Then there's the example of a courtroom: when someone is giving evidence, she should be subject to exactly the same rules as the rest of us. This fact does not make the burqa and hijab something which ought to be feared or hated. What modest feminine Islamic clothing does is that it "privatizes a women's sexuality". The niqab and burka are symbols of inferiority. Throughout the years of conflict between the "West" and "Islam", the media has strongly altered the minds of non-Muslims by negative exploitation of Islam, and Muslims, in particular on Muslim women. When in Rome do as the Romans do, am I right? It creates a barrier between you and the rest of the world. While fewer than four per cent of Christians agreed with all three statements, “somewhat less than half of (Muslims) agreed with all three statements.”. “It’s totally different from freedom of hate and bigotry.”, Use the LBC app to listen to Live radio for LBC & LBC News, 'Am I wrong going to my brother's funeral?' The fundamentalist numbers are strikingly disparate. I being a female teenage muslim wear a burqa, and most deffinitely do not hate anyone, and am NOT oppressed, my choice of dress is completely my choice, not something enforced on me. Giving a woman that choice should not be called oppressive regardless of what they choose to wear.

Now the KKK... That's a different story. Those who love you would want to see you set free. Muslim woman in Niqab verbally abused by a bigot in a cafe in California.

But Ms Al-Faifi had a message for Mr Johnson, telling LBC: “Has he ever talked to somebody like me and ask the question whether I was oppressed or forced to wear it? “Dress.” There’s the constant rub. Muslim women in Mexico felt deeply offended by the use of the niqab (conflated with the burqa, usually) as a symbol of oppression. First of all, they are ignorant.

It hides her from the world, particularly the burka. “Othering” should not and cannot be the source of feminist struggles if we are to truly address violence against women while recognizing the particular and intersecting ways in which minorities, including Indigenous, black and Muslim women, experience violence. The blame is with the people who harass or rape, not with the women experiencing the violence. People fear the unknown and oppose things which are unfamiliar to them. Women need to be free to be human beings first and foremost, as men are and not be constantly viewed sexually either through being covered in a tent or half naked. The demand by a small number of Muslim women to cover their faces in all circumstances clearly impacts on the rights of others, and requires a robust response. Amongst the (anglophone) chattering classes a consensus has formed that the challengers will win on constitutional grounds, in that women have a Charter right to dress as conscience dictates. Nor is it easy to imagine a man discussing the symptoms of prostate cancer with a health professional whose idea of "modesty" doesn't allow her to expose her nose. Everyone that I know that wears niqab have done so from pure choice. If someone doesn't trust me enough to let me see her face, I'm hardly going to feel comfortable about her carrying out an intimate procedure such as a cervical smear. It is a symbol of a culture that is extremely prudish when it comes to sex, making it something dirty and shameful, rather than the beautiful thing it is supposed to be.

In fact, while we are needlessly guilt-ridden by statistically modest rates of Islamophobia, European countries are struggling with a statistically troubling and socially consequential rate of “Occidentophobia” (hatred of the West). But in urban centres the feminisms that have predominated are those of the mestiza/urban women, the mainstream population in the country. The Government has ordered a review of whether NHS staff should be able to conceal their faces from patients, with the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt acknowledging he would prefer to see the face of the person who's treating him. Tensions over the hijab, niqab and burqa have become more obvious in the past ten years, which have brought many immigrants and refugees to Mexico, many of whom came from Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, etc.

It is a disguise, pure and simple. People of all shades and colors from white to black and every color in between wear the niqab and burka. The two strands I have traced (discourses around the OppressedMuslimWoman and the rise of sexual harassment and rape against women in Mexico) are coming together in interesting ways. Far too many Westerners have fallen for Islamist propaganda when it comes to oppression of women and misogyny. Furthermore, the niqab or veil is not a dress. Islam was founded in the Arabian desert in the mid-600s. Niqab and burqa may be argued as an act of social segregation, however, there's a lot of niqabis who blend in with the society without any problems. Exactly five years after France’s controversial burqa-ban was adopted, a professor who has spent years studying its impact tells The Local it has been a “complete failure” and even helped create a real threat to France. NO the niqab or burka is not a symbol of hatred and oppression towards women. Rana, a petite 21-year-old with bright brown eyes, has worn it for two years. It's pretty obvious, disgusting perverted men will not be attracted if there's nothing to see. Just as wearing heels and short shorts can be seen as oppressive in the East (considering many large fashion labels are owned and dictated by men), who can debate that Western women are "owned" by men, on the opposite side.

These differences did not take much to become a symbol of Muslim women’s oppression, as opposed to the “freedoms” enjoyed by Mexican women. The neighbours still stare.

Let us hope that our judiciary agrees and rules accordingly. That there are relatively few niqabs in Canada is neither here nor there as a matter of principle. So the answer is clear that this article of clothing has a symbolic connection to oppression. It’s time for feminists (male or female) to bring some clarity to the debate about the burqa. Elsewhere, a more honest public discussion is taking place, I’ve lifted that neologism from a sobering report out of the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, “Religious fundamentalism and out-group hostility among Muslims and Christians in Western Europe.” Published in English in 2014, this study, conducted in 2008, compares religious fundamentalism among thousands each of Christians and Muslims of Turkish and Moroccan origin (first and second generation) who identify with their religion in six European countries – France, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden and Belgium — with regard to hostility toward out-groups: specifically homosexuals, Jews and, respectively, Islam/the West. Do not take the Jews and the Christians for your allies: they are but allies of one another and whoever of you allies himself with them becomes, verily, one of them; behold, God does not guide people who are unjust. Not all fundamentalist Muslim women wear niqabs, but all who wear niqabs signal support for fundamentalism.

We encountered an issue signing you up. I believe that equality is based on a large quantity of things, however, mainly free will. Mexico defines itself as a liberal-secular democracy and a Catholic country. Therefore, I think it is laughable to suggest that the niqab or burka is a symbol of "hatred" toward women, even if it was unfair or oppressive. In secular countries, the notion that women have to cover their faces whenever they leave the house is rightly seen as weird, and runs counter to the principle of gender equality. Thus the female / woman is suppressed in such a way that they are seen as a distraction and hence an enemy who has to be suppressed. On the other, many women, including me, feel that the space gives peace of mind to those who choose to ride in those wagons.

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