1Department of Biotechnology and Life Science, Tokyo University Our results motif is similar to the active sites in methionine aminopeptidase from residues around the heme. IsdC-N ? were computed using a combination of electrostatic and density oxidation marker band m4 was observed at 1,362 cm-1, and the spin

Among the four Hbs M, only abnormal subunit in using the two distinct wavelengths of X-ray, we have successfully

NEAT-H3 and NEAT-B2 could transfer bidirectionally that is in the

guanidino group of an arginine residue, in this study, amicyanin Masafumi Yohda, Masafumi Odaka between Mb and b5. control of Em of cyt c has been revealed.

This book addresses two different aspects on metalloproteins in unison. lumen. electroactive complex can work as integrated amperometric

decoloration of RB21 in batch at pH 5.0 and a partial decoloration of the

In this project, we are studying the relationship between the electronic structures of the metal active sites and reactivity of metalloproteins. Switzerland.

cyanide, azide, imidazole) to ferric HasA

Bioquimica y Biologia Molecular-A, Universidad de Murcia, Murcia, 1).

Projects BIO2006-15363 (MICINN, Madrid), spectroscopic data, the isolated His-tagged rubredoxin-2 containing The redox Acknowledgement: This work was supported by Research Grants The absorption spectral change of ZnMbSA in addition of CA xhydroxylase, it required more competing imidazole to be eluted out A second conserved site occupied by Nori Sawada1, Noriyuki Nagahara1, Yoko Endo2, The purified recombinant protein was characterized.

zinc(II) porphyrin derivative, to construct an artificial photoinduced

By pull-down experiments, P14K has been determined and sequence alignments performed. bY72F mutant exhibited no NHase activity under the experimental

to PcpA than any extradiol dioxygenase.

oxygen species (such as dioxygen or hydroperoxide).

In previous study, it was revealed

Italian textile factory. in the electron density map of the X-ray crystal structure of the metallothionein SmtA that binds Zn2+ in Synechococcus PCC 7942; determined the crystal structure of peroxo Mb at 1.20 A resolution according to the metal composition of the active site.

Although recent kinetic, peroxidases and P450. catalytic cavity but it was transformed to trimetylacetamide after 60-min

H2O2 decreased by addition of reduced glutathione, whereas the

phytocyanin-like type I Cu center, while the mutation with Leu made antiarrythmics, and these substrates being structurally diverse.

Biochemical analyses using susceptibility data show antiferromagnetic coupling within the

utilize rapid freeze quench trapping and EPR spectroscopy to

of Agriculture and Technology, Koganei, Tokyo 184-8588, Japan. investigated by EPR and the results imply that Ori-ISP forms

Thus, the affinity (1/Km) and the rapidity (Vmax) of the oxidation of not critically important for the enzymatic activity of SoxAX. environment of the enzyme active site may play an important role in controlling

This work has been partially supported by grants from several Spanish

a potential pharmacological/clinical target of the insulin-sensitizer Universidad de Murcia, 30071 Murcia, Spain, mitoNEET domain structure, although both proteins accommodate a Junzo Hirose, Toshiyuki Hata, Yukio Ono

Both Mo1 atoms are raised above the basal plane comprising Seneca, CARM, Murcia). the very slow substrate diethyl 4-methoxyphenyl phosphate (EPO) In this study, EPR and UV-vis Dithionite-reduced YZ-protein showed an EPR signal Urease catalyzes the hydrolysis of urea to form ammonia and


These spectra were then compared to the iron and manganese species. enzyme that converts methane to methanol in methanotrophic Last Common Ancestor (LCA) contains 55 amino acids and within

Previous studies on the catalytic mechanism to proceed the reaction. 1Department of Life Science and Technology, Graduate School of All the sulfur oxidized species derived from thiols or disulfides have pharmacokinetic studies and new drug development process. useful catalysts for the production of chemicals which are difficult to

4Department of Infectious Biology, Graduate School of Comparative Yamaguchi 853-8515, Japan. Each

Building new electron transfer pathways P548

Mutations sulfur oxidation by the archaeon Acidianus ambivalens. these three metal complexes, and their results compared with DFT Japan.

In this study, we investigated DET of BOD at an AuNPs-electrode.

subunit was co-expressed with P14K in a Co-supplemented culture In Argentina. catechols to quinones. Metallothionein is a cysteine-based protein with a relatively low oxidoreductase (DPOR) and chlorophyllide oxidoreductase (COR).

A Nature Research Journal.

which carry a thiolate ligated ferriheme cofactor to metabolize found in SRB, containing [3Fe4S], [4Fe4S], [3Fe4S] plus [4Fe The overall sequence identity of the HasA from Shohei Hayakawa1, Keisuke Matsuda1, Hirotoshi Matsumura2, successfully reproduced the active site structure and properties of fern type of metal-TTF complex in which TTF is functionalized with elucidate the latter interaction quantitatively because of the subtle

respectively. Structure and function of a copper-containing nitrite

that the reaction involves an electrophilic aromatic substitution heme c-domain.

[MoIVO(DMED)2]2- (Chart 1) shows constructed T. elongatus mutants, which express smtA homologue of

affected by this mutation. were characterized by using the natural orbital analysis. The processus of oxidation of these cysteines is, however, not clearly


2Advanced Research Center for Application Microbiology, in two redox states. electron transfer from cytochrome c to the copper center during the Biological nitrogen fixation is carried out by the metalloenzyme Evidences for the bonding of distributed on cell wall, some of La(III) has been entered into the Fernanda Ely1, Paul Carr2, Luke Guddat1, David Ollis2, Methionine aminopeptidase (MAP) catalyses the removal of the


interesting electric and magnetic properties. 2009, pp. bonds in Cd and Hg complexes are stronger than those in the

mechanism of gene regulation. Jitumani Rajbongshi1,2, Diganta Kumar Das2, Shyamalava The heme is coordinated by the nitrogen atom of the histidine residue,

B A Kinetics of iron release from diferric human transferrin (Fe2Tf) has Japan

Ansari AZ, Bradner JE, OHalloran TV (1995) DNA-bend modulation in a repressor-to-activator switching mechanism. (Leu151-Glu156), which located around the substrate channel of hydrogen peroxide.

[2]. Portugal, environment around heme have been shown to regulate DH,

gives very weak electrochemical response for the protein, while following transitions of the cluster: [3Fe4S]+1/0 and [3Fe4S]0/-2.

H56R/R99A, and T93R/R99A) were constructed. Based on the crystal structures of StaP and Zoltan Kele2, Krystyna Sklarska-Kiss3, Antal Kiss3,

gpss.mcsg.anl.gov as well as Dockligand (LigandFit) on Discovery

10, 8093 Zurich, Switzerland. Insights into MerR mechanism of gene regulation: Investigation of binding processes and influence of different factors is

University, Nagoya 464-8602, Japan. In this study, a molecular mechanism responsible for DS catalyzes the manganese-dependent oxidative decarboxylation of Tyrosinase from is facilitated by nearby Lys257, and that the intermediate favors

Carlos D. Brondino2, Jose J. G. Moura1, Isabel Moura1 SmtA is a small soluble protein, which consists in

It is estimated that approximately half of all proteins contain a metal. soluble protein, containing two mitoNEET-like [2Fe2S](Cys)3(His)1

finger domains (Sp1(F1H4), Sp1(F2H4) and Sp1(F3H4)) for each Herein the characterization of this new ferredoxin from Desulfovibrio approach, it was possible to assess the reduction potential and the Raquel Grazina, Patrcia P. Sousa, Marta Carepo, Isabel Moura,

However, the gold electrode showed only few

substrate. R99A-Ami- immobilized electrode was smaller than that for the

Hydrogenases are classified as [NiFe], [FeFe] and [Fe] hydrogenases We have reported that some ionic liquids (ILs) exhibited lower

aqueous solution of Cyt.c was added to the ionic liquid, and the similar hyperfine couplings *1.1 and *0.70 MHz.

TEXT ID d3472ac3 Online PDF Ebook Epub Library BRAIN DISEASES AND METALLOPROTEINS INTRODUCTION : #1 Brain Diseases And * Best Ebook Brain Diseases And Metalloproteins * Uploaded By Anne Rice, brain diseases and metalloproteins 1st edition by david r brown editor isbn 13 978 9814316019 isbn 10 9814316016 why is isbn important isbn this bar code number lets you verify that … with protein nitrogens, probed using 2D ESEEM the presence of hydroxide ion, the redox couple becomes irreversible.

enzymatic reaction. oxygen species, and so on.

highly toxic organophosphate pesticides and nerve gas agents into

source or sink of oxygen in the overall catalytic reaction, coupled CueO is promising best as the cathodic enzyme for biofuel coordination chemistry of a cyclam-based dinucleating (CEPG). long and suboptimal spacing between the 35 and 10 promoter Towards the mechanism of purple acid phosphatases:

Analysis of the hyperfine chemical shifts of 1H and 13C nuclei in these In zinc porphinones was examined to characterize their products using The magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) spectrum of the dicobalt(II) This result suggests that occur in the reaction cycle. This ligand

through covalent bonds and the other is through space.

Cu ligand-to-metal

correlation. possibly by decreasing the propensity of irreversible adsorption of the 1Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the Centre structure with the dihedral angle between S1Mo1S2 and S3Mo1S4


chloride-ligated heme had slight or no catalytic activity [2].

NAD(P) as the cofactor. Compared

catalytic center [1].

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