Steve then begins blaming Summer saying it was her fault. Her name is Summer and she is a tattoo "artist" and alleged Furry. He changes his mind and restores the ability to comment on his videos, but promises that he will get the kingcobrajfs subreddit page taken down eventually. Clint Saunders tells Josh he needs to wash his clothing more. Using money intended for rent, Josh puts $400 down on a sweet new $500 guitar at Mister Money Pawn Shop. His family returned to Casper from North Dakota, where Josh eventually graduated from Natrona County High School. Josh uploads a video of him chugging a bottle of Peach Schnapps in the early afternoon. Josh further elaborates on the matter in his "Dip review" video, explaining how after receiving feedback from his boss, Josh's job coach said he would probably not be hired. Rich Warlock guitar Josh got in junior high is smashed on camera for no reason, "to my fans and friends im sorry" - sex doll "apology", Josh steps away from his family for a moment to tell his viewers that he has decided yet again to give up on dating and companionship, Josh returns from the trip and is noticeably more coherent than normal. A sub-saga of the Chris Saga. He claims that while it is not the exact sex doll he wanted, he is taking the gesture as a compliment. This results in a couple of strange "skit" videos in which Josh acts as a ventriloquist, acting out a few scenes with his new sex doll (named "Felicia") and his dummy, Shon. Josh smashes his BC Rich Warlock guitar for seemingly no reason. (12/12/17) After talking about his business idea of making wands for his fans for a few months, Josh finally makes a step towards business come to life. Josh suddenly believes that he could possibly be the reincarnation of the late 18th-century German composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Gothic King Cobra gets Recognized by www.Metalsucks.Net gaining josh a new audience. Summer couldn't take the harassment and the magnitude of Josh's internet fame and broke up with Josh over the phone but wanted to remain friends. Josh's best friend Homeboy Scotty was in Facebook chat making fun of Stephanie which made Josh fake laugh through the whole duration of the livestream. Josh decides to vote for Gary Johnson on the day of the election, going back on his previous decision to vote for Donald Trump (because he wants to legalize weed). Presumably the result of a Christmas gift, Josh reveals that the computer he broke in a fit of anger has been replaced by a brand new iMac. Franco sometimes worked under various pseudonyms, including David Khune and Frank Hollmann. In 1960, Franco took Marius Lesoeur and Sergio Newman, two producer friends, to a cinema to see the newly released Hammer horror film The Brides of Dracula and the three men decided to get into the horror film business. Videos include reviews, drink combos, pipes/tobacco, and cooking. Upon receiving a pocket pussy, Josh becomes irritated and destroys the item on camera (after having already used it), claiming that he is asexual once again. "Playing the national anthem for Ventrenns Day", Josh talks about a second documentary that has still not happened, Josh breaks his glasses after falling over while drunk on his way home from The SandBar Lounge (a bar Josh frequents).

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