The plan hits a snag, as without his powers the Spectre is nothing but an empty spirit, leaving him invulnerable.

Injustice League | Obsidan |
Floronic Man | Hector Hammond | She had even planned for Captain Boomerang being killed, as she gave an anonymous tip to Jack.

Jean is shown falling into the ocean near Themiscyra and a shark is seen approaching her.

In the final stage of her plan, Jean set up Captain Boomerang to attack Jack Drake, the father of Tim Drake, the third Robin. Jean was right, and she and Ray were together again.

[7] In the Blackest Night storyline, on the night of the superhero's memorial day, her widower, Ray asks Hawkman to visit her grave to be honored as a fallen member of the community, but Hawkman refuses because of what she did in Identity Crisis.

Elite | Ra's al Ghul |

Prometheus |

Jean Loring, portrayed by Teryl Rothery as the attorney for Oliver Queen and his family, was a recurring character on the CW television series Arrow. Occupation(s): Supervillainess; Lawyer (formerly) Key | Suicide Squad | Jean began taking dangerously high risks just to get Ray to notice her again, not even considering that maybe all she had to do was call Ray and reconcile. Wanting to resume her relationship with Ray, she came to believe that the surest way to do this was to endanger the loved one of another superhero.

Cheshire | Find Jean Loring's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading online directory for contact information. In a passing conversation, Jean mentioned something which only the killer of Sue could have known, so Ray handed Jean over to Arkham Asylum. Doctor Destiny | Jean Loring was the ex-wife of Ray Palmer also known as The Atom. Jean soon remarried and with her new husband, Paul Hoben, opened up a law office in Calvin City. As Eclipso, Jean was able to control the Spectre and do battle with several magical beings. Other Names: Eclipso

Ray caught Jean having an affair with another man and they divorced.[6].

Mirror Master |

1) #19 and #77, Jean did not truly come to national prominence until the divorce. Kite Man | After the Spectre kills Nabu, the last and most powerful of the Lords of Order, the Presence's attention is finally drawn to him, and the Spectre is forced into a human host, finally stopping his mad rampage.

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In Countdown to Mystery #4, following Mary and Eclipso's battle, the black diamond chooses Bruce Gordon as a host. Demolition Team | Eclipso manages to escape the Sun's orbit and attempts to possess Mary Marvel, but is separated from Jean, who drowns in the ocean. Black Lantern Corps |

Catalyst | Black Adam |

Doctor Manhattan |

Cybogirl | Killer Frost |

The events led to an investigation as to who could have done such a thing, causing a cold war between superheroes and villains. Jean Loring as Eclipso. Amazo | White Martians |

She believed that this would send all of the superheroes, including Ray, running back to their spouses and other relatives. Cadre | Crazy Quilt | Jean Loring was the ex-wife of Ray Palmer also known as The Atom. Pro Nat Acad Sci USA 2015 Jan 6;112(1):E56-64, doi:10.1073/pnas. Merlyn |

Shaggy Man | Alignment: Bad

Neron | Ray's bachelor party was in Justice League of America #151 (all issues by Gerry Conway, Dick Dillin and Frank McLalughlin) and he still hadn't decided whether to tell Jean that he is the Atom! Copperhead |

She is among the sidekicks and loved ones attacked by the Legion of Doom. Mordru |

[3] Although quickly freed from the Jimberen by the Atom and Hawkman, Jean remained insane until Justice League of America #81 (June 1970), when she was cured by the equally insane alien the Jest-Master. Mister Nebula |

After Jean was kidnapped by T. O. Morrow, Ray went into an interdimensional search to retrieve her, asking for help from the Flash, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Captain Comet. Morrow | Ultra-Humanite | Felix Faust |

Anarky | This led to Jean developing a slight resentment towards the other spouses such as Lois Lane and Sue Dibny, who somehow seemed to effortlessly manage.

Satanus | Captain Boomerang | She first appeared in Showcase #34 (October 1961), created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Gil Kane.

Jean Loring is a fictional character in comic books published by DC Comics, formerly associated with superhero the Atom for whom she was a supporting character and primary love interest. Relatives: Dr. Loring (father); Ray Palmer (ex-husband); Paul Hoben (ex-husband); Freddy (nephew) After a while away, Ray returned to the United States of America and Jean murdered Sue Dibny to try and bring Ray closer to her, as she thought, with the death of the wife of a superhero, others may bring their loved ones in closer to them, to protect them, which would include Ray. Poison Ivy | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Jean then has Captain Boomerang attempt an assassination on Robin's father, though she provides him with a gun and a warning to avoid actually getting him killed.

