Added German language. Besides, we have successful experience in contributing to the open-source core. There were many problems of compatibility of plug-ins with old versions and the most stupid admin panel. You can download lame bootstrap theme, or buy $100 theme with one example of our filter plugin usage (not confirmed, I will not be surprised if not).

I have insert the code for displaying product list but it doesn't display my products is there any configuration I need to setup?

Refactoring *Store, *Item, *Collection classes.

on Added annotations for integration with Digital product for Shopaholic plugin. And we will provide for free the full package of required modules for those who will be ready to arrange an honest and transparent comparison of it with other competitive systems.

This is a guest post from our friends, the Shopaholic e-commerce platform. His donation made this feature available for everyone. Summing up, communication is the best way to solve issues!

Get collection of products, apply filter by flag "active" and category ID + Pagination component. on on 22/1/18. Added "deactivate" fields to config of XmlImportSettings model. Hi, demo site not opening please check!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 Dec, 2019.

I also set to active all my products. 11 May, 2018. The core plugin is provided free of charge and includes the following set of features: The core plugin is provided free of charge and includes the following set of features: I’ll talk at the end of the presentation about what I think is the future of open source in 3.0 and point out some of the interesting innovations that are currently happening on both the technological and business side. Found the plugin useful As an environment for a testing measurements was used simple Digital Ocean droplet with this configuration: If you would like to know how our plugins perform with large catalogs of products, you can visit our Large Catalog Live Demo that has 21 000 products, 68 000 offers and 210 000 variations of property values.

The core plugin is provided free of charge and includes the following set of features: In order to cater to the growing scalability demands of a project, the ecosystem provides extra plugins to extend the basic functionality.

I use it on a couple of sites and I glad to work with this suite. Interkassa payment gateway integration for Shopaholic. The component allows to work with BrandCollection class objects. Mighty SEO - 15$ Hope they'll hire more people some day). Add integration with "Reviews for Shopaholic" plugin, Add integration with "Popularity for Shopaholic" and "Tags for Shopaholic" plugins. 7 Apr, 2020, Thx for your positive review!
Removed deleted offers from sorting by price. Best Games.

4 May, 2020. The author below doesn't know what he's talking about.

Also import feature is very questionable.

Comprehensive documentation to help you get started on your project. !!! Free Laravel-based e-commerce platform with a large set of extensions - Shopaholic e-commerce platform #1 for October CMS (Laravel) 24 Oct, 2019. We strongly recommend Shopaholic to use for your next e-commerce project on October CMS! on !!!

Data import (product, offers, categories, brands) from a CSV/XML file. Helpers for faster development: pagination rendering, objects and lists caching, UI strings for using in third... A collection of all free Shopaholic plugins, The ready-made online athletic shoe store, Allows customres to filter products by price, properties, discount, quantity, Allows sellers to set additional properties to products and offers, Allows customers to purchase products using the cart, Adds intergation with ignited/laravel-omnipay package, Allows sellers to set the popularity index to products and allows customers to sort products by popularity, E-Commerce, Marketing, Allows customers to write product reviews and sort products by rating, Allows sellers to make relations between products, Shopaholic E-Commerce extension: allows to create accessories for products, Allows customers to search products, categories, brands and tags, Allows customers to search products, categories, brands and tags with Sphinx search engine, Allows customers to compare products features, Allows customers to view the history of viewed products, Allows customers to buy products using PayPal payment gateway, Allow you to get feedback, orders, requests from users of the site and notify you by email, Content, Social, Allows sellers to sell products with discounts, Allows sellers to sell products with discounted price using coupons, Allows customers to add products to their wish list, Adds possibility to pay for orders using Stripe, Allows sellers to mark products with custom labels.

Using the Laravel’s CLI is the fastest way to get started. We believe low-budget projects should use ready-made solutions such as Sneakers Shop for Shopaholic Bundle. We're always open to new ideas and ready to help with it! Could you please explain (update your review) which advantages of using Shopaholic do you like the most? Thanks for contribution Gerald.

Replied Well, ***k you!

Found the plugin useful Add new store classes.

on Get array with available sorting keys (see). 6 Mar, 2018.

We intentionally didn't include the views in the core.
Customizable and mobile-friendly e-commerce theme for Shopaholic designed especially for an online shoe store. Please, follow this direct link.

Headless e-commerce, you know! Support the author with a PayPal donation.

As well we plan to publish a demo site with a large number of examples until the spring.

Requires Toolbox plugin version 1.10.0 and later. One of the greatest plugins here. We know it.

on Found the plugin useful

Every single thing has its own pros and cons.

:), Replied So feel free to develop your plugins for the ecosystem. Thank you for using Shopaholic and for such high praise!

I fully agree that there is bad documentation, but there is hope that it will be, since it appeared

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