Article and video related to this event can be seen here and here.

Subscribe To Our Daily Newsletter And Get News Delivered Straight To Your Inbox. Fact: Video shows the simulated version of fireworks created by a YouTube channel user ‘hiramu55bocaboca’.

Because of the COVID-19, this event got postponed to 2021. The fireworks seen here are not real ones but were created digitally. Unlike natural shooting stars, ALE's artificial meteors will glow in different colors, creating the possibility to paint the sky. Local … A Video of spectacular synchronized fireworks is being shared on social media claiming that Japan displayed the fireworks prepared for 2020 Olympic games near Mount Fuji in Japan. Because of COVID-19, this event got postponed to 2021. But perhaps the most challenging concept was the most aesthetic: the luminosity. To sum it up, an unrelated simulated version of synchronized fireworks is falsely shared as the display of fireworks prepared for ‘TOKYO 2020’. Claim: Japan displayed the fireworks prepared for  2020 Summer Olympics ‘TOKYO 2020’ near Mount Fuji. Meet the artist that shot a bouquet of flowers 30,000 meters into space, "Okajima watched meteor showers when she was younger, but living in Tokyo (as an adult) she couldn't really see them, so that played a part in her inspiration.". A discharge device, developed by ALE, will be fitted to the satellite to eject the artificial pellets, which are about 2 centimeters in diameter.

But creating the source particle, which shoots out of the satellite, was just the first hurdle. The postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was a major blow for the industry, leaving craftsmen unable to sell fireworks they had spent months making. But at atmospheric pressure, electric arcs heat matter at extremely high temperatures -- to the tune of thousands of kelvins. Liked this story? After a meteoroid is fired from the satellite, it will travel about one third of the way around the Earth before, ALE says, entering the atmosphere at a planned location. It is posted on Youtube with the title ‘FWsim Mount Fuji synchronized fireworks show2’. The heat and friction of passing through the atmosphere cause the meteors to glow so brightly they can be seen from the ground. ‘TOKYO 2020’ was scheduled to start on ‘24 July 2020’ in Japan. Normally velocity determines luminosity, but ALE's meteors move nearly 10 times slower than the top speed of, "Luminosity is affected by velocity, so if the meteor is slower, it will be fainter," says Abe. Creating a man-made meteor show is a significant scientific feat. "People in Japan are so busy everyday and they need more culture and science in their lives to bring them closer to nature, and to relax.". He created this photo in ‘FWsim’ fireworks simulator website and posted on his YouTube channel in 2015. Ephemeral and poetic, shooting stars are among the world's most beautiful natural wonders. A glimpse of this fireworks video was also found in  ‘gfycat’ website with the same title. Japanese space start-up ALE is getting ready to deploy a satellite into orbit, which will enable the company to paint the sky with artificial meteors. ALE says its fake meteors will follow a similar process.

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