exaggerated point of view. I talked to my own mother about this and she agrees with by saying that she would nothing to hurt so unlike Mac's mother, who wanted a living, breathing, and thinking creature tossed out because she thought she was an extra mouth to feed or an object. I don't know. In this world, humans and imaginary friends coexist, which creates the inherent problem of what to do when children outgrow their imaginary friends.

Madam Foster is collecting stuffed dolls, and she allows Mac to play with them.

Mac is an old man with Alzheimer's who lives in a retirement home called Foster's. Her parents took her to a psychiatrist, perhaps after kids at school teased her for her infatuation with her friend and she responded angrily.

So she needed someone to help look after poor mac and her grandmother. This is pretty well established in the show. In the show, her parents have a really hands-off approach to raising her, even letting her pick out her own name when she was a baby, so it would make sense if her parents just never told her things like, "You're talking too fast, you're creeping out the nice boy, please calm down, etc. They keep one for Mac/Bloo because it pacifies the Bloo persona. Why did Mac initially create such a jerk friend? It's possible they were specifically designed to be kind to their kid and be judgemental towards everybody else. This theory about the classic 2000s cartoon show foster s home for imaginary friends is easily one of my new favorite conspiracy revelations. You would think at least bubbles would come up with one. This would also mean that Goo didn't make her debut until after "Destination Imagination", which explains why she wasn't in this episode even though the rest of the gang was. She loved the foster home and all of the imaginary friends there, but she knew that because of her aggressive aging, she wouldn't be able to maintain the house for long. Mac is such a nice person but he needs sth bad to come with him, Bloo. Mac reveals, for instance, that he has no earthly clue of how to sort his mother’s bank files or whatever he said he could do in the episode “Franky, My Dear,” and that it was all pushed on him. She could imagine up building for architects, weapons out of nowhere for the military, etc. Let me talk about how simply his family life is so screwed up and then let me go into deeper detail. Foster's is actually a storage facility for government experiments. Mac says Europe has a super fun land amusement park.

Mac suffers from multiple personality disorder, his second personality being the mischievous Bloo. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is a very creative series.

Inside rested, get ready, a corpse of all things with a knife placed beside it. The theory points out that Frankie has a similar clothing design to her grandmother, and that they seem to almost appear exactly a like. Frankie simply can’t deal with the fact that her grandmother is gone, and that would also explain why Frankie can’t move on from her life at Foster’s. Often, you even see Mac become disappointed in Bloo. Mac has every single damn right to run away.

Terrance will move to Tokyo and change his name to. Madame Foster (and, by relation, Frankie) is a Time Lady. Although, were all the imaginary friends in PPG? I feel that I have kept to myself for far too long and if keep myself quiet any longer then nothing will change. It is believed that the real Madame Foster died a few years ago, and that Frankie couldn't cope with the loss of her grandmother. Where Mac is often seen as an obedient pacifist, his alternate personality, Bloo, is often the subject of much trouble, causing great mischief, and making escape attempts from the asylum. The imaginary friend that lives in a chest in the basement is a patient that is agoraphobic.

In the episode where bloo and mac had to find out why everyone wasn't in the picture the theory bloo said that everyone in fosters were robots is actually true. She could even do Madam Foster a favor by imagining up more humans to adopt the other friends.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. He is just as human as the person that created him and he is being thrown out like he’s an extra mouth to feed. Her days of joy at her grandmothers house translated into her new home, where she romps with ghosts of what was and what never could be.

If Frankie really was an imaginary friend, but nobody believed her when she told them because she looked "too human" or was raised to think that she was human and deny her imaginary friendness, no wonder she went absolutely nuts when she saw.

All of the imaginary friends are projections of his old friends and the more prominent imaginary friends are his family members and fellow inmates. So...what do you think? My girlfriend and I were actually talking about this the other night.

But on the brink of divorce, they had no time or money for more psychiatrist visits. Nah, having Bloo's personality around forces Mac to develop his own, opposite one. That's not something a 100% teenage jerk does, now is it? I traveled deeper into the cave before I found the finish line in the form of a door marked with graffiti. Also I doubt it actually ruined your childhood. Frankie, Foster's granddaughter, is Mac/Bloo's personal caretaker and love interest. 10) Merlenebea 8013. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org.

