Here Be Dragons: A Creature Identification Quiz.

What a hideous disappointment the meeting is! I) Indra is said to " have been guilty of that most hideous crime, the killing of a Brahmana. Gerald’s ugly pants are a hideous color of yellow. "I find it hideous, " she said. The face underneath was an assortment of species, all combined together to make up the hideously ugly face. And yet amidst this hideous visual cacophony, occasional insights can be observed; and these can be of an almost revelatory intensity.

In August the Spaniards took Prato by storm and committed hideous atrocities on the inhabitants; Florence was in a panic, a group of the Ottimati, or nobles, forced Soderini to resign and leave the city, and Cardona's new terms were accepted, viz. He died in 1787, at an opportune moment for himself; though he had temporarily raised Frances position in Europe, his work was soon ruined by the very means taken to secure its successes: warfare and armaments had hastened the hideous bankruptcy. There was a hideous mutant running around, horribly mutilating cattle and farmers alike. The bise is like weapon, hunger chaperonage the hideous smile of Azrael. It was a hideous nightmare, arguably the darkest hour of Western civilization, and as such has become sacrosanct, even untouchable.

Learn a new word every day. year, but looked favorably on the project of a Spanish marriage alliance, so that the chief Protestant and the chief Catholic powers might join together to impose peace on Europe, in the place of those hideous religious wars by which the last century had been disfigured. I'm now stuck in that hideous limbo between having applied for a great volunteer position and waiting to hear back from them. Here are some examples. Delivered to your inbox! The scary creature made hideous croaking sounds, terrifying us all. When I was being beaten in the ring, terribly beaten, hideously beaten, it would have been easy for me to quit. Hunter carved a hideous noughts and crosses pattern on Heidi's naked bottom He was still grinning, but now the grin had become set, satyric, The saltbush clumps and spinifex patches conceal, The rest of this detestable thought was expressed by a, He smiled queerly, as a man would smile after telling some, The little audience of fierce anthropoids heard the creaking of their king's neck mingling with his agonized shrieks and, Then Mbonga emerged, a look of mingled wrath and superstitious fear writ upon his, Frightful stories were told of their blasphemies and, But it is almost incredible to me how a man whose life is marred and made, Seated under a tree by the wayside he noticed a, It would kill this monstrous soul-life, and without its, It has always been a source of keen wonder to me that I did not drop dead at the first sight of that, The artist's picaresque burin had made Robespierre as, For five minutes he was so close to my rock that by stretching out my hand I could have touched the, Mabunu pretended great joy at her return, baring her toothless gums in a, He overrode and banished the first as despicable, the second as. Hideous definition, horrible or frightful to the senses; repulsive; very ugly: a hideous monster. Contracts have been broken on all sides, careers destroyed by the hundred and the thousand, individuals have been treated with the most hideous and disgusting cruelty. Repulsive, especially to the sight; revolting. But indeed the whole of this intermediate period is full of dark subterranean plots and counterplots, still inexplicable, as, for instance, the hideous Fersen murder (June 20, 1 810) (see Fersen, Hans Axel Von) evidently intended to terrorize the Gustavians, whose loyalty to the ancient dynasty was notorious. , Maria’s outfit looked hideous, grossing us out. The Indian fox (Vulpes bengalensis) is comparatively rare, but the jackal (C. aureus) abounds everywhere, making night hideous by its never-to-be-forgotten yells. She saw a hideous face at the window and screamed....hideous new Europe architecture, and horrible metal sculptures. The breast or back, of both sexes, is usually tattooed, or rather, scored with rows of hideous raised scars, produced by deep gashes made at puberty. His idol was a huge block of basalt (still thought to be preserved in Mexico), on one side of which he is sculptured in hideous form, adorned with the feathers of the humming-bird.

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