Principal Pixiefrog •

Kole • Max Tennyson • Interact with people you like, ignore the ones you don’t. They might be a potato. Richard Watterson • League of Nations, Kids Next Door • HD wallpaper from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

Tuba, Lion-O •

Numbuh 3 • Red-handed caught, that’s why they like Aran. Arella Roth • Mary Test • EDUARDO: Si. Action Hank • Eduardo is one of, if not — the — gentlest Imaginary friend in the whole house.

Interestingly, in the game Punch Time Explosion XL, Bubble's synergy attack is with Eduardo.

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Nina is on Ed; the character on the right is Nina's then-baby brother.
Living Bullet • Big Chil • "Race For Your Life Mac and Bloo:" The titular buddies are racing each other to Foster's, but Bloo gets lost along the way.

Eduardo: I like potatoes. Mr. Woim • "The Bloo Superdude and the Magic Potato of Power". Casanova • Though he tries to be protective he is by nature a complete coward. So many good things come from potatoes. Edd • (Fun fact: I consulted an actual book to check my facts on this. So like I’m backing away. Ashi • #me #sad #6 word story #i like potatoes. [spotted Cheese] Cheese! Like really. Especially in "Partying is Such Sweet Soiree". CHEESE: Let me do it. It gets better. Buzzshock •

Drew Saturday • ], [In Bloo's dream; Bloo walks down stairs, blowing kisses to everyone and looking cool; when he gets to the bottom, Cheese bursts in with lipstick.].

Raven • BMO • roses are redviolets are bluenobody likes meits bcuz i turn into a lizard and kill people isn’t itgoddamn human privelege. Kid Flash • Abraham Lincoln • This man was so fab. More Imagination Companions, A Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Wiki.

Oh hello there Taylor Swift, 26 year old, cat adoring GRAMMY winner, also known as biggest popstar in the world and the person who made country music cool around the globe, how nice of you to acknowledge my existence today.

GIRL: [scoffs] Your soap smells like foot. It's hoooooooooooooot in Tooooopeeeeeeeeeeeekaaaaaaaaaaaaa. What does it say when the audience can read it? Ed • Tramm • Hot Dog • Dexter's Mom • Nickname Eduardo has also nurtured a pink elephant squeak toy like a baby in "Squeakerboxxx," even going as far to name it Paco. Fiskerton • Plus they’re super delicious. When Bloo decides to sell merch relating to his cookies rather than the cookies themselves, we get this exchange where a customer calls him out on it: Frankie, who practically worshipped Madame Foster's cookies growing up, now gets to eat as many as she wants whenever she wants. Monroe • Friends!!!

MAC: [yelling at Bloo and Cheese] QUIET!!! CHEESE: I LIKE CEREAL!

Lil' D •

Herriman gets a ransom letter for the carrots and reads it as having to come to the roof. ", "Cranks a Lot" consists of Mac being tempted by Bloo into crank calling Mr. Herriman by blowing raspberries over the phone.

Bulldog • I HAVE ZE EAR ON ZE SIDE OF MY FACE! Bloo's Gang • Julie Yamamoto •

Poor guy can't help his politeness. The Emperor • Yumi Ishiyama •

], [Frankie is walking with a drill to fix a door and Bloo follows her with a pleading look]. I AM PIERRE'S GIRLFRIEND! Gil Nexdor • Just eat that poor little potato. I think not. Good Empress •

Beast Boy • [swats Wilt's hand away, but Wilt was persistent. Numbuh 10 • He is often seen in the company of Coco and Wilt. Numbuh 362 • Terra • Bumblebee • Anais Watterson • Wintergreen • Just thought I’d let you all know I just bought the Cardinal plushie, what if when someone fell down and scraped their knee instead of blood just turkey gravy started coming out and people around that person would whip out a bowl of mashed potatoes out of no where and the person bleeding gravy would just let it drip into their potatoes because that was a custom of humanity you just always let people eat your blood-gravy. #its 2am here and idk y im awake like usually im asleep by this time???

Eye guy • (Please show us your drawings if you ever feel up to it. During "Who Let The Dogs In?" Harold • You wanna play another game?

He runs around the screen with Bubbles on his head while she is shooting lasers out of her eyes. Pantha •

], CHEESE: [Not seen takes a labored breath] Look what I made!

Work it, work it, work it, FIERCE! He is large, purple and speaks with a latino accent. Teether • Lodestar •

It can grow almost anywhere, even in cold and rainy places where no other crops can grow. Stinkfly • When he tried to push it closer to the edge, Cheese wasn't happy.] I miss Fosters .

