Continually reviewing the fundamentals is so important. Remember if you …

Yes, thanks. Thanks for the video Fran, keep them coming please. Yes thank you for making this boxing Skills available without signing up at a boxing club/gym, etc. You demonstrate this well. The 1232 combo is the first boxing combo you would learn after the basic 12 punch. And I can keep up with the younger guys as far as Boxing skills, techniques, and action go (touch wood). 2 0 obj You’re not quite sure how to come up with your own, and you end up like a scratched CD repeating the same combos your coach demonstrated. Those simple variations, along with doubled-up shots and variation in rhythm, can make a remarkable difference. want to quit. included), 15 Ways to Enhance MMA Recovery (1 Amazing Free Hack), Creatine & creatinine – an overview (2020), Functions of Carbohydrates in Exercise at Different Intensities, Sports Nutrition starts with Healthy Nutrition, Sports Nutrition for Soccer / Football ebook pdf, Anderson Silva – Fighting with his hands down, How to do a Roundhouse Kick (2020 Update) Muay Thai & MMA, How to Fight a Taller Opponent (Muay Thai & MMA), The 8 Most Inspirational Pictures of All Time, Why the ‘Fitness’ Industry is full of helmets, The Chimp Paradox – Motivation for ‘Getting into Shape’, Firas Zahabi Massage Machine – See Joe Rogan’s Review, Kangrui leather boxing ball Review (2018), Creatine for BJJ & MMA – Science Explained (FAQ Format), EVLUTION Trans4orm Review (Scientific Run Down), Whey Protein Good or Bad? Only two comments, firstly, I never used to have much regard for what I think we call the jab hand, quick flick (ie, little weight behind it). better boxers who can only defend and use hard fast jab.any tips on taking advantage of this?mant thanks,david,age 49. You are most welcome sir. have to say, it’s easier when nobody is punching back! ���D�Ǭd�#�TBM�T�@P�3!Gö�Ȕ{��T�x�m���B�@�N�8�J.d�W��Җ��ˢK%r��m�"�H]u���6�A�� ��*� `���Z L�y�X'��";��`m��{Z�@����x8��|�N����3(=���dm� Do you actually need to duck slightly to get the upward trajectory of the left or right fists? It can vary. �ܵ��PSZ�v��t�N��5fǏ��O�� !�����{*QC������� ��6b ���r��t�s���m���^���Sm�cI-�����3{=A) lJ�58�C�'�����%K8�T^pO�ԑ�ug*;ʯm��4py��x�7��$хĝ?����%�� ��x��hx)��y7�����K����9�? You really need to get back into full training before you cease up altogether and somebody has to phone an ambulance .

The combos presented in this article are the combos you should be spending most of your time on. Alternatively, view the playlist on YouTube. They just come out as lame jabs. This is also a coordination drill as many do struggle with what seems to be such a simple movement. On a final note then, I assume from what you say that the Hagler combo that you analyse on the site would definitely be something ‘pre planned’ or at least something he would work on in sparring should the opportunity arise to use it in a fight? You’really not looking to hurt big, just keep them on their toes. Thanks again for the videos, the tips and your time! Eligibility of the Coach and/or Second(as per USA Boxing Technical Rules) • Only USA Boxing certified Coaches can work as Seconds in all USA Boxing Competitions. endstream endobj 85 0 obj <>stream Ali was a magician with this kind of shot. Maybe a little physical exaggeration. But probably should be restricted to an experienced boxer. Punch through, punch around, make him doubt his defence by probing it and pressuring it from many angles. _�#u7�X����_��vd�_O4E��)ٯ�_�Bև�_B��;�^���y�9�@5�He )L����@mlmx1�6��a�/]�mQ�78O��) ������$4 ��y��W����WH�9�G�8�~��_��%0�и�ݫ��Йa��`� Thanks then run forward to the right to their new partner ready for the next combination.

The sweat pours off. I love the one-two.

Sounds like you’re enjoying the boxing club. H�D�;�\1D�W�=� It teaches you how to transfer your body weight and flow with your punches, linking them together. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Thank you for the comment.

You are welcome Francesco. The first combo – the 23,23,23 teaches you how to transfer your weight with hooks. Different punch variations, and techniques both for boxing fitness and competition. Break it up and put another 2-shot combo after it . Thanks very much Paul. 4 0 obj Yeah I think so. Those shirts are a rare commodity, I refuse to allow any to be produced that will fit you lean-muscled types! Keep up the good work. I see you put plenty on the jab and that it’s not “wasted”! I have saved a lot of old fights from your site and always learning from them, Thank you.

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