They're either Geoffrey's imaginary friends that he didn't want to let go of, or Geoffrey runs a British version of Foster's that isn't as successful.

This makes a dangerous amount of sense. Madame Foster is senile but obviously the person in charge of running the place.

The least thing I can say about Mac’s mother and brother, is that they both served as nothing but tools to the plot. This is the truth and it is sad. Frankie no longer has that luxury because she is an adult and I could the say the same for Mac’s mother, come to think of it. It is believed that Frankie stays at the foster home, because she wanted to keep the … Woody ran away because he was afraid of never being loved again by Andy, why doesn't Mac do the same? As opposed to Frankie not existing in reality, it could be that she is the only real character in the show, leaving Mac and Madam Foster imaginary.

Going back to school and such.

Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Just imagine the old Lady holding a stuffed bunny and saying, "And do you want to know what my Funny Bunny used to play with me, when I was a little girl? Since Bloo always just does what he wants, he never has to deal with the problems that Mac has to deal with and tends to get what he desires much more often (even if that means that he's also in trouble a lot more often). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FanTheories community. I felt that my life was going nowhere with a careless mother and a hateful older brother, not that my own family situation mirrors his. Bloo is such a dick. Honestly there are far too many people trying to mindf k the classic cartoons.

Also, being imaginary would explain why Frankie is willing to work in a Foster home instead of going to college or pursuing a career.
Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Wilt is another one of Mac's doctors, often seen advising Mac/Bloo.

The theory, courtesy of 9gag, argues that Frankie is the younger version of Madame Foster. Mac is one ofthe main protagonists of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends franchise. Foster s home for imaginary friends is definitely one of the more creative shows on cartoon network.

She ran inside and continued to live happily as her best friend bloo returned. The reason why is never explored and I believe the show missed a wonderful opportunity to discuss that.

However, I believe I have reason to understand that he hates Mac twice as much.

Despite his obvious affection for her, it's a very love/hate feeling she develops for the two personalities. I agree, there's more evidence in the Europe episode. There is also an alternative take on this theory. he has like no redeeming qualities. Eventually, Mac had to take over the home because Frankie was in no condition to take care of it herself. The reason Mac hasn't noticed? The episodes are not shown in the chronologically correct order. (A few other creators appear, but we never really learn much about them or their imaginary friends.). Oh, and how can we forget the moment in "Berry Scary" when we caught the so-called jerkass was watching a lovey-dovey soap opera? Mac’s relationship with Frankie has always been more intriguing to me than his relationship with Bloo. Here comes my own theory that answers that very question. We never see the imaginary friends of adults except for Madame Foster in. Frankie isn't real?! Some kids create imaginary friends to use as a scapegoat.

Foster's is a book series created by an adult Mac.

To finish up the theory, it isn't the terrifying monsters that finished off the city-states.

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This personality emerges after years of child neglect from his parents and severe abuse from his older brother.

Mac is actually an orphan.

The psychiatrist prescribed medicine to help with what were proven to be full-blown hallucinations. In the world of “Foster’s,” imaginary friends can be seen by humans, not just the children who think them up. He is an 8-year-old boy who is the creator of Blooregard Q. Kazoo. It sort of reminds me of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash (shows made by the same person in case you didn't know). Your review has been posted. It's also entirely possible that some of the young children who would need an imaginary friend wouldn't be so kind towards others, so it would make sense for an imaginary to be rather anti-social and cruel to others who aren't their kid. Mac needs to learn to give fewer shits, but still give enough that he doesn't wind up a sociopath.

Because fake Bloo learned to do a good job. The shocking truth behind foster s home for imaginary friends this theory about the classic 2000s cartoon show foster s home for imaginary friends is easily one of my new favorite conspiracy revelations in case you re unaware of the show or just forgot foster s was a cartoon network show that aired from 2004 to 2009.

She loved the foster home and all of the imaginary friends there, but she knew that because of her aggressive aging, she wouldn't be able to maintain the house … A second defect of Mac/Bloo is that he projects others to be 'imaginary friends' instead of real people, creating a completely separate reality.

For some reason, there was this feeling of excitement and anticipation rising within me as I was unlocking the gate. A/N: This is completely fictional.

Fosters home for imaginary friends Mac theory.
The gate opened to reveal a path leading into a cave and I ran inside before the pack could catch up to me. Now, there are some counter arguments.

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