Mrs. Hamilton, they're at the front door now -- Henry and Julia.

starring Rock Hudson, Piper Laurie, and Gene Lockhart. A well-done story of backst... + The Lux Radio Theatre. Oh, is that part of the normal duties of a-- Of an angel? 0000008697 00000 n Once upon a midnight clear, there was a child's cry. Did you see Tom? (MOVING OFF) Come along, Dudley. Until you can utter another prayer and say that you have no further need of me.

(LIGHTLY) I think we've all been hearing too much about space men, Mr. Carpenter. Mrs. Brougham, look. 3RD BRITISH (1 line)

Good! (WEEPS BRIEFLY, IN BG). And the humming turbines deep in Hoover Dam didn't produce current.

Klaatu barada nikto. Save for the future by investing in United States Savings Bonds today. Water Rushing . Good night. For twenty years I've talked about that book.

Miss Hayward took a great interest in the details of her costumes for "My Foolish Heart," especially stockings. No need to worry about her. Something even better. Not a move from the cordon of tanks and armored cars and troops in full battle dress.

He's a product of centuries of refinement. That was when Cleopatra visited Rome.

Tell 'em to-- (QUIETLY STUNNED) Oh, no! Ah, she's a fine actress. Lux Radio Theater- Pinocchio Page 2 of 40 APPLAUSE DEMILLE: Greetings, from Hollywood, ladies and gentlemen. 151942  Jun. Never. I apologized to her for some of the things I've said -- I had to -- and she said I might call on her tonight. (HELPFUL) My evening seems quite free, Henry.

(BEAT) Hm, there's a fortune teller over there. It's a shame to let wrong washing methods spoil baby things. Well, good night. Or because Julia must be happy? Yes, their tender love scenes are beautifully done. But you asked for help, you know. We pause now for station identification. Is this the man you wanted to see, Professor Barnhardt?

161941  Jun.
Say it! Oh, Julia, I telephoned Mrs. Hamilton this afternoon. He's one of my favorites.

I don't know about you, but exhausted as I am from the holidays, I still hate to admit that they're really over. Of family reunions and storytelling by the fire.

Don't - don't tell me! August 31, 1936. I mean, here in my study. So much for that, Klaatu. You mean you're going to be his assistant?

No, no. (INTO PHONE, DESPERATE) Operator, I was connected with my party!

I was.

MRS. HAMILTON, imperious and wealthy widow

I don't know why I'd ask you that question.

6-271936  Aug. 3-311936  Sept. 7-281936  Oct. 5-261936  Nov. 2-301936  Dec. 7-281937  Jan. 4-251937  Feb. 1-221937  Mar.

Yes -- that is true.

I made it very clear I have no intention of being strangled by her purse strings. Then it was here. 31939  Apr. Hiya, Rupert. (MOVING OFF) There's someone I must see immediately. Well, in that event, you'd better hurry off and tell her. I can see no other hope for your planet.

Oh, Julia, I'm terribly sorry, but we can't. What's all that stuff on the blackboard? OF TYPEWRITER ... OUT ABRUPTLY AT [X]. It's half-full. (NERVOUS LAUGH) Oh, Bobby has such an active imagination.

Well, you'll feel better after you've eaten.

He is going to speak.

Do you realize what this'll mean for us? The decision rests with you. Tom, I've been trying to get you all afternoon. Not very.

28 I spent two days at your Walter Reed Hospital. [X], TRAFFIC BACKGROUND ... DUDLEY AND JULIA'S FOOTSTEPS ON SIDEWALK. That chair, madame-- It clings to him like a brother.

From Professor Wutheridge. Oh, it was. Nine out of ten Hollywood stars, like Geraldine Page, have found that, really, there's no soap quite like Lux. Gene Tierney is back in her first picture since her new daughter was born.


And Lux Flakes are so gentle, they keep delicate baby pastels lovely-looking up to three times as long. (RAPIDLY) I followed Mr. Carpenter tonight -- right after you left -- and, gee, where do you think he went?

A nightmare stands on the ramp leading out of the spaceship.

I wouldn't worry, Mr. Miller. Other creators’ intellectual property rights, including copyright, belong to them or their legal heirs and assigns. CAST: The Lux Team: ANNOUNCER, Ken Carpenter HOST, Irving Cummings FRANCES SCULLY, publicist GLORIA GORDON, intermission guest ART LINKLETTER.

I'll pass that recommendation along. Good.

DUDLEY, the angel / TYRONE POWER We went all over Washington and went to see Professor Barnhardt. "Burlesque". No, you must go away. Mom, I had to tell ya! "Chained".

This spring day, in the middle of the marvelous twentieth century, was different. Henry, what happened to you? He's the greatest scientist in the world. No, no. My butler said you told him you're Bishop Brougham's assistant. Now, now, now, Bishop, don't be nervous.

You came here so that I could have a cathedral. They took me to an emergency hospital at the city jail.

... Well, for a - for a few days, David.

I know, Henry. July 13, 1936. (CONFLICTED) Oh, no.

(FADES IN) I've already told you more than I told Professor Barnhardt, because my life, in a sense, is in your hands. I'm not gonna lose her. And Dana Andrews, as the man in her life, was never better.

