Still, it’s tough for me to square with Dana’s suggestion that Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, a gruesome parable about frontier justice that’s currently shit-storming its way across the country in glorious 70mm, might be “evil.” Tarantino is, at heart, a moralist. Not because he foolishly slagged “these Cate Blanchett movies” in his bananas New York interview, or because he’s made at least three different films about righteously strong women, but because he seems to be going out of his way to pen historical revenge fantasies for groups to which he doesn’t himself belong. The story starts with twelve year old Carol Smith witnesssing the collapse of her parents' marriage. On the bright side, while only 6.4 percent of films are directed by women, 12 percent of the films on my top 25 (video above) were directed by women.

Years have passed and we rejoin Carol, now a beautiful, self-contained seventeen year old young woman, who lives with bed-ridden mother, younger siblings Nick and Jiji and loyal servant, Ester, in a comfortable suburban home. } Not only does Billy text way too much, but he also asks way too many personal questions. Inevitably, this brings me back to something Dana said, something that bobbles to mind whenever I think about the best films of 2015: Despite the fact that the majority of the year’s best films were aboutwomen, very few of them were actually directed by women. It seems we’re infatuated with the relationship between the message and the messenger.

The film culminates as Carol, near mental collapse, is kidnapped by Albert and calls in the help of her friend Claire and explodes into a bitter climaz in a church bell-tower with the excorcism of the mother's spirit out of Carol's bodyn and it's entering into Claire's, who turns out to be a men and the real killer. As I watched the film, Amy’s and Dana’s first Movie Club emails fresh in my mind, I couldn’t help but think of this Guardian article about how male critics were to blame for The Intern’s mere 60 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Amy, I am in the exact (if not polar) opposite of a Cartagena mud bath: my parents’ dining room, which is located in a dreary land that the natives refer to as “Connecticut” (and that non-natives don’t really refer to at all).

As the meeting between Carol and her mother generates into heated and screaming match, Claire urges Carol to find a new job and put her mother in a "home for the aged", which Carol strongly objected. Casey of homicide listed her as one of the suspects. We need female critics because it’s genuinely insane to discount the opinions of half the population, as genuinely insane as it is not to represent them on screen or have their voices heard from behind the camera. And you'll never see this message again. I’ve spent the last 31 years honing my apathy toward George Lucas’ culturally encompassing space opera, but I had no idea just how indifferent I could be to that galaxy far, far away until my dad died three days after the release of the franchise’s newest installment.
/* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */, Aside Her mother crazed with jealous rage, berates her weak, philandering father who subsequently abandons them resulting to her mother’s nervous breakdown. Will Carol survive the battle of the evil forces that are controlling her nightmare world? Ever since the meeting, Billy texts Carol way too much. Carol is working cladestinely as a dancer-hostess at Club andros- an unexpected job for a bright and talented university student. An urban fairytale with all the weight and believability of Supreme Leader Snoke, The Intern went over about as well as a screening of El Norte at a Donald Trump rally. margin-top: 10px; Rallying around The Intern during a year that included Mustang, Girlhood, or even the comparatively limp Diary of a Teenage Girl is like using Ben Carson as proof that we need more black politicians during Obama’s badass second term. In Todd Haynes’ unspeakably beautiful adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s semi-autobiographical novel about a 1950s Manhattan shopgirl (Rooney Mara) who is thunderstruck by a mutual infatuation with a well-to-do housewife (Cate Blanchett), the film illustrates—among other things—how falling in love is an act of looking, while being in love is an act of seeing. Plot Keywords Bill gets Killed.