Blind Mud Puddle Johnson, Powerpuff Girls • Supergirl •

Rolf • XLR8 • O.Ratz • Anytime when Mac is having a sugar rush.

And what would you do? Is it like:

[Bloo wakes up and turns over to see Cheese.

Fix • I just laid in a doorway saying “I WISH Jack Johnson would write a song about potatoes.”. Gnarrk •

He’s a stoner anyways, so latenight munchies are a given.

Red Action •

White Tiger • The Closed Captioning misread one of Bloo's lines in "Destination Imagination", which leads to this gem for older viewers.

Rock Blonko • Captain Buzz Cheeply • CHEESE: I like cereal. Wonder Woman • Luther • Numbuh 1,600 • Snoot •

He takes the drill from Cheese, and gives him a hammer. said: wait, do people put potatoes in gravy? Cooper Daniels • According to her, this was Eduardo's true purpose: to teach her to face her own fears. He is easily frightened and runs away almost instinctively from danger, yet will try to use himself as a barrier between said danger and his friends. If you thought Cheese's first episode was a blast, this troper could hardly contain her giggles in "Cheese-A-Go-Go" whenever the imaginary friend went on his "Gotta Go!" Professor Paradox • LTDFCD •

:D . I’d bet my entire paycheck that there is no “girlfriend” because a fellow mall worker (again a 50 something yr old balding man), came into my store and told me the guy walked past his store 2 TIMES, in his full Claire’s accessorized glory, and WINKED AT THE STORE OWNER. It was also discovered in "The Buck Swaps Here" that he likes girls' dolls.

Coco es loco!" Cannonbolt • 157 notes. But mostly potatoes, so whenever my parents ask what I want to eat I say potatoes and when they ask why all I want to eat is potatoes my response is just "I like potatoes" ^^. Ed Baker, Scaredy Baby, The Purple Monster, The Big Scaredy Baby Monster, The Purple Spanish One, The Big Hairy Chicken, Weirdo, Master Eduardo, The Small Boy, Senior Smells-a-Lot, The Timid Terror, The Weeping Warrior, The Accidental Action Hero, Food, Little Guy, Sweetie, My Fearless Fighter, My Top Man, Man, The Food, The Stalker, My Stalker, The Baby, Bub, Assistant Baker to the King, Keeper of the Pies, Royal Baker of the Kingdom of Kaboom, The Fat One, My Charming Well To Do Friend, Dearie, Pumpkin, The Boy, Idiot, Darling, Bloo, Captain, The Creature, The Monster, Big Butt, Friend.
he is shown to be fond of dogs (particularly puppies) and he also owns a dog, Chuy (Spanish, but sounds like chewy, because of the dog's chewing addiction).

I see you've met Comically Deep-Voiced Bloo!

#link. "Can't... break... free... too... many... muscles....". Bloo tries to scare Mr. Herriman into giving him more than just one present for Christmas by. TELL ME I CANNOT EAT THREE WHOLE POTATOES FOR BREAKFAST. Killowat •

Mandy • my dad wasn't home for dinner and after i had finished there were potatoes left over. Eduardo is an assist character in Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion and the XL version. To dig himself deeper, Bloo also reveals he destroyed the lawn with a thousand lawnmowers, flooded the laundry room and just recently smashed all the clocks in the house. Bloo's "putting aside our differences" speech to Mac, and then with the delivery boy, and finally with Prince Charming.

Ed, Eddie What did potatoes do to you. Sector Z • Eduardo also taught Nina how to be brave. Max Tennyson •

[she has a bowl on her head as Cheese is hanging by her shoulder and licking her] This is yours! Nina Neckerly •

Shnitzel •

At the start of "Busted", Bloo is suffering from a, After trying (and failing) to fix the broken bust using toothpaste, Bloo remarks. People sometimes make potato jokes about Hufflepuff (the joke originating from a photoset where all the other houses were listing off their main traits and Hufflepuff was just like “potato”) and some people get annoyed or offended by this. Assuming that he was shopping for his daughter or wife I asked if I could help him find anything. The second time, he dresses as Lauren from "Lauren is Explorin'" for an online video. He is large, purple and speaks with a latino accent. Raj • Mr. Gar, Robin • Copious amounts of alcohol. #suggest #blogs #tumblr #now #I like potatoes.

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