This rating is for The Fire Witness only. Lars Kepler is the pseudonym of husband and wife team Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril (b. Start by marking “The Joona Linna Thrillers 3-Book Bundle: The Hypnotist; The Nightmare; The Fire Witness” as Want to Read: Error rating book. Margot Silverman is interesting, but one feels that the Ahndorils could have done a lot more with her than they have. The central character in the first novel, The Hypnotist, Erik remains a weak, pill-popping, mendacious excuse for a psychiatrist who tends to frustrate readers with his penchant for wandering off into the middle of the investigation to complicate matters unnecessarily. it a good read, but quite dissapointed with the end . Anonymous Content is going all-in on the series of thriller novels by Lars Kepler, the pseudonym for the married Swedish authors Alexandra Coelho … 1 internationally bestselling Joona Linna series. Kepler’s stellar fifth Joona Linna novel finds Joona, who faked his death in 2018’s The Sandman to protect his family from a serial killer, replaced as the Swedish National Police Authority’s expert on “serial killers, spree killers, and stalkers” by Margot Silverman. These books are excellent and in the taut suspenseful tradition of the best of the Scandinavian authors. I like the lead detective.

Waiting for Sandman to be translated to English. Having read a Joona Linna story a while ago, I was excited to delve further into his world, so invested in this omnibus of 3 novels.

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Why did the victim have to suffer for that exact amount of time? Chilling, psychologically dark, and complexly plotted, Lars Kepler's brilliant and addictive thrillers feature the troubled and intriguing Detective Inspector Joona Linna, someone who goes against the grain of conventional police procedure and thinks outside the box.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. “Surprisingly, although Stalker is less than completely satisfying on its own, one can’t wait to see what happens next in this remarkable series.”. The Swedish Foreign Minister has been assassinated in his own home, but the killer deliberately left a witness, a prostitute who was visiting the victim at the time.

Then there’s celebrity chef Rex Müller and his son, potential victims of the Rabbit Hunter. Can Saga and Joona sift through confusing and seemingly random clues to uncover the pattern behind the killer’s actions, his motive, and ultimately his identity, before it’s too late?

(One laughs out loud to learn that she becomes pregnant as a result. Has it now devolved into self-parody, dependent on having “Girl” in the title and gratuitous violence between the covers, broody, inscrutable characters who no longer appeal, and stories that go nowhere across a landscape that’s exhaustingly bleak?

Each book gets better. Which I shall keep a secret :-) .

I wish I had realized this sooner. Just carelessly thrown together, recycled, boring nonsense the prime objective of which is to maintain Lars Kepler’s place as a #1 International Bestseller.

Lars Keplar knows how to draw a reader in. Just completed The fire Witness. Refresh and try again. Very close to term, in fact.

His latest novel is The Long Road Into Darkness: A Tom Faust Crime Novel. Joona Linna is the lead protagonist of the “Joona Linna” series of novels by Alexander Ahndoril and Alexandra Coelho Ahndrohi, who are a husband and wife writing team known as Lars Kepler.

Michael J. McCann’s novel Sorrow Lake was a finalist for the Hammett Prize for literary excellence in North American crime fiction. The information she provides, however, is puzzling and contradictory. Love this series!

Along with her partner, Adam Youssef, Margot occupies Joona Linna’s former office. For research purposes, apparently. Be the first to ask a question about The Joona Linna Thrillers 3-Book Bundle. The Fire Witness left you wanting to discover more about him. Business must continue for the Swedish National Criminal Investigation Division, however, and the newest installment in the series, Stalker, opens with Detective Margot Silverman investigating the brutal murder of a woman who’d been filmed through her bedroom window shortly before her death. I think Lars Keppler has Ruth Rendell beat. She’s the daughter of the former commissioner, and she’s pregnant. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

In fact, most of the characters in this novel are inexplicably dreadful. Fabulous writers they just want you to read more ! When the Division receives a clip from YouTube that outlines a voyeur… It’s dark and depressing, as all good Scandinavian noir crime novels should be.

It was well-written, but just told an awful story about truly terrible people and their hideous crimes. In general, I like the Scandinavian authors. The Fire Witness is the one I just read.

