When did your family arrive in the United States? Refresh and try again. Including family fun ideas, because time spent together can lead to the best adventures of all. And I was the one who recommended it for our book club. You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. These young people, like two of the four girls profiled here, are prevented by their illegal status from getting driver's licenses, obtaining health insurance, traveling by air, applying for college scholarships or qualifying for in-state tuition or work-study programs, and ultimately, after they are out of college, from getting good jobs for which they are otherwise highly qualified.

Thorpe, an Irish-American journalist, published the nonfiction novel in 2009. One of the things that made it was its lack of perspective’, Hornby: ‘frequently funny, consistently engaging.’, n this age of anxiety about cultural appropriation and suchlike, kudos to Nick Hornby’s bold move in. How does the dance showcase at Theodore Roosevelt parallel Yadira and Marisela’s relationship? FreeBookSummary.com . When I hear a book is 'heartbreaking' I am usually pretty leery of it -- suspect it is overly sentimental or maudlin.

It is obvious that the author comes from a much different background than the girls she writes about. Offer redeemable at Simon & Schuster's ebook fulfillment partner. Travis is the only left-handed boy in Rightown. I am only half way through this book, trudging my way through it.....and to be honest, it makes me less sympathetic,and less interested in illegal aliens due to the poor writing this is. The third has a similar history, but comes from a family that was able to obtain legal status, and the differences in opportunity sometimes put a barrier between her and her friends. ", Immmigration, cartels, gangs, drugs and smuggling problems in the USA, Readers' Most Anticipated Books of November. By setting most of Just Like You in 2016, what’s more, Hornby stirs in that great exposer of fissures in class, race and generation: the Brexit referendum.

By clicking 'Sign me up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. I doubt I will seriously change my mind when I finish this.

And we are all implicated.” (p. 2) Do you agree?

Oh -- it was awesome to read a book so thoroughly set in Denver.

I believe everyone should read this book because even though i had lived through going to ICE jail, speaking with lawyers I truly can say I didn’t ever think about those wanting to go to college, those wanting to provide for their children. Yadira comments, “Now that I’ve got money, and she doesn’t, and I’m almost sure I’m going to make it—and that built a wall right there.” (p. 63) Do you think that the girls were destined to have these conflicts due to their difference in status?

We get to see our broken legal system at work, how illegal aliens get assistance to go to college – in essence taking the spots of our own American students. I was surprised to find out that the whole legal issue of immigration, immigration policy, and a horrific tragedy involving a Denver police officer were also central to the whole book. How does their friendship with Luke exacerbate the problem? May 5th 2020 ” The story revolves around four high school students; Marisela who is a gaudy, driven, dramatic girl who wears “twice as much makeup as anybody else in her circle. Join the leading website for book clubs with over 35,000 clubs and 20,000 reading guides. full terms and conditions and this month's choices, Social Science > Ethnic Studies > Hispanic American Studies, Social Science > Emigration & Immigration, Border Books: 7 Important Immigration Stories From Central America, 12 Books to Read at the Start of a New Administration, Being born in London, but later immigrating to the United States at a young age, Helen Thorpe admits to feeling a sense of dual identity that the girls in. Get Started. I was friends with girls in the same situation.

It was quite good and easy to read. One came to the U.S. as a small child and eventually got her green card. He narrates one half of it from the point of view of a working-class black man in his early 20s and the other half from the point of view of a 42-year-old middle-class white mother. Just Like Us is one of those books. So although I know more about the lives of these four girls, I didn't learn much about how the situation could be improved, or how the average citizen might affect change. Lucy’s social circle consists of people for whom voting Leave is inconceivable, possibly evil and certainly racist, but her school staffroom is more divided.

Hornby makes hay with all this.

A story about DREAMers pre enactment of the Act: This book is written by the Ex-wife of the current presidential hopeful candidate John Hickenlooper, who certainly can stand on her own without this reference. It was before both Obama and 45. But that word sometimes applies to this deeply engrossing account of four Latina teenagers growing up in Denver.

