“ej uh KEI shuhn” (not “ed yoo KEI shuhn”). The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. “kor” or “kohr”. The accent mark system explained here is the official accenting system of the Tagalog/Filipino language for educational materials. “ZHAN ruh” (not “JEN re”). An organism in its early developmental stage, especially before it has reached a distinctively recognizable form. Pronounced with silent “b.” To ascend using the hands and feet. 70. mahjong/mahjongg. “uh PREE shee eit” (not “AHP ree sheit”). 91. thesis/theses. “sos” (not “sohs”). “RAHN dei voo” (not “REN  des voos”). “ik SIGHT ing” (not “eg SIGHT ing”).

While it really means “to save” something, here, it means “to kill” someone, usually extrajudicially.

“PREF is” (not “PRI feis”). “PAHR uh shoot” (not “PAHR uh kyoot”). To feel uneasy.

93. tourniquet. 79. A kind of specialty shop, now used to describe also small hotels.

One who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk in a business venture. “BER ee”/”BER ee uhl” (not “BUHR ee”/”BUHR ee uhl”).

“EN ee” (not “EY nee”). 68. lip-synch.

“TOOR ni kit” or “TUR ni kit” (not “TOOR ni kei”).

39. “NOO suhns” or “NYOO suhns” (not “NOOY sahns”). 36. comfortable. 42. coupon. 83. query. Pronounced with a silent “l.” Food fish. Also Read: 6 English Words You Didn’t Know Have Filipino Translations. “JUR nuhl” (not “JOR nuhl”).

Any of various large, hairy tropical spiders capable of inflicting a painful but not seriously poisonous bite. “CHOK lit” or “CHOK uh lit” (not “CHO kuh leit”).

“in juh NOO i tee” (not “in JEN wi ti”). FilipiKnow is a portmanteau of two words: "Filipino" and "knowledge." “æk SES uh ree” (not “æk ses SOH ree”). Active support, especially for a cause. 85. salmon.

An oval fruit with a hard scaly outer covering , a small hard seed, and edible flesh.

French word for “false step,” figuratively meaning “social blunder.”. Note that the pahilis mark is missing because the accented syllable is the 2nd-to-the-last syllable. 60. idiot.

“WOOS tuhr shir” (not “wur CHES tuhr shighr”). Instead, he’s likely trying to tell you he’s getting really angry and flustered. “mah ZHAHNG” or “mah ZHONG” (not “mah JONG”). Any of various woody mostly tall tropical grasses including some with strong hollow stems used for building, furniture, or utensils. Class. Filled with activity. A tricycle in the Philippines is another form of public transport made by attaching a motorcycle to a sidecar. Request for information. Filipino Language Pronunciation & Spelling, Stress and Accent Marks in Filipino Words, Next: Stress and Accent Marks Multiple Choice, Ask a question on the Discussion Group Forums ».

No spam, I promise! One who makes an oration. Infection caused by the amoeba Entamoeba histolytica. “LIP sink” (not “LIP sing”).

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