All three books are very different types of “keep you on the edge of your seat” thrillers. Surprisingly, although Stalker is less than completely satisfying on its own, one can’t wait to see what happens next in this remarkable series. Frankly, it’s a disappointment.

1967), authors of the Joona Linna series. After Saga Bauer finds incontrovertible evidence that Jurek Walter is dead, she tracks down Joona Linna and convinces him to end his self-imposed exile. Eight stars In this much anticipated fifth novel in the Joona Linna series, Kepler delivers more thrill and drama to appease fans. Whaaaat?). Frankly, it’s a disappointment. I've read all three books and loved them all! The Hypnotist by Lars Kepler is the first installment in the #1 internationally bestselling Joona Linna series, which shows the lengths one determined detective is willing to go to solve a horrific crime.. Hypnotist and shock/trauma specialist Dr. Erik Maria Bark is called to the bedside of a young man late one night. Not literary, not socially relevant, not well crafted or thought out.

The first novel was fabulous, and while I did read all three, they lose their steam at about halfway through #2. We’ll what can I say ?? The novel is a crime narrative, but it contains elements of mystery, police procedural, adventure, psychological thriller, … "The Hypnotist" and "The Fire Witness" were also extremely well-written, but didn't leave me with nightmares. overall, the storyline was good, and it worth reading . The Ahndorils were both established writers before they adopted the pen name Lars Kepler, and have each published several acclaimed novels.

It is only book 3 The Fire Witness I am reviewing, It is excellent as ususal, gripping, always something happening, I am glad we finally learned a bit more about Joona's past. At the end of Stalker, readers are left with more questions than answers.

Not to mention the rabbits.

And finally, do the authors really intend to follow through on the horrifying fate they promise us is in store for one of our favourite literary detectives, the talented and troubled Joona Linna? Will Margot Silverman return next time out and develop into a more interesting, engaging character? The books are getting better and better. With seven installments to date, the series has sold more than 14 million copies in 40 languages. It’s a truism in popular fiction that treating one’s protagonist as roughly as possible throughout the novel will set up the story for a satisfying finale, but the Ahndorils have really gone to town on our intrepid detective in this one, with an almost brutal zest for punishment. Ohhh the ending!!! The last time we saw National Crime detective Joona Linna and Saga Bauer of the Swedish Security Police, in Lars Kepler’s outstanding novel The Sandman (2018), Saga discovered that Joona had disappeared from his hospital room without a trace. January 21st 2014 I am absolutely going to continue this series. (Or is Rex the bad guy after all?) Promised a pardon if he can find the killer before the prime minister meets the same fate as his foreign minister, Joona is provisionally released in order to participate in the case. Lars Kepler is the pseudonym of critically acclaimed husband and wife team Alexander Ahndoril and Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril, authors of the No.

Inevitably, Joona becomes involved in Margot’s stalker case because she has reached out for assistance to someone well known to him—Erik Maria Bark, the hypnotist. As subsequent victims are found, however, it begins to seem more like the work of someone on a personal mission of vengeance.

Perhaps it’s now time for us to start looking elsewhere other than Scandinavia for writers who capitalize on the vast potential of crime fiction, in whatever setting, as a genre of choice.

In …

All the books are quick read page turners and very scary.

The Rabbit Torturer might have been a more appropriate title. “Surprisingly, although Stalker is less than completely satisfying on its own, one can’t wait to see what happens next in this remarkable series.”.

They just get better and better ! It’s a bit of a challenging read, however, and doesn’t quite live up to its predecessor, The Sandman.

I have only read "The Fire Witness" but I liked the buildup to the conclusion. Why did the killer draw it out so long?

If you happen to like rabbits, cute and vulnerable little creatures that they are, you won’t want to read this story. Now I need the next one!! It features the sort of tight writing style the Ahndorils have been refining as they go along, including trademark one-sentence descriptive images that set the tone for many of their scenes. To see what your friends thought of this book, The Joona Linna Thrillers 3-Book Bundle: The Hypnotist; The Nightmare; The Fire Witness.

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