Be the first to ask a question about Just Like Us. Helen Thorpe is the author of four books, most recently FINDING MOTHERLAND.

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What will they think of the stories of these young women who are their age?

Have everyone in your book group share a story from their own experience at prom. Had it not been something we are going to discuss in book club, I am not sure I would have finished the book. Her radio stories have aired on This American Life and Sound Print. • Just Like You by Nick Hornby is published by Viking (£16.99).

I had a daughter with a Mexican immigrant whose student visa expired - who was deported to a country that he had never been to in his life due to horrific crimes.

Although she clearly had great sympathy for the young women she described, I couldn’t tell you her exact views on illegal immigration.

Publisher: What on Earth Books For a long time, humans considered themselves better than animals, an assumption based on a lack of research: when Jane Goodall proved that chimpanzees made and used tools, the “proof” that humans were superior in the natural order became a bit shaky.

Joseph is candid about not being sure on the issue (“I thought you wanted us all to be British. Just Like Us was founded for a simple reason: growing up LGBT+ is still unacceptably tough. Tells the story of four girls in Denver, best friends, graduating from high school and through their college years. I especially got annoyed with her at the end of the book when she made these distinctions between Americans and Mexicans that were borderline offensive. One was born in the U.S.; she's "legal." As illegal immigrants, they face what so many of my students face, and their plight makes the struggle that I faced, as a teacher of those students while they were in middle school, that much more real. Will that gulf ever close? In a bizarre twist, the murderer works at one of the Mayor's restaurants under a fake Social Security number. To read is to voyage through time.”... Americans have long considered themselves a people set apart, but American exceptionalism is built on a set of tacit beliefs about other cultures. The author? Thorpe writes, “even though she [Marisela] would never collect Social Security payments—she was padding the fund for America’s legal retirees.” (p. 39) Why do you think Thorpe chooses to mention this fact? Each of the girls came from families who had emigrated from Mexico.

Even the Tancredo interviews didn't really spell out what it is that Tancredo would like to happen with illegal immigrants, although I'm sure he has very specific ideas. But as all the great writers of romance have known, love between two people also exists in a wider social world. In “Just Like Us,” Helen Thorpe attacks the complicated issue of illegal immigration from a variety of angles.

We’d love your help. Thorpe did an excellent job of weaving together the girls' lives; the story of cop Donnie Young, killed by an illegal immigrant; and the national conversation regarding immigration.

I am eagerly anticipating a discussion of the book with a group of UGA students at my house next month for their "Honors Book Club" - when i was invited to lead a discussion on a book of my choice, this one was at the top of the list. Thorpe gives the reader an intimate view of the challenges faced by the girls as they aspired to reach their goals in life. The author does a great job of showing the growth of both pro and anti immigrant groups.

The issue bleeds. I was pleasantly drawn into this true story of the four (really, three) girls, struggling from high school to college graduation here in Denver.

For that reason it gets the 5 star treatment. Illegal immigrants, especially children brought by their parents, live in a limbo of dread and hope constantly. Be the first to ask a question about Just Like Us. It's a road through hell.

Just Like Us tells the story of four high school students whose parents entered this country illegally from Mexico.

The third has a similar history, bu.

All four of the girls have grown up in the United States, and all four want to live the American dream, but only ... Sign up for your FREE email about the latest top book club picks, exclusive book giveaways, new releases, and online author events.

First, it struck me as highly improbable that all the girls received full scholarships to excellent schools.

Her journalism has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, New York magazine, The New Yorker, Slate, and Harper’s Bazaar. I don’t think there’s much in here to challenge or discomfit.

The other two are "illegal."

Marisela, Yadira,Elissa, and Clara fighting f, Marisela,Yadira, Elissa,and Clara four girls chasing a dream. She did explore how some families worked the system, while others tried to live by the rules. September 22nd 2009 How does the shooting of Denver police officer Donnie Young cast an unfavorable spotlight on the immigrant community? Trace your family origins—where do you come from?

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