Carol’s co workers, Pia, Lorna and Myrna often accompany her at “Claire’s Place” after work, and a close-in friendship has developed between them and Claire, the owner of the place. I couldn’t agree more with that Guardian article’s ultimate point: “Giving voice to more women in the film industry doesn’t simply mean more female directors and writers, but critics too.” Amen. A New York suburban couple's marriage goes dangerously awry … The femme twist on the Disney Dad trope was appreciated by all—especially my sister, a hard-working lawyer who’s pregnant with her second child—but that only got us so far. The death of Pia, brutally slashed into recognizable pulp in an alley near Carol's house, further heightens her trouble. There’s a reason that Samuel L. Jackson survives Pulp Fiction, but John Travolta doesn’t. In this modern-day spin on "A Christmas Carol," ruthless tycoon Carol Huffman is visited by the ghost of her old boss on Christmas Eve to help her change her heartless ways. #gallery-3-1 .gallery-caption { Never has that seemed more urgent than now, when—contrary to what’s implied by that weirdly myopicGuardian thing—so many of 2015’s best (and best-reviewed) films were about women. | Even our dog was slumped over in a heap on the floor. What short names you have—all the better to write you with. Oh wait, that’s right: CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROLCAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROLCAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROL CAROLCAROL. The plot takes a twist when Myrna was killed inside a motel and the unsuspected killer, Albert Croft, goes on the run. But does it matter that so many of these stories about women were directed by men?

To get each new entry in this year’s Slate Movie Club in your inbox, enter your email address below: You’ve run out of free articles. And while the franchise-obsessed movie industry covets young male audiences above all else, it can no longer ignore female moviegoers — who account for … Hi Amy! I’m no one.” I mean, there’s keeping a lid on your mystery box, and then there’s just false advertising.

float: left; The years passed and we rejoin Carol, now a beautiful, self-contained seventeen-year-old young woman. Traces of this trend can be found in Kill Bill, but it truly took root with Inglourious Basterds, in which Tarantino giddily allowed a squad of Jewish assassins to murder Hitler with great vengeance and furious anger.

I’m just glad that I can watch it in GIF form.

One thing is strange though, as she is the only one who can visit her mother’s room.

So, Mr. Harris, I turn it over to you.

} The story takes a twist when Claire exposed who she really is by admitting that he is a man and the real killer and the bitter climax explodes in a church bell tower with Carol’s body being possessed by the mother’s spirit threw out Claire out of the bell tower window and plunges into his death hundreds of feet below. Be the first to contribute! And let me tell you, this is truly the place to go if you’re looking to escape the imperial pull of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The story starts with twelve year old Carol Smith, witnessing then collapse of her parent’s marriage. When my family gathered in the living room the other night for some desperately needed escapism, I chose the latest Nancy Meyers joint, figuring it’d be slightly more diverting than, say, The Revenant. We realize only at the end of the movie that we have seen is partially a "psycho-dream" in Carol's mind - an obsession of towering proportions. One thing is puzzling though as she is the only one to visit her mother's room. Posted: April 13, 2011 in Uncategorized Taglines Claire acts as a sort of "mother confessor" to the much younger Carol and appears to be relaxed, wordly-wise woman who disapproves of Carol's job. We realized at the end of the movie that what Carol is seeing is only in her mind and only a “Psycho dream”, an obsession of immense proportions. The movie “Obsessed” is the last movie to be written and directed by Mr. Bobby A. Suarez. Courtesy of Wilson Webb/StudioCanal. The day went pretty well; then both exchanged phone numbers. Or, to quote a message that’s literally writ large in Mad Max: Fury Road: “We are not things.”. Just because Todd Haynes is a super genius (smart enough to let screenwriter Phyllis Nagy pliably reshape the perspective of Highsmith’s novel) doesn’t mean that we don’t need women to tell their own stories. she lives with her bed-ridden mother, younger brother Nick, younger sister Jiji, and loval servant Ester, in a comfortable suburban home.
In a word: duh. It looks like we don't have a Synopsis for this title yet. My girlfriend, whose body physically shuts down when she’s confronted with art she doesn’t enjoy, was snoring loudly by the end of the first act.

Really, you’re going to cite the cynical open letter that the filmmakers behind the repugnant Lola Versus wrote after their movie was rightfully trounced by critics? That’s a trite observation, to be sure, but what could possibly be more trite than death, itself? was a movie about a young woman finding her rightful place in a myth dominated by men.

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