Appellaxians |

Her recklessness costs Sue Dibny her life, shaking Jean up even further as she then sets up several fake assassinations on superhero's loved ones in an attempt to make it look like a serial killer is on the loose, with herself as a target. Ray proposed to Jean often, but she rejected him, wanting to make it as a lawyer before becoming a wife. 1415195112.

Deadshot |

Doctor Sivana |

Doctor Polaris |

Dark Supergirl | Fiddler | In the calamity, Ray and Jean get back together after Ray discovered Jean was nearly hanged to death (this was actually Jean's own doing to avoid suspicion). It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology.

Doctor Impossible | She eventually returned to Ivy Town without him and established the firm of Grabemann, Loring and Ross. Morgaine Le Fey |

Following the Rebirth event in 2015, it was revealed in Justice League of America #17 in late 2017 that the elements established in Identity Crisis had been retconned away, and Jean Loring was mentioned as being married once again to Ray Palmer.

Black Hand |

Red Death |

Jean Loring was a lawyer who was once married to Ray Palmer, but they split after Jean had an affair with Paul Hoben, who she eventually married. Kobra Cult | Scarecrow | Funky Flashman | Blockbuster |

However, Ray manages to fight back, using his indigo staff to combine the green light of willpower with the indigo light of compassion, using them to destroy Jean and her ring.[13].

Aquarius | | "The Flash Subverts Identity Crisis With Sue Dibny's Origin Story in "A Girl Named Sue, Jean Loring appears in the second season of, An alternate universe version of Jean Loring appears in. Jack and Boomerang killed each other, leaving both of their sons without their fathers. Doctor Double X | Doctor Phosphorus | Jean Loring's career as an attorney in Ivy Town began at almost the same time that her boyfriend, Ray Palmer, became the Atom (II).

Brainiac |

Tattooed Man | Jean Loring is a fictional character in comic books published by DC Comics, formerly associated with superhero the Atom for whom she was a supporting character and primary love interest.

Jean Loring makes an appearance in Alex Ross' Justice. She was the main antagonist of the storyline Identity Crisis, orchestrating the various murders throughout the miniseries, most directly the death of Sue Dibney, Elongated Man's wife, though this isn't revealed until the end.

Sometime later, Jean wanted to get back with Ray. [8], Jean is reanimated (off-panel) as a member of the Black Lantern Corps, wearing a costume based on her Eclipso persona. In Atom and Hawkman #45 (November 1969), Jean was abducted and driven insane by the sub-atomic Jimberen race.

Vandal Savage |

Parasite | After Jean accidentally lets Ray know that she knows about Robin's father being murdered (information that Batman kept confidential), Ray deduces that she had a part in his assassination and as a result that she was Sue Dibny's killer. She made exceptions, though, as in her defense of Risk of the Teen Titans.

Despero | Ultimately they decided to divorce. During the battle, Mary calls down the magic lightning bolt, removing Eclipso's power from Jean. Her body was recovered and buried inland.

She kills Damage from behind, ripping out his heart as Ray stares in shock. Red King | Icicle | However, during a conversation with Ray about the deaths of Jack and Boomerang, Jean accidentally incriminated herself by asking about the "Protect Yourself" note that was sent to Jack along with the gun, something that she should not have known about as Batman had removed the note from the crime scene before reporters had arrived.

Maxwell Lord | While in Arkham, Jean found a black diamond which made her into the new host for Eclipso. Captain Cold | Doctor Regulus | Asmodel |

Jean Loring's career as an attorney in Ivy Town began at almost the same time that her boyfriend, Ray Palmer, became the Atom. Batman / Superman Collected Editions Vol 1 7, Trading Card Series by Production Company, Amos Fortune |

Intergang | With all their lives in danger, a group of mystics band together, forming the Shadowpact. Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! Eclipso |

Libra |

Ibac | We have created a browser extension.

Sinestro |

Appearance of Death: Countdown to Final Crisis Vol 1 17 Hellgrammite | Jean suffered a mental breakdown as revealed in the 2004 miniseries Identity Crisis. Crime Syndicate of America | Black Spider |

She lived in Ivy town and helped The Atom on cases at times.

Status: Deceased Golden Gilder |

Evil Star | Eclipso retrieves the diamond and attempts to kill Mary, only to find that Mary is too strong for her.

Doctor Light | Jean and Ray had a difficult time trying to make their marriage work with Ray's double-life as the Atom constantly calling him away from her.

Several adventures together – including experiencing a strange condition that made her teleport spontaneously between dimensions – ultimately lead to their marriage.

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