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There are several standard ways to form new Lie groups from old ones: Some examples of groups that are not Lie groups (except in the trivial sense that any group having at most countably many elements can be viewed as a 0-dimensional Lie group, with the discrete topology), are: To every Lie group we can associate a Lie algebra whose underlying vector space is the tangent space of the Lie group at the identity element and which completely captures the local structure of the group.

→ is just the group of real numbers under addition and is therefore a Lie group. Lie groups (and their associated Lie algebras) play a major role in modern physics, with the Lie group typically playing the role of a symmetry of a physical system.

n H joining G

± It turns out that they mostly fall into four infinite families, the "classical Lie algebras" An, Bn, Cn and Dn, which have simple descriptions in terms of symmetries of Euclidean space. Specifically, the left invariant extension of an element. {\displaystyle \mathbb {C} }



This startling observation, first made by John McKay, was the starting point for moonshine theory. be a one-parameter subgroup of irrational slope, i.e. Q 81 contains the set of points, {

− In the 1940s–1950s, Ellis Kolchin, Armand Borel, and Claude Chevalley realised that many foundational results concerning Lie groups can be developed completely algebraically, giving rise to the theory of algebraic groups defined over an arbitrary field. a fixed irrational number, is a subgroup of the torus [14] (See the next subsection for more information about simply connected Lie groups.) H S

It is possible to define analogues of many Lie groups over finite fields, and these give most of the examples of finite simple groups.

Lie groups are widely used in many parts of modern mathematics and physics. {\displaystyle G} On the model of Galois theory and polynomial equations, the driving conception was of a theory capable of unifying, by the study of symmetry, the whole area of ordinary differential equations.

H It is the unique such function which is holomorphic away from a simple pole at the cusp such that.

H ; that is, a matrix Lie group satisfies the above conditions.).

For example, let Two Lie groups are called isomorphic if there exists a bijective homomorphism between them whose inverse is also a Lie group homomorphism. ⁡ Let.

For example, an infinite-dimensional Lie algebra may or may not have a corresponding Lie group. x

{\displaystyle G} In light of Lie's third theorem, we may therefore say that there is a one-to-one correspondence between isomorphism classes of finite-dimensional real Lie algebras and isomorphism classes of simply connected Lie groups. C

The irreducible representations, in turn, were classified by Hermann Weyl. {\displaystyle X} Y

3 The Lie algebra of a closed subgroup, We apply this construction to the case when the manifold, Any tangent vector at the identity of a Lie group can be extended to a left invariant vector field by left translating the tangent vector to other points of the manifold. This leads to the same Lie algebra, because the inverse map on G can be used to identify left invariant vector fields with right invariant vector fields, and acts as −1 on the tangent space Te. G 1 G

) ↦ ∗ = g . Lie groups may be thought of as smoothly varying families of symmetries. into

τ {\displaystyle G}


However this is inadequate for many applications, because many natural examples of infinite-dimensional Lie groups are not Banach manifolds.

( {\displaystyle H} ⁡ Since most of the interesting examples of Lie groups can be realized as matrix Lie groups, some textbooks restrict attention to this class, including those of Hall[3] and Rossmann. A Lie group where θm and ϑn are alternative notations, and a4 − b4 + c4 = 0. − − G G

ϕ The particular class of objects and type of transformations are usually indicated by the context in which the term is used.

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