How can the party arrest this slide into political oblivion? How could the rich man be oblivious to the hungry man asking him for a dollar? | The state of forgetting completely, of being oblivious, unconscious, unaware, as when sleeping, drunk, or dead. He just drank himself into oblivion. Here are some hints to get you started in German! Oblivion; As if it was an oblivion. Coming fifth in a general election with only 4 per cent of the vote usually results in political oblivion. Some of his books were bestsellers in Denmark when they were published, but today Krag is more or less sunk into, It consists of tracks from their albums "Utopia", ", With the assistance of Mr. William Errickson of Barnegat, and Dr. William P. Haywood of West Creek, Ocean County, New Jersey, I have been able to rescue from, Murray’s performance in this match was his finest hour - he had taken Roscommon from, Finally, in "The Unnamable", almost all sense of place and time are abolished, and the essential theme seems to be the conflict between the voice's drive to continue speaking so as to continue existing, and its almost equally strong urge towards silence and, When the Indian swami hired to address the party falls into drunken, The group was formed in 1987 originally as, Then Bianca's mother, actress and showgirl frustrated that will help his daughter and his niece Antonella to achieve all their ambitions, regardless of means, but will not know the appearance of this daughter who has remained in, The track "One Eye Dollar" also appears on the Clutch release, "From Beale Street to, Simon Leng views the song as an "intermittently amusing rocker", but with Harrison's voice "on the road to, Spud's last recent appearances for IPW:UK have seen him in losing efforts to former Gladiator's and current TNA star Magnus Nick ', But Meurant had mis-read the animosity Bolger had for him that, in the final analysis, condemned Meurant's party to, When the executive of the Party overruled Meurant and refused to return political donations garnered by Meurant on the promise of right wing economic policies, Meurant left the party and became an independent, following the path of most former independent MPs: to political, At the Restoration under a provision in the Indemnity and, At the Restoration Keble was excepted from the Indemnity and, In 1660 at the restoration of the monarchy it was alleged that, during the Interregnum, Keble had acted arbitrarily against Royalists and this was the reason he was excepted from the general pardon under the Indemnity and, As a regicide his estate was confiscated by the government after the Restoration under the provisions of the Indemnity and, See words in the context of real sentences. Rachael tried to wish herself into oblivion. German Translation of “oblivion” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. A jail sentence is equal to one day for every 100 gold in your bounty, and serving your sentence will clear the bounty entirely. Oblivion was only seconds away. Sentences Containing 'oblivion' But, Mr. Darnay, oblivion is not so easy to me, as you represent it to be to you. Within the hour he had slipped once again into deep and dreamless oblivion. When you are sent to jail, all of your items are removed and held in the prison's Evidence Chest, except for one lockpick.
The huge dog closed its eyes and appeared oblivious to the crawling baby. Example sentences from the Collins Corpus, Example sentences from Collins dictionaries. (transitive) To consign to oblivion; to efface utterly.

CA Privacy Policy | 32 people chose this as the best definition of oblivion: The condition or quality... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Another pause of oblivion , and he awoke in the sombre morning, unconscious where he was or what had happened, until it flashed upon his mind,``this is the day of my death!'' By the following year, nearly all of the big names faced oblivion. through war and destruction.
And if robots become truly autonomous, then the human race could face oblivion. We look at some of the ways in which the language is changing. in den letzten 300 Jahren. A little oblivion was in order.

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