Alternate Versions: CABLE. The young Cable later starred in a new volume of X-Force that spun out of the events of Extermination. Simonson, Louise (w), Liefeld, Rob (p), Barta, Hilary (i). The last few months have seen Marvel conduct a high-profile relaunch of the X-Men range, and it's proven to be a fantastic success. Stranger Things Introduces a PERFECT New Slasher Costume, Guardians of the Galaxy: Marvel Boy's New Costume Makes Him a Cosmic Rock Star, Doctor Doom Just Conquered a CRUCIAL Marvel Nation.

[volume & issue needed], Continuing from Cable and X-Force Cable puts together a new X-Force team with Psylocke, Dr. [69], In Deadpool & Cable: Split Second, Cable once again loses most of his powers, but retains his precognition.

Cable decides to team up with X-Force to take down the two threats, but allows Wade Wilson the chance to redeem Russell before the kid becomes a murderer. Marvel has announced a new Cable ongoing series as part of the second wave of their X-Men comics relaunch - but is that even a good idea? [10][24] Cable has also shown a willingness to be more lighthearted and friendly than his older self frequently did.[17][7]. Spider-Man Theory: Marvel is About to Undo “One More Day”, How Marvel's Ultimate Universe Turned A Longtime Hero Evil, Captain Marvel Eventually Took Nick Fury's Job in Marvel Comics.

In the following issue, #201 (January 1986), Nathan first appears as a ne… The series debuted in December 2012 and features Cable and a new fugitive team, unofficially referred to by the Marvel Universe media as the new "X-Force".

With the assistance of Shi'ar technology, Professor Xavier "jump-starts" this ability while Jean Grey telekinetically holds Cable's body together, allowing Cable to send his consciousness into the past. After Cyclops saved the Doueks, Cable was satisfied that his father had returned to his heroic roots, and the two parted ways. Written by Gerry Duggan with art by Phil Noto, Cable #1 goes on sale March 2020 from Marvel Comics. Thor: Why Did Asgard Fall Into Broxton, Oklahoma?

[21], While searching for the missing mutant, Fauna, at the request of his friend Curse, Cable, alongside Armor and Pixie, fought an enraged Arakkoan monster.

He goes on to say that a war will come with the Avengers and that he needs Cyclops to protect Hope. Sara Grey-Bailey (maternal aunt, deceased);Paul Bailey (maternal uncle, deceased);Julia Grey (maternal aunt, deceased);[8]Roger Grey (maternal uncle, deceased);[8]Liam Grey (maternal uncle, deceased);[8]Gailyn Bailey (maternal cousin, deceased); Summers and Grey Family Tree (more relatives), The history of Nathan Summers was the same as his former counterpart until the ripple effects of time began having an effect on his reality, including the deaths of Tetherblood and Aliya. The new project, originally titled as "Cable Reborn", was re-titled as Avengers: X-Sanction, written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by Ed McGuinness. "To Hunt the Hunter".

[58], When Professor Xavier's son Legion travels back in time to kill Magneto in the "Legion Quest" storyline, Beast notes that Cable possesses "latent time-travel abilities". After retrieving his new sword, Cable lured the knights to a remote desert where he set off the bomb, completely obliterating the Spaceknights.

It functions as a focus and amplifier for telepathic or telekinetic power, which it can combine then project as powered psychic force blasts. Marvel has just announced that wave 2 will feature a new Cable ongoing, written by Gerry Duggan and featuring superstar artist Phil Noto.

He later lost and regained his abilities again when he was de-aged during House of M while mending Deadpool's maligned physiology as he progressed to his proper age. This series was canceled at the fiftieth issue and was replaced by two series starring each of the characters. Despite this, the two warriors and the New Mutants team up against the MLF. Wade sacrifices himself when Cable tries to shoot Russell, causing Russell to reject a future as a villain which saves Cable's family. Nathan also learned from Blaquesmith that Scott Summers and Jean Grey were his parents and had raised him disguised as Slym and Redd Dayspring. Marvel Database is a FANDOM Comics Community. In the Cable and Deadpool series storyline "Enema of State",[74] Deadpool and the mutants Cannonball and Siryn discover several alternate versions of Cable as they traverse several alternate universes via "Bodyslide", searching for Cable after he disappears. I created the look, the name, much of the history of the character. Comicnewbies The first stop for newbies in the comic book universe. [2] The next depiction of her pregnancy was in The Uncanny X-Men #200, when she goes into premature labor. However, he regains them along with his cybernetics as a result of Deadpool repairing Cable's personal timeline.
[19] He later released Cable,[20] who, with X-23, Husk, and Bling!, aided Psylocke in defeating Apoth. [45], After the events of "Secret Wars" storyline, Cable stars in his third ongoing monthly series, as part of Marvel's 2017 "X-Men: ResurrXion" relaunch of its X-Men and Inhumans-related books. "Kid Cable" has played a prominent role in the Marvel Comics universe since the X-Termination event, and now he's moving to center-stage. An attack by mysterious agents causes Nathan to be moved to the protective custody of the Starjammers. 2), #3. See Scans!

Kid Cable resented the brewing conflict between the X-Men and the Inhumans, and despised Emma Frost for inciting this in Cyclops' name. [13] He comes into conflict with Wolverine,[14] who is revealed to harbor a feud with Cable. [87] He is shown to possess telepathic powers. They crashed into the house where Cable and Esme were hanging out and took the sword away from them. Alternate Versions: CABLE. [85], X-Men Forever is an alternate universe written by Chris Claremont that takes place after the events of X-Men (Vol. BIG GUNS THE DAWN OF REBELLION!

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