Brian [8], During a massive battle at the Justice League Satellite in Justice League: Cry for Justice, Prometheus injected Plastic Man with a chemical that badly damaged his plastic body. DC Database:Comic Template Month and Year.default, Appearances of Patrick O'Brian (New Earth), Images featuring Patrick O'Brian (New Earth), Quotations by or about Patrick O'Brian (New Earth), Character Gallery: Patrick O'Brian (New Earth),, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, Plastic Man is almost never seen without his trademark goggles on.

The Leagues combines forces to remove the mask, which is incinerated, seemingly killing Plastic Man. Though they experience some control issues between them, the Royal Flush Gang is defeated and Plastic Man and Dr. Light finally stop arguing. When not writing, you can hear Scott on the Kirby's Kids podcast. The character wears a white costume with red goggles, similar to that of Offspring, Plastic Man's son in the earlier 1999 DC miniseries The Kingdom by Mark Waid. He is seen among the gathered super-heroes at Congress after Lara Lane-Kent delivers a speech to them, mingling among the heroes and politicians in the continuity where Lois didn't die. After a few more cases, Plastic Man is present at the memorial service held after this incarnation of the Justice League officially disbands during the Infinite Crisis storyline. Following the Terribles' defeat and imprisonment, the Terrifics officially reunite as a team, with Luke, Element Dog, and Miss Terrifics joining the roster. He awoke to find himself in a bed in a mountain retreat, being tended to by a monk who had discovered him unconscious that morning. In the aftermath of the Justice League story Arc "Obsidian Age", Plastic Man was discovered to have survived for 3,000 years scattered into separate, individual molecules on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean without decaying or being otherwise affected at all.

[8] He is present when Lex Luthor causes the mass slaughter of Everyman Project participants, and shows pride for his son Offspring who saved over twenty people's lives. This return to normalcy was made easier after a new encounter with his now-teenage son, which made Eel feel that the boy needed a father and a normal life.

After the four of them make it back to their world, Mister Terrific tries to leave the three of them at Simon Stagg's compound only to be drawn back to them. In the alternate timeline of the Flashpoint event, Eel O'Brian is a villain. Shape-Shifting: He can contort his body into various positions and sizes impossible for ordinary humans, such as being entirely flat so that he can slip under a door or using his fingers to pick conventional locks.

One of Quality Comics' signature characters during the Golden Age of Comic Books, Plastic Man can stretch his body into any imaginable form, for example a ball or a car, etc. This was the first time he had experienced mentorship from a positive male role model: "Eel" grew up with an abusive father[3] who abandoned him at a Catholic nunnery. In this series, Plastic Man gets a girlfriend (FBI Special Agent Morgan, later revealed as the surgically-altered fiancee who Plas' alter ego had left in the 1940s), and adopts a Goth teenage daughter, Edwina. Batman and Firestorm found him and helped him complete the process. Plastic Man is mentioned by Sal Paradyse in Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier. As an adult, he became part of a burglary ring, specializing as a safecracker.

In addition, he can alter his bodily mass and physical constitution at will, creating virtually no limit to the sizes and shapes he can contort himself into. Origin Height When he awoke, Eel found that his flesh was elastic, and he had no control over it, morphing into strange and frightful forms. After the extended League dissolves at the end of the "World War III" arc in DC's 2006 weekly series 52 he is the only member other than the 'Big Seven' heroes (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern) to retain full-time membership in the JLA. Copy Edit Needed Eel went to a bridge to commit suicide, but he is stopped by Woozy Winks, a former Arkham Asylum inmate. Thanks to his fluid state, Plastic Man can open holes in his body and turn himself into objects with mobile parts. Malleable Physiology: Plastic Man's powers are derived from an accident in which his body was bathed in an unknown industrial chemical mixture that also entered into his bloodstream through a gunshot wound. The character starred in his own Saturday morning cartoon titled The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show from 1979 to 1981 and was also a recurring character on Batman: The Brave and the Bold from 2008 to 2011.

Plas and Luke, now suited up in his Offspring look, work together to take down a vampiric version of Plastic Man from another dimension. Is time out of step? He is resistant to high velocity impacts that would kill an ordinary person, resistant to blasts from energy weapons (Batman once mentioned that he could presumably even withstand a nuclear detonation), and is bulletproof. This power was eventually removed from the character and Woozy became simply a bumbling yet loyal friend to Plastic Man.

His body now had all of the properties of rubber, allowing him to stretch, bounce and mold himself into any shape.

In the very first issue, the Freedom Fighters are ambushed and killed by the PlaSStic Men.

Telepathic Immunity: As stated by Batman (in JLA #88, Dec. 2003), "Plastic Man's mind is no longer organic. During a late-night heist at the Crawford Chemical Works, he and his three fellow gang members were surprised by a night watchman. The Nazis captured Plastic Man, extracted his DNA, and created an entire team of special agents called the "PlaSStic Men." He had been seemingly cured of his condition, and was shown retaining his normal shape without issue or pain. He notably engages in combat with the goddess Circe, proving immune to her magical ability to turn humans into animals. After joining up with the team following the events of Final Crisis, Plastic Man has his effectiveness questioned by his teammate Dr. Light, which starts a fight between the two, which Vixen breaks up.
Plastic Man Plastic Man was made a prominent member of the Justice League during Grant Morrison's run on the title. In Dark Days: The Forge, Batman unveils a containment unit to Mister Terrific in The Lunar Batcave bearing the Plastic Man logo and suggests it is time to release him.


Invulnerability: Plastic Man's powers extraordinarily augment his durability. Hair Eel exists in a fluid state, neither entirely liquid nor solid. Plastic Man has complete control over his structure. The Punisher Thanos Funko POP!

This seemingly kills him. Eel was at first oblivious to the changes to his body, but after realizing that he was the monster at large, he used his new abilities to escape his pursuers. 6' 1" During the robbery of a chemical plant, Eel and his crew were surprised by a night watchman. While Eel and the others fled, he was shot by a cop and exposed to an unknown acid. [20], Martian Manhunter is murdered by Libra and the Secret Society of Super-Villains during Final Crisis.

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