Badulf derived from the German words ‘badu’, meaning ‘fight’, and ‘wulf’, meaning ‘wolf’ Rodolfo meaning ‘Famous wolf’ in Spanish
Grimmwolf meaning ‘fierce and powerful like a wolf’ He is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America, holds two degrees and has studied Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare. 100. 74. 116. 72.

81. 135. The most evidence was shown in "No Speak Da Ed. Consider names with X or Z, such as Jax or Zane, and even look to the past to find an old-fashioned name that suddenly feels fresh and modern. 82. Rolo meaning ‘Famous wolf’ in Teutonic 124.

If you still haven’t found the perfect name, keep exploring and researching to find a great name to suit your powerful and remarkable pet. Below is a list of animals that have appeared in Ed, Edd n Eddy. Wulfgar meaning ‘Wolf-like spear’ in English 124. 147. Adolfo meaning ‘Noble wolf’ in Latin 157. It originates in the Germanic name Hrolf, itself a contraction of Hrodwulf (Rudolph) Trivia. I don’t know how many are there but here you go! Adolphine an ‘honorable’ and ‘noble’ wolf 142.

Have you noticed that the fashion models have names as fabulous as the labels they’re wearing? Check out these unique and fashionable names from some of the hottest labels around. Raoul meaning ‘Wolf council’ and ‘red wolf’ in English 61. Randolph meaning ‘House wolf’ and ‘protector’ in English

50. 146.

Sandalio from the Gothic name ‘Sandulf’, meaning ‘true wolf’, derived from ‘sand’, meaning ‘true’, and ‘ulf’, meaning ‘wolf’ 3. Adolfina meaning ‘noble wolf’ and ‘noble hero’ in German Copyright © 2020 SheKnows Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. 62. All content is for informational purposes only. Rolf never got to see sunshine. ​So as you might expect, there are a few thousand years worth of names.
2. Kurt ‘wolf’ in Turkish

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Lowell meaning ‘Wolf cub’ and ‘little wolf’ in Old French 2. Skoll meaning ‘Wolf that chased the sun’ in Norse 48. Borris ‘he who is short like a wolf’ in Russian 17. 65. 93. Gerulf from the Germanic element ‘ger’, meaning spear’, and ‘wulf’, meaning ‘wolf’ After recieving this letter from Rolf… Wilk meaning ‘Wolf’ in Polish 4. 108. Originally published January 2012. Skjoldolfr the ‘protector wolf’

52. Another fashionable find is using a last name as a first name, such as Smith, Nixon or Dyer. 107. 95. Timber, Flame, Frost, Icy, Destiny, Arrie, Wind, Wither. Rudolph ‘Famous wolf’ in Old German 11. Lyulph meaning ‘a flaming wolf’

Wolfgang meaning ‘Son of the wolf’ in German ​Wolves have been represented in everything from movies and pop culture, to ​folklore and all the way ​into ancient history. Duko a wolf name derived from ‘Doede’, meaning a ‘famous wolf’ 80.

To help you claim right to rule, he is willing to make up a royal family line for you, which infuriates Firentis. 150. Just thought of them from the top of my head :3 <3, Alaska Atlantis Flame Scott Jax Max Spot Copper Bolt Jones Blue Hazel Snow Flakes Pocahontas Mountain Cliff Halo Arnoux Hero Star Glimmer Chuck River Stream Branch Uno Flower Koko Ripples Odis Luna Moon Night Morning Leafshade Maple Arctic Misty Balto Cogsworth Maurice Twilight Dawn Ghost Summer Huckleberry Soul Shiro Oldtooth German England Paris King Hopper Timber Frost Wind Carrot. 38. 130. Odolf meaning ‘Prosperous wolf’ in German 34. Azouf meaning ‘Aesir’s wolf’ Varu meaning ‘wolf’ in Gujarati 79. 47.

Lelou / Leloo meaning ‘Wolf’ in Chinook Ivaylo derived from an old Bulgar name meaning ‘wolf’, the name of a 13th century emperor of Bulgaria Fun Fact : Violet Beauregarde is the competitive, gum-chewing character who turns blue and swells up like a blueberry after disobeying the rules in Ronald Dahl’s classic story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . Eadwulf in Old English, ‘ead’ means ‘fortune’ and wulf means ‘wolf’ 55. Hardulph meaning ‘brave wolf’

Connor ‘Wolf lover’ in Irish, derived from the Old Irish ‘con’ meaning ‘hound’ and ‘wolf’, and ‘cobar’ meaning ‘desiring’ 111. Rolf was like a father to Pewds. Cunignos meaning ‘a little wolf’ Ulva meaning ‘she wolf’

70. Lyfing meaning ‘a dear wolf’

Aethelwulf meaning ‘noble wolf’ 78. 19. 120. 56.

Conan ‘Hound’ and ‘wolf’ in Irish

​Jacob, Sam, Quil, Jared, Leah, Seth, Paul, Collin, Brady, Ephraim, ​Grey Wind, Lady, Nymeria, Ghost, Shaggydog, Summer, ​Wolf that plays ghost in Game of Thrones, Lycanrock, Rockruff, Growlithe, Arcanine, Poochenya, Mightyena, Electrike, and Manectric, ​Kodlak, Aela​, Farkas, Vilkas, Skjor, Athis, Vignar, Njada, Ria, Torvar, ​Huttser, Palla, Khaz, Kipcha, Brassa, Bran, Larka, Fell, Kar, ​Skop, ​Marta, Calef, Rann, Sula, Annie, and Oldtooth, ​messenger wolf; herald wolf Old (English), ​young wolf; official of the church (Old French), ​the shewolf who nursed Remus and Romulus (Latin), ​wolf counsel; a fearless adviser Old (English), ​shield wolf; house wolf; protector (English), ​Wolf’s shield; emblem painted on a war shield (Teutonic), ​famed wolf abbreviation of Rudolph (German), ​son of the wolf; path of the wolf (German). 15. 138. Vakhtang meaning ‘wolf-bodied’ We hope you have enjoyed discovering the brilliant and wide range of wolf names, and other words relating to wolves.

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