The familial relationship takes it a foothold in verse 16, where Paul encourages Philemon to accept Onesimus as a “beloved brother… both in the flesh and in the Lord.” Two men cannot become brothers in the flesh if they did not originally possess that relationship, so, therefore, the brotherhood he wishes to Philemon to re-accept is likely one that has a familial aspect to it, as well as kinship in the Lord.

The collection of works contained in the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha serve to give us insight into a world quite foreign to our own. The story told of Christianity is largely of its rapid growth and acceptance, and subsequent influence on the world. If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. I was brought up in and continue to heed my call to work as a deacon and teacher in a local Church of Christ congregation. Menu. In that regard, the most realistic aspiration of our process is to attain the best explanation of the complex world we live in. We know that the victors get to write the history, but a particularly interesting and/or frightening idea I came across in my reading was a position taken by the scholar Robert Wilken, in his book The Myth of Christian beginnings. And, as Pascal finishes the thought, he pointedly asserts that if reason can’t get to the end of natural things, then how much less does it know about supernatural ones? As we stand with our feet planted in the soil of this earth, we can look around and know that we are not our own creator, and sense within ourselves a certain divinity. Vincent of Lerins, ed. I am convinced that the epistle is a single Pauline work. Home; Lexicon; Resources; Contact; Search. God’s chosen revelation is equally as useful, not just in the primary sense of useful, but valuable in its form: It is everything we need to believe that He exists. God’s chosen revelation is equally as useful, not just in the primary sense of useful, but valuable in its form: It is everything we need to believe that He exists. Furthermore, the vocabulary found in the epistle helps to unify the text. This is not to say that these question about how God views our suffering and the effects upon Him are not valid, but I find the result is an amalgamation of weak human emotions and thoughts and a God so entirely other that they cannot occupy the same space. Thus, God himself, through His Word, assures us of His immutable and impassible nature. By bestowing free will upon man, God left to man the ability to decide his own path. Having made the heavens and the earth, He cannot then choose not to make them. If God is not all powerful, then we must question His ability to enact His promises to man. Reframing our objections to a particular principal into affirmative statements as to our own choices keeps us from putting into the salvation box things that ought not to be there. Alister E. McGrath, “John Calvin on the Natural Knowledge of God” in The Christian Theology Reader, (Hoboken: Wiley, 2016), 91. To that end, we should welcome reasonable inquiry and exploration of faith while still recognizing the limits that prevent faith from being probed and tested in the same ways as empirically driven subjects. As we approach the Word in our young Christian walk, we Westerners see through Western eyes, and so we envision a solo Paul penning yet another letter to another of his children churches. It’s no surprise to me that in all of our pursuit of the rational ordering of the world and the entire creation, and with our ever-increasing understanding of it, humans still cannot reasonably comprehend, explain, or order how the world came into being, much less even that it did so without a creator. 4 God thereby and in tandem with human writers has given theology its starting place, an authoritative text that governs and guides our pursuit of knowledge about and concerning to God. Charles Hodge, ed. Hart says. He otherwise describes the incarnation as a “gracious condescension” where Christ “disclos[ed] and express[ed] [himself] in one instance of the infinite” (Hart 202). The repeated problem of the “suffering God” approaches becomes balancing God’s omnipotence and vulnerability. The sacrificial blood of the covenant, to Israel, “righted” their relationship to Him. Augustine of Hippo, ed. Beyond understanding the worldview of Jewish converts to Christianity, it’s also potentially helpful for us to consider the implications of early church choices to hold onto these texts, while Jewish communities abandoned them (DeSilva, 27). Pair that with a Jewish community that had at least two categories for pagans in-mixing (proselyte and god-fearer) and the idea that Jews were distinctly separated from their contemporaries very quickly starts to fade away. I know this was how it was for me, and like many my first step was learning of the existence of the Apocrypha. Football, much like life, is about opportunity. This week there were several bits and pieces in the material that contributed to a more vivid picture of the setting and circumstances of Paul and his work. He continues his perspective by stating that reason, which by he means intellectually honest reason, takes its last step when it concedes that there are “an infinite number of things which are beyond it” (Reader, 30).
Reflection: Greco-Roman Letter Writing and Thoughts on Paul, The Existence of God: Reasoning About the Mystery.

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