The publication of the name, photograph or likeness of any person within this this site in no way implies anything about his/her sexual orientation or sexual preference. Forty-five candidates are running for One Nation at the March 11 poll. Access to your Personal Information is restricted to employees who need it to provide benefits or services to you. We use third party social media and applications provided by the following third party organisations to engage with you: Google – to track and analyse the number of visitors and their use of our website; Facebook – to inform you of news, updates, photos, other links and videos; YouTube – a video publisher and social interaction tool; Twitter – to inform you of news and updates. Permission to reprint should be sought via the Editor. Archibald claims that allowing couples who are not focused on procreating to marry would lead to the institution of marriage being devalued and an increasing number of divorces and abandoned children. Recent polls have indicated that the party could attract up to 11% of the primary vote and they may control the balance of power in the state’s upper house. And I presume it's the fact that he has previously been in the spotlight (with his bodybuilding) that means that, unlike every One Nation candidate we have seen, he can open his mouth and not come across as a gibbering fuckwad. Archibald said he believed that same sex attracted people are “born that way”, noting research suggesting that gay men have longer index fingers, and lesbians have shorter than average index fingers. “It is not about a pair of homosexuals being able to look gooey-eyed at each other, it is about undermining civilisation and making our culture more like African-American culture with its 70% illegitimacy rate.”.

The term "Personal Information" in this privacy policy means any information from which your identity is apparent or can be reasonably ascertained. Box 69, Gosnells, 6990. Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John fears he is in danger of losing his seat to One Nation as a result of the draw on Wednesday. We may use and publish information you disclose through social media on our website. Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

© Copyright 2018 - Privacy Policy - Authorised by M Pucci, 2/38 Hudson Rd, Albion QLD 4010 for Pauline Hanson's One Nation Political Party Meanwhile, the Liberal party is third, the Greens WA are fourth, Labor is seventh and The Nationals are 21st on the list out of 23 groups and five individuals. A One Nation candidate who isn't a total fuckup. While another candidate Andy Semple stood down after concern was raised about anti-LGBT comments on his Twitter account. Opinions expressed in columns or articles are those of the author/s and do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher. Shan Ju Lin was dis-endorsed by the party after she made a series of comments about LGBTI+ people. When you go to other websites from the Pauline Hanson’s One Nation site, we advise you to be aware and read their privacy policy. Pauline Hanson’s One Nation employees are trained and versed about the importance of confidentiality and maintaining the privacy and security of your information. Southern River candidate: Homosexuals are broken, degenerate and unproductive.

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