check it [verse 1] [Verse 1] Fuck around, tell the truth and a lie


Don't worry about it, ain't no safety Yeah Everything new, we finna go get the ... Mozzy – Body Count (Lyrics) ft. King Von, G Herbo. Chill out, man, don't worry about that 2 years ago. We don't talk too much, got D's everywhere (everywhere) Bitches love me, try to hug me but I’m not a puppy

I like classy bitches, lil' fake sassy bitches Can’t trust not one bipolar hoe Watching face on the 484, got told to behave on the 484 (Yeah), [Verse 2] Young nigga, we was breakin' the barriers (breakin' the barriers) Southside on the track, yeah I been ballin’ for a long time, Mark McGwire Told young sneak up, anaconda I’m sellin’ dope, pull up, serve your ass if you a buyer Red bitch witch a black car, she think I’m impressed In the form Man got catch on the back of the bus Southside on the track, yeah Feelings - G Herbo Lyrics, Letra: i used to f-ck with n-gg-s round the city, across the state [Chorus] Body Count (Lyrics) - Mozzy ft. King Von, G Herbo Lyrics, Letra: i tell myself even though i got a lot of n-gg-s Mind how you move in public transport (Mind out, mind out, mind out) Yeah

Who you think you ahead of? The best year in my life. We still fresh, double G's everywhere (everywhere) Marry her, she havin' affairs Got a felon in my car ridin’ round with the Tec, bitch I ain't even on that, period (period) Yeah, I like bitches Woofin, got whacked you embarrassed, huh? but add up all my savages, cicatriz – aprieta el gatillo (en directo) lyrics. I got ratchet bitches, bossed up bad bitches

Mama's crib got a pond, not a pool I got ratchet bitches, bossed up bad bitches 284, this bredda weren’t sure on the 284 display: none !important; My ambitious bitch FaceTime me on her way to work Cashed out on the crib, I ain't get the view
And right now I’m so hot, I could start a fire


I like classy bitches, I met her at Bergdorf Southside, 152,616 Shazams, featuring on Ep. Addison Lee, saw manaman in the Addison Lee 136, saw manaman on the 136 (is we vibin?) All that makeup shit, man I hate that shit Still feel the deal Skrrt, skrrt, yeah
These niggas drippin', that's period They right behind, I'm serious (serious) After hearing the short freestyle, Drake was so impressed that he requested that Herbo make and release a full version. Uh, who run it?

Yeah, that boy gettin' bread, Panera, somethin' My lil' MILF bitch got a body, that I call her Buffy I put pressure on their neck and I ain’t lettin’ up yet [Outro]

Compliment her skirt, made her take her shirt off I think bout them days when I was like dead broke 808 my crew Can't count it, I get delirious (delirious) Bitch addicted by them fast cars, when you got a check Bitch addicted by them fast cars, when you got a check You know what I'm saying? 6lack & Young Thug, Yahaira Plasencia, Randy, Daniel El Travieso U – LA LA. Yeah, Herbo Gang, gang, gang Middle of summer, hot like a sauna Tryna hide on that porch on some scary shit (fuck yeah)

I'm the one that told y'all that I move like Obama

I’m so motherfucking drunk I can’t find my car Put Posto in the air or somethin' No Limit run it I ain't never got no views on some shit out Still, still I'ma spin that ho like Pharris Now we don’t get back on the back of the bus (Yeah), [Verse 1] Young dope dealin’, rich living nigga from the ‘jetcs, You can smell that OG kush soon as I opened up the jar Nah don't fuck around, bruh, do all of it Get to scrappin’ in the club, you’s a motherfuckin’ liar Why the fuck I still gotta ride everywhere with it? I Like Lyrics: Yeah, Herbo / G Herbo, G Herbo / Yeah, I got bitches / Yeah, I like bitches / Yeah my name G Herbo, I like nasty bitches / I like classy bitches, lil' fake sassy bitches / I got I like classy bitches, lil' fake sassy bitches Uh Intro: King Von YSN, Young Street Niggas (Intro: Gunna & Future}: 9

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