It is revealed that Kote is actually the renowned Kvothe: an unequaled sword fighter, magician, and musician, rumored to have killed a king - earning the title Kingkiller - and caused the present war in which the civilized world is embroiled. It was published on March 27, 2007, by DAW Books. In the Tabletop games "King of Tokyo" and "King of New York", the Draccus from "The Name of the Wind" is a playable monster that was released as a special promotional character at GenCon. My name is Kvothe. Its mostly written from the perspective of the main character recounting his life to a scribe, so you will find yourself often wondering what is real, and what is tainted by the perspective of the person recounting his life.

I'll review the book on goodreads... Found the book engaging from the very beginning. Finished it much faster than I thought I would have. In the inn at the present day, a mercenary possessed by a supposed skin dancer attacks the patrons and kills one of them. Please try again. Looking forward to the release of the last book. He threatens Chronicler to focus Kote on the more heroic aspects of his story in the hope that he will abandon his apathy and return to his former heroic self. There are so many twists and turns, and emotional ups and downs, that I was a wreck by the time I reached the last page. Before Kvothe can ask more, the storyteller is arrested by the dominant Church on charges of heresy. It was published on March 27, 2007, by DAW Books. The traumatized Kvothe, alive but alone, spends three years in the slums of the city of Tarbean as a beggar and pickpocket. Book came in excellent (new) quality, it's just every now and then there is a mark on the pages where ink was left out. Fantastic read.

As the novel begins, the reader hears an old storyteller speaking of a famous old wizard called Taborlin the Great, who was captured by evil beings called the Chandrian. The story telling device works well here occasionally reverting to the 'present'. It is the first book in the ongoing fantasy trilogy The Kingkiller Chronicle, followed by The Wise Man’s Fear. 14,99 € The Slow Regard of Silent Things: A Kingkiller Chronicle Novella (Kingkiller Chronicle 3) Patrick Rothfuss. Truly a work of genius in so many different ways; it is not only a brilliant, epic fantasy, it also questions the nature of stories and story-telling, human nature, political and social hierarchies, and many other things. [2] A sequel entitled The Wise Man's Fear was released on March 1, 2011 by DAW Books. The Name of the Wind is the first of three novels in The Kingkiller Chronicle series by American author Patrick Rothfuss.

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