And it’s fun, but it’s nothing compared to an actual comedy club, or an actual theater, or even an actual arena. And human beings are pretty resourceful, so it will get figured out. But thanks to his ever-present charm, friendly approach, and endless relatability, the feel-good pair of specials reminds us that the funniest jokes are the universal jokes. I’m not your tour guide, I’m a tourist. And even though I didn’t get a chance to do South America, or Latin America, or Mexico, it’s like I know what could be funny. Stream Jim Gaffigan: The Pale Tourist On Amazon Prime Video, Jim Gaffigan On Being ‘The Pale Tourist’ In Canada And Spain In His New 2-Part Special, Dont’a Hightower becomes fifth Patriots player to opt out of 2020 NFL season, Council to the rescue for President Trump,, Sources: Capela dealt in 4-team, 12-player trade, Match Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg Steps Down, Austin ranks among cities with highest STD rates in U.S., statistics show, Text Messages Show Lev Parnas’s Access to Key Trump Supporters, The 2020 Presidential Election Really is Different -, The Bernie Campaign Is Fortified by a Human Shield of Millennials, How to Watch Donald Trump’s Impeachment Trial, U.S.-European Friction Over Wiring Is Latest Complication for 737 MAX Return. Yeah, there was always going to be Canada, Spain and Mexico City.

Stand-up is very much, for me, self assignment. Yeah. There’s always this distinction between tourist and traveler, and I never know which one I was, whichever country I was in. You also had the “he’s a jerk” refrain throughout the stand-up sets, which clued in the audience that, “Okay, I don’t know everything about your culture and I’m just going to make fun of myself.”. Do you know what I mean?

But us working together has always been kind of fluid and much more complex at times. What was Jeannie’s contribution? So it’s a pretty absurd task. You must complete additional steps or remove assets to resume downloading.

Gaffigan chatted with Decider via Zoom and talked about the logistics of writing a new special for each country he visited, why he thinks the idea of a “tourist” has gotten a bad rap, and some information on his first two “Drive-thru Comic” shows, where he played for audiences that were social distancing in their cars.

Wynn Las Vegas and AEG Presents apologize for any inconvenience this causes ticket holders. 2020 Wynn Resorts Holdings, LLC. In your YouTube videos and essays on CBS This Morning, they’re all from your apartment though, right? I had a big tour planned down there, but the pandemic hit, so I had to cancel it after Bogota. I haven’t watched this special in a while, but I was backstage asking Ted Alexandro how I should say something. So to your point, the statue of the devil in Madrid, no one in America, or not many people are going to know that there’s a statute of the devil in Madrid. You know what I mean? No, but you know what? RELATED: Jim Gaffigan Is ‘The Pale Tourist’ In Amazon Prime Video Stand-Up Trailer The comedian described 2020 as. No, it’s amazing. So even the CBS Sunday Morning commentaries, ideally, we would work on them together, but the reality is we’re in a pandemic and-. I would want to eat in the oldest restaurant in Spain, I would want to try the most classic meal. The thing about the Monmouth… I’ve done two drive-in shows, right? But Red Bank has this amazing Count Basie Theater. You feel like you’ve had a victory. But the audio was something that we could clean up to make it work. Jim Gaffigan: Pale Tourist Powered by Reelgood Before the pandemic hit, Jim Gaffigan was one of the busiest comedians around, and not just … Was that part of the research, as well? The tw… And so that was the idea, was self assignment.

And so I have to, in the setup, explain that there’s this devil statue in Madrid. I had done a show in Spain, and the history and the culture and so many things popped out to me that I knew I wanted to do Spain, and I was planning to do Mexico, or Latin America. It’s also, we’re all high risk.

How did that idea come up, and I saw the CBS essay about it, but how did the Monmouth Park show come up, and how did you feel doing it? Some of it is that’s just what I would do anyway. And I can see myself thinking of how I’m going to say it. So you have to admire Jim Gaffigan for trying out uncommon ground in his two new Amazon comedy specials “Jim Gaffigan: The Pale Tourist.” The idea is … Exactly. Because I included Asian American, and I included Florida Man, because at Christmas I recorded, but again, not great production value, just last minute kind of thing. So there’s a lot of… It’s like very fertile soil for material. Before the pandemic hit, Jim Gaffigan was one of the busiest comedians around, and not just because he and his wife/collaborator Jeannie were taking care of their five kids. In Spain, some of it was, I’m dealing with these generalities, these tourist’s kind of knowledge, and creating jokes on them. Get more information about Season 1 on TMDb. When I was following you on social media doing the Pale Tourist Tour, I saw it was taking you to such interesting places. I’ve done a fair amount of international travel, so I get it. DescriptionJim Gaffigan performs in Canada and has some very strong opinions on poutine, Saskatchewan, health care and … The result was the two-episode Amazon special The Pale Tourist, where he does two completely different hours, one in Toronto and one in Barcelona. You went around and talked to locals and ate the food. The point of view was very much, “I tried.” Do you know what I mean? Highest quality files will be downloaded for all the assets.

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