In "Nevermore", after Raven wished to be alone, Starfire was worried something might have been troubling her and wanted to go see if she was alright, though she was constantly stopped by Robin who reinforced Raven's request to be alone. Raven's the only member of the Teen Titans whose name is in the title of an episode.

14 years ago, during a Satanist group ceremony, Trigon appeared to the cult as a man. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

If her emotions become out of control, her powers can become erratic and spontaneous, becoming active without her will. Sometime after, Raven's life was endangered by Adonis, who was turned into a werebeast.

Raven also had a massively complicated relationship with her parents, especially with her demon father Trigon. Starfire and Raven are shown to care deeply about each other. After resurrecting Damian, regaining her healing powers, finally being freed of Trigon’s influence and obtaining her new white form, Raven’s personality drastically changed. Eventually, a group of people from another dimension saved her and took her to their realm, Azarath.

Eventually, she was able to forgive Terra. Justice League vs. Raven finally surrendered to her father’s will and became his portal, destroying her in the process. Her humor was much less dry and pessimistic, being able to make somewhat cheerful jokes with her teammates.

Coupled with being cyclical and introverted, Raven possessed a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. When they first met, Raven told Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg "If you knew what I really am, you wouldn't want me around." Unlike the other Titans who, initially, disliked him for his aggressive attitude, Raven was able to connect with him, due to their similarly introverted personalities.

This continued in “The Prophecy”, where Slade continued to torment Raven, even threatening to tell her friends about her true nature and the role she’ll play in the Earth’s destruction, despite her demands that they be left out of it. Mother Mae-Eye then says "Just because you're evil on the inside doesn't mean you can't look pretty on the outside." When Terra returns (once again), and when she and Raven fight one-on-one, Raven confesses angrily that she honestly did trust Terra, and that Terra's betrayal hurt her (and the rest of the team) deeply.

They are the only two on the team who have the natural ability to levitate (Beast Boy doesn't count as he needs to turn into an animal with wings to gain flight).

They quickly bonded with the two of them even showing signs of enjoyment and they even uncharacteristically laughed together.

When Raven remarked about how Trigon would betray him and how insignificant he was, Slade became irrationally angry, poised to attack her. The next day, Raven healed Robin after Blue Beetle's Scarab blasted him in the heat of battle.

Raven agreed to go with them if they spared the Titans' lives. episode "I See You", Raven's true demonic form is revealed.

When Raven was transformed into a bunny by Mumbo, her powers are ineffective inside of Mumbo's hat. Serana was Raven's biological mother and paternal aunt. Raven’s relationship with her father is shown to be extremely unhealthy, largely due to Trigon’s poor, downright abusive treatment of his daughter. However, she was once gifted a giant chicken doll from, Raven’s dislike/allergy to chickens is possibly a reference to the fact that, in many cultures, chickens are seen as symbols of goodness and resurrection, with their presence being able to repel demons (or even possibly half-demons like Raven).

She has very pale, almost gray, skin which makes her appearance somewhat demonic.

In "The End - Part 2", having believed Raven to have been destroyed, he chose to continue fighting in honor of his friend. It appeared beneath Trigon then engulfed him and dragged him into the shard.

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