What to make of this latest deviation? It was authors William Strauss and Neil Howe who are credited for naming the “millennials.”. Affluent youth, after all, constitute only a very small proportion of young Filipinos.

They’re also known to be career-shifters, jumping from one field to another, seeing making career as “self-discovery.” According to Mr. Jos Ortega of Havas Media Ortega, millennials are characterized in different identities.

Millennials broadly refer to youth born in the 1980s and 1990s. Who are the Millennial in the Philippines, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center Pasig City, 1605, The Impact of COVID-19 to Philippine Economy, The Impact of Online Schooling to Filipino Student, Why Modern Technology in the Philippines are In-Demand, They also have the characteristics of being cool and aggressive, Millennial people are loyal, fun and loving person, They can be impulsive sometimes and fearless, They can also be joyful, aggressive, and dreamer, Sometimes they are wild, ambitious, and impatient, They are a strategist, resourceful, and creative, Filipino millennials are also idealistic, independent and optimistic. Perhaps, the millennials could participate as the new agents of change in the peace building process together with the government.

Consistently good quality is one of the factors that make millennials loyal to a brand. We need to confront the barriers that make it difficult for them to achieve their dreams. © 2017 Look Upgrade Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, such as Ethiopia and Uganda topped the survey. Some Filipino millennials are spending more luxury things than thinking about what is important than what is not important to their needs. Much has been said about the millennial generation: Entitled and impulsive. The relationship now involves sex and romance without love. The Cultural Center of the Philippines, the Folk Arts Theater, and the restored Manila Metropolitan Theatre (all in Manila) provide homes for the performing arts, featuring local and foreign opera and ballet. Brands can knock on this creative sensibility through personalised[xviii] or out-of-the-box[xix] ads with a powerful, socially relevant message that makes it easy to forget they’re ads in the first place. Millennials people are those who always know the latest fashion and the latest apps, and the latest news in the Philippines. Secondly, it is noticed that cohesion requires a robust commitment to diversity including multiculturalism. When it comes to modern technology the Millenials of today’s generation are expert when in digital technology, communication technology, social media, and networking. They are just as likely to share a branded post[xiv] as they are to share a photo from a friend. Millennials are leaving religion — especially Christianity — and they’re not going back. They would rather attend the actual concert than to buy the band’s merchandise.

Early Spanish chroniclers testified that the Filipinos carved the images of their anitos (gods and goddesses) and ancestors in wood. Their characteristics, after all, are not just randomly selected options in a checkbox; they stem from principles that Filennials respect.

They are good at copying or following what is the latest in social media.

They have a very limited lifestyle. Your brand can be a pricier option and millennials will still make the purchase, as long as they are confident in the quality of your product. This kind of people is willing to use their personal device like laptops, computers or phones as long as they work competence and independently.

Millennials in the Philippines is specified as the careers, the lifestyle, and the relationship of the Filipino people. Half of Filipinos in 2015 were younger than 25.

In the Philippines, Filipino millennials or “Fillennials” is now a thing. Notable Filipino architects include Juan F. Nakpil, Otilio Arellano, Fernando Ocampo, Leandro Locsin, Juan Arellano, Carlos Arguelles, and Tomas Mapua. They are a force to be reckoned with.”. While the Christian churches built by the Spanish and the mosques built by the Muslims provided a spiritual anchor, the educational system established by the United States and expanded by the Filipinos has become emblematic of cultural unity and socioeconomic progress.

They all know the advanced technology that comes in and how to deal with it.

Millions of losses[xii] can be incurred once consumers decide to boycott a brand on social media sites. In the middle of 2017, the Marawi siege occurred in the country. The findings of the National Youth Assessment Study 2015 are also instructive. In urban centers like Manila and Cebu, we might take this for granted.

In general, at least three prominent characters reflected on the most Filipino millennials, such as digital natives, confident-driven and liberal-minded. The latest news on what is in-demand now up to the newest technology that will be released. As a result of over 300 years of colonization and fierce conversion efforts by Spanish Catholics, more than 80% of Filipino people are Roman Catholic, making Catholicism the main religion of the Philippines.It is the only predominantly Christian country in all of Asia. The first one is the essence of conducting advocacies to the youths of which focused on developing a sense of belonging, promoting trust, improving norms and peace messages and also, offering the opportunity to live harmoniously in the middle of the diverse community. Filipino youth, having been born in the 1980s and 1990s, surely have their own social conditions. Against the backdrop of globalization, people have been struggling to live peacefully and construct a harmonization among the indigenous and immigrant society.

Made up of mostly teens and 20-somethings, these are the people who are already in college and part of the workforce.

At present millennial, today are very exposed to various dating and relationship. Diversity is what makes a millennial and they have different versions of themselves depending on what they want to show the world. If there are no robust strategies of empowering the youth in establishing a resilient community, a greater tension of conflict among communities will tend to emerge shortly. But when commentators describe Filipino youth as millennials, they typically refer to a very specific segment of our population. Unemployment, in other words, hits our youth more than it does any other age groups. Now at this modern day and at this modern technology being a millennial is what we follow and what we need to be. This explains their insatiable drive for new gadgets, clubbing, travel, rewarding jobs, and even designer drugs. As they will shape our future, young people need to be understood well.

The first one is the adolescents displaced by the fighting and then secondly, the groups who have never experienced conflict.

They always crave new adventures and discoveries and want to put thrill in the mundanity of every day. However, they became more selective in the content they pay attention to. The last level, the institutions, describes the concepts of conflict, decision making, human rights, and environment management which include the understanding of structures, norms, and values. They are not ignorant people compare before. However, it is also identified that hundreds of displaced families move in other provinces and live with relatives. This article will discuss the imperative of implementing social cohesion approach as a new strategy to build community resilience within the Filipinos’ millennials, or we called them as ‘the YOLO generation (You Only Live Once).’ The approach would lead to the innovations for promoting the value of “harmony in diversity.”, Defining Social Cohesion Approach and Its Contribution to the Community.

To promote social cohesion within the YOLO generation of Philippines, we have to examine their characteristics first. Top 10 Internationally Famous Filipino Celebrities, Trends to Expect in the Philippines This 2020, Meet the Living National Treasures of the Philippines, LIST: Products You Didn’t Know That Are Made in the Philippines, A Woven Tradition: The Iraya-Mangyan Community of Puerto Galera, 5 Baking Supply Stores in Manila For All Baking Needs, 5 Trusted Car Service Centers and Auto Repair Shops for Your Next Maintenance Check. People should be reminded of the context of preserving the shared histories, the shared values and the shared views of nationalism as the only way to articulate their vision in a multicultural environment. Furthermore, 44% of millennial parents[xi] claim to shop only from brands that reflect their social and/or political values.

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