I always had a concept of the role, but I also wanted to please my director. That it’s destroying America? He asked me to cry in the scene,” she said. I knew Spielberg because my husband and I had been really close [to him] for years before any of us made it. Even Sid Sheinberg couldn’t get me a copy of it. When Spielberg set up a company and you worked and talked about what you wanted, it wasn’t like any other television show. Her feature, FIRST LOVE was named one of the years ten best by CBS. And he said to me, “Oh, that’s terrific,” he said, “I want you to tell it to somebody else.” And he brought in his second-in-command, and I thought, “Oh boy, I’m going to get to do this. [I did.] But to do the better pieces, it really meant having to get out and sell and sell and sell, and I’d done a lot of that. Louise was just incredible. Now television has sort of come back, with some really good stuff, and strangely enough I just a few days ago finished a screenplay. Absolutely. Yeah, you know, you can’t get it. His sister Annie wrote that. Anyway……I was browsing on line to get away from the debates and Hurricane Matthew…….and ran across your name. Yeah, I loved that one too. Okay. Just being around him, you knew. Oh, well tell your mom hello for me! And then if something happened, some marvelous moment happened on set, and you wanted to shoot it, you had to stop production and call one of the producers down to get it approved. They really wanted to do something that you’d be apt to see more in a movie or a play. I wasn’t thinking about it as being groundbreaking. And don’t get me started about Twitter. Within the framework of certain jobs, you have to do a lot of sell to preserve the integrity of the work and all that.

And I realized I didn’t have the right personality anymore to get a job as an actress. Much, much better. I had a great time doing that one. And I walked onto the set and I read the script, it was a really nice part. That was pretty early on, but now if you just sit down and look at the names on the shows of the directors, it might not be to where there are as many mediocre women directors as there are mediocre men directors, but the number of women who are directing now is exponentially larger than when I started. Joan Darling has been nominated four times for an Emmy (the first woman nominated for directing) and twice for a Directors Guild of America award, winning one of each. To cultivate working actors and creative artists. In 1974, she made the leap from acting to directing and quickly made history as one of the first and most successful women directors in television. And it’s really funny because in my house, when I do an acting job, I tend to revert back to an actress mentality.
And they said to me, “We don’t want it to be conventional in the sense that something bad happens and then something else happens.” They said, “We want her to do it because it’s so hot there, because the whole way everything is, is conspiring.” And I said, “Oh, okay.”. Allow your actors to experiment before making adjustments.

I just loved that. That clued me in that they were—I can say this—serious artists. But, you knew. Figuring, “Oh, I’ll just make up the time somewhere else, because if I don’t get this I don’t have my movie.” And I’m sure we all sit there and go “Oh no.”, In the old days, when you had a really good one, they’d pull on your sleeve and say, “Joan, you really want to get that close-up.” You’d say, “Well, we’re losing the light and I’ve got to get that…” “No, Joan, you’ll be sorry.” It’s what they used to say to us: “You’ll be sorry.” Then you’re in the editing room going, “Oh, am I sorry.”. Oh, thank you. That sounds impressive. They started to set the first show up and I thought, “Well, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Oh my God, I feel like a prophet or something. Do you feel like your theory about television bore out? I want you to do the camerawork.”, I said, “Well, I don’t know anything about the camera.” He said, “No, I think you do.”. I thought everything was going to be that easy to direct.” Because all he said was half a sentence to me and I knew exactly what he wanted.
I knew it even before that.

The other thing about television is, when I was growing up, to be entertained you had to read a book. And because of working together on that, we became friends, and he met my husband, and we used to go to movies together all the time. Yeah, and that comes from teaching acting for so long. Well, not everybody’s favorite. So a lot of the early shows got a lot of attention and awards and things like that. I had a sense of what a special piece that was. So I guess the best way to really tell you how it’s changed is: I was speaking at AFI right after I had started—I was very fortunate in that for some reason I seem to know how to direct, which was a big surprise to me. Joan Darling, Director: ABC Afterschool Specials. I’ll make the best case I can for what it is. But I could feel it coming with television. There are so many things I learned from this class, but above all else, I will remember that Joan is always right. These days, Joan teaches acting and directing classes at the Sundance Filmmakers Lab. Legendary ​​director and ​a​ctress Joan Darling shares her ​wealth of experience and ​insights on ​directing actors ​and helping them achieve their best work. We all become Mary Hartman staring at the yellow on the floor. Absolutely. There’s been a lot of talk lately about the role of women in TV and film and the opportunities for them. That must’ve been a totally different experience. Pingback: I Don’t Care That Kim’s Is Closing, And You Shouldn’t Either | Smug Film, Pingback: Smug Film Podcast Episode #7 – Acting Class / Steven Seagal / Homegrown Cinema | Smug Film. And then, he directed Duel. When I started, I was the only woman who was going to work every day as a director. At the beginning of the class, Joan passed out “Darling… Oh, is that an interesting question! So I grew tired from that. I got a M*A*S*H, and I got a Rich Man, Poor Man, and then I got a feature [film, First Love in 1977]. One job after another, I really worked a lot. I’ll come home and my husband will say to me, “When is the director coming back?”. One person I worked with was very cliché. The Netflix copy is all jerky, so I couldn’t finish that one. I said, “Oh, I don’t know, let me look.”. I’ll get my television movie.” So I told the whole story, and Norm turned to him and said, “I think she’s the one.” And he said, “I think you’re right.”, So Norm turned to me and said, “Do you want to be a director?”, I said, “I don’t know, I’ve never thought about it.”. But directing got to a period where it was really trapped, and the writer/producers were doing most of what you’d consider the director’s job. Joan Darling has been nominated four times for an Emmy (the first woman nominated for directing) and twice for a Directors Guild of America award, winning one of each. It’s more, it’s called “How To Direct The Actor, or How To Run the Most Important Piece of Equipment on the Set.” Basically what I do, at Sundance for instance when I do that, the first thing I do is I run a little mini acting class, and get the directors to learn some immediate techniques for acting that get connected and put them through the experience of being directed. I mean John, you and I are going to be best friends. Okay. So I definitely wanted to create what it was really like for everybody.

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