Suppose you pray for that, Henry?

I'm gonna let him have it! That's Mr. Stevens calling for me. The story of an urbane an... + The Lux Radio Theatre.


CAST: Announcer, John Milton Kennedy – SFX: Door Handle . Have lunch at Michel's. Er, naturally we're very curious to know where you come from. (PLEASED) Now you see what Dudley's done, Henry? And I want you to direct the spending of it. Wait here, Dudley. This is right.

Well, one night, David was out in the hills tending his sheep.

Nobody knew about it, except Caesar's wife and she had the coins destroyed.

Sponsored by: Lux. The thing was noticed in Hong Kong first on the British radar. I've been working too hard. Fastidious women love the delicate Lux Toilet Soap perfume, an exclusive blend of flower fragrances. Put one teaspoonful of Lux Liquid into the dishpan and the dishes literally soak clean. The purpose of this program was to raise money for the war effort. Is that clear, gentlemen?


Well, good night, Dudley.

Relaxing, you know. Come on, Bobby. He--, CHANGES TO ORCHESTRA ... FOR A WARM FEELING, IN BG.

NARRATOR Could you take us through the park, please? As always. And she always insists on Lux Flakes to keep them that way, Mr. Kennedy. OFFICER It's said that 40 million listeners tuned into the Lux Radio Theater to hear Cecil B. DeMille (and later, William Keighley) introduce another radio adaptation of a famous Hollywood film, almost always with the film's original actors in the starring roles.

Yes, you'll see them.

You know, it's pretty hard to improve on a good product, but Lever Brothers has done it.

ORGAN ... "O LITTLE TOWN OF BETHLEHEM" ... THEN IN BG. (BEAT) Here's our producer, Mr. William Keighley. So you're beginning to believe in me. She wouldn't listen to talk like that! Bobby and I had a fine time yesterday afternoon.

Our military people insist that you do not attempt to leave the hospital. Gee, I like Mr. Carpenter, but -- I'm scared, Mom.

Mr. Brady, you may go now. I'd be glad to spend the day with Bobby, if you'd let me. "AWAY IN THE MANGER" PIANO ACCOMPANIMENT FOR THE BOYS ... FADES OUT BEHIND--, (SINGING, HIGH VOICES) Away in the manger, Well, so they are.

I didn't know you celebrated Christmas.

Bobby followed Mr. Carpenter and what he saw couldn't have been a dream; it was too real. Will you tell him that Mr. Carpenter was here? A girl of the slums is taken... + The Lux Radio Theatre. A person from another planet might disagree with you. ANNOUNCER, Ken Carpenter Mrs. No crib for His bed ... (ET CETERA)

Now, the curtain for Act One of "The Bishop's Wife," starring Tyrone Power as Dudley, David Niven as the bishop, and Jane Greer as Julia.

(STARTLED) Oh! Added to all this, Lux Liquid is really thrifty. Listen, somebody's got to get rid of him. Sixteen Fifteen M Street, Northwest.

You know your destination, but you're in no hurry to get there. Well, I guess you're-- Guess you're -- ready to settle down. You can call mine a Lux complexion if you like, because I use Lux all the time to keep my skin looking just right. ARMY (2 lines), The Landing Team:

[It's a game we play, Julia. He said he had so much work to do. KLAATU / MICHAEL RENNIE

I can't get up. We had the most marvelous time. Transcribed by Ben Dooley for “Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear” old time radio recreations. It's no good. Julia's a creature of earth.

(BEAT, TO GORT) Gort -- berengo. Yet somehow I believe you.

Stagecoach door open . There's a man in there. (LOW AND DRY, TO KLAATU) Alert Mrs. Crockett -- she has a romantic mind. Sylvester is a noble soul. The stocking for the Child born in a manger. Two boys must be a houseful, Jane.

I have an idea, Bobby.

But there's still a great deal of work to do, sir. Please help me. The spaceship is opening up! They're easy to carry and they don't wear out. 81940  Sept. 9-231940  Sept. 30-Oct. 141940  Oct. 21-Nov. 41940  Nov. 11-Dec. 21940  Dec. 9-30, 1941  Jan. 6-271941  Feb. 3-241941  Mar. I prayed for a cathedral. Of course I do.

He holds up his hand.

ART LINKLETTER, The Pepsodent Team: Well, that robot fella grabbed 'em and knocked 'em out! Look over there. The bells from St. Timothy's. Henry, you see this bottle?

We have forgotten many things during the centuries, but not that night-- (FADES OUT). "Gort, Klaatu barada nikto." Alice bumping head .

(LIGHTLY) If I could only tell the boss I was getting married and acquiring two dependents. 0000001741 00000 n

Suppose you tell them-- Suppose you tell them the story of an empty stocking.

Now don't you think we'd better go home?

(OVERLAPS WITH ABOVE) --stretched-out hand of tolerance -- all the shining gifts to make a Peace-On-Earth.

It was right from my heart.

(PRAYS) Oh, God. It's been that way for-- Just a minute, ladies and gentlemen! For his leading lady, John drew one of last year's most talked-about and talented Broadway actresses, Geraldine Page. What are you doing down here at this hour fully